Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Importance Of Love

Love 334As we await the first waves of the tsunami of love, it seems important to consider love from all viewpoints. I’ll be writing a series of articles on the subject, drawing on our channeled sources.

It must have been planned to coincide with Feb. 14, which in some modern traditions is Valentine’s Day and in others is a day dedicated to strengthening the human rights of women in an era that will see the renaissance of the Divine Feminine.

Our sources tell us that love is our nature. Love is all there is. Love creates, preserves, and transforms. There’s nothing else that I can think of that’s more important for us to contemplate at this time than love.

Love is the Path in the New Age

According to Jesus, in this new Golden Age we’ve entered, we’ve embarked on a new path characterized by love.

“You have embarked on a new path because you have entered a New Age – an age in which Love, the life force, will flow freely and enthusiastically through each and every one of you as your blocks to Its passage fall away due to your consciously-intended changes of attitude.”  (1)

 In an earlier message he said that “the age of Love has now dawned.”  (2)  Archangel Metatron (Jophiel) calls this New Age “a period for profound and immense love from your being to shine.” (3)

We are Love

We await daily the tidal wave of Love that so many sources are predicting.  Emerging from the illusion of separation, survival and scarcity, we don’t know that love is our very nature and that in fact all is essentially love.

Jesus tells us that “you are pure Love and nothing else. “ (4)  “You, every single one of you, are Love – because it is from Love that God created you.” (5)  Saul agrees:

“Everyone wants to be loved, everyone yearns for Love, because Love is your nature, and without It you are totally bereft. And It surrounds and envelops you in every moment, so you cannot escape Its loving embrace. But anything unloving is anathema to it, and when you choose to be unloving in thought, word, or deed you close off your hearts and shut Love out.” (6)
Only love is real, Jesus says:

“There is only eternal Unconditional Love and acceptance, anything else is unreal.”  (7)
“Anything else – there is nothing else! – is of the illusion, so discard it and embrace your true nature, and share that nature widely, unconditionally, indiscriminately, and bring humanity to wakefulness in the infinitely and eternally loving Presence of God, your Heavenly Father.” (8)
Love is all there is

To define something is to say what it is and what it’s not.  But love is God and love is all there is. How does one define it?

“God is Love,” says Jesus. (9)  “Indeed, in the final reckoning,” SaLuSa states, “Love is all there is.”
(10)  Jesus tells us that “love and all Its many aspects are conscious energy waves in infinite abundance flowing freely throughout creation.” (11)

He says that the light that God is contains love.

“In Reality, in the Divine Presence there is brilliant, awe-inspiring Light, in which there is total clarity, total understanding, total wisdom, and unconditional loving acceptance of all of God’s creations.” (12)
SaLuSa calls the energy of love “the glue of the Universe and it is indestructible. Some of you who are recognising the power of Love. are beginning to realise that it is the energy behind what you call ‘miracles’.” (13) It offers us and the recipient of our love great gifts, Archangel Michael tells us.

“Love as an internal focus projected outward is a constant flow of self-assurance, of self-acceptance, always striving to incorporate and project more of this blissful feeling of unity and harmony with all creation.”   (14)
For this reason, Mother Mary invites us to:

“Connect with the humbly loving essence within your being and to allow it to emanate and merge with all aspects and expressions of your being. It is to discover from within how you can enhance your current experience of love and how you can anchor more frequencies, vibrations and experiences of love within your being and reality. …
“Allow and permit yourself to gaze upon every situation and idea in your reality from an ever-flowing abundant fountain of love.”  (15)
Given that this New Age is about a return to love, Archangel Metatron (Jophiel) asks us to fall unconditionally in love with each other and the Earth.

“It is appropriate more than ever for your powerful love to shine soaking the Earth and all souls. You will see the change that you wish to see on the Earth through your love for the Earth and humanity.
“In truth we are asking you to fall in unconditional love with the Earth, to fall in unconditional love with humanity and to fall in unconditional love with yourself. Achieving this with conscious understanding and awareness will allow for the Earth to heal completely, for actions taken on the Earth to alter and align with love and for truth to prevail.”   (16)
When the whole of humanity falls in love, the shift will occur. The tsunami of love is being created to facilitate this shift. He says:

“When humanity falls in love with each other, the Earth and their own soul, then we will see the greatest shift occur on the Earth where complete embodiment of the Creator manifests. With the transitions that lead to this major shift we will see humanity and the Earth becoming one in respect and honour for each other which in truth is one of the purposes of your existence on the Earth.”  (17)
I’ll be writing further articles on the value and utility of unconditional love, the importance of forgiveness and trust, etc., to help us to see why this next phase of our preparations for Ascension is so important.


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