Monday, March 17, 2014

AA Gabriel Daily Message 3-16-14


Channelled by Trinity Esoterics

As energetically sensitive human beings, you would do well to move with what the energies support at any given time. Much like you make plans around your weather, taking advantage of opportunities when the conditions support it, and putting things off if they do not, you would save yourself a lot of discomfort and struggle if you would do the same by honouring what the energies are good for each day. You do not need an expert to tell you. You simply need to be self aware, and trust that you are the expert on how the energies are affecting you.

We see so many humans with bodies that are shifting and desperately require some rest, ignore that in order to “get things done.” We find this interesting because under those circumstances, not much gets done at all, and what little does is usually fraught with difficulties and leaves the person feeling even more battered and worn. There are other times when the energies are supporting movement and activity when the human marvels at how much got done and with so little effort!

You would all save yourselves so much trouble and angst, and become far more comfortable and efficient if, just like with the weather, you would move when energetic opportunities arise that support your activities. It is a wise human who willingly moves with what the flow supports. ~Archangel Gabriel

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