Thursday, March 27, 2014


Written by Aisha North  On 3-27-14

Dear brothers and sisters of the light!
I am finally online again after a prolonged silenced caused by what turned out to be an unusual malfunction in my old modem, but now I have been set up with a model that is so new, it was the first one of its kind the technician who delivered it had installed. I cannot help but think that it is not a coincidence, for the similarities between this and what has happened to me while I was offline are striking.

I was rebooted. I was on my back doing a deep, slow stretch when it happened, and it felt like not only my heart, but everything inside of my chest flipped over completely, first once, and after a few seconds, once more.

At the same time, I saw something that looked like a data cable being pulled out from a plug and a brand new one inserted instead. It was very powerful, but not frightening in any way. My sister was right beside me, and when it was over I just said wow, something incredible just happened, and she told me that when I said those words, what she heard in her head was “I just died”. I have been through many intense physical reactions triggered by these energies before, but this was really something else, and I spent most of the day trying to digest it all.

It feels a little bit like I have been travelling through a black hole these last couple of days, so it is probably not an accident that I could not go online at all while all of this took place. For this black hole is not dark or negative in any way, it is more like there is such an incredible amount of light compressed into such a small space it makes it impossible to discern anything, you just feel yourself going through something that changes you completely, but is very difficult to explain. I also think it will not be the last “black hole” we will encounter in time ahead, for I sense that there are more of these intense energetic “reboots” on their way.

Information is pouring in now as I continue to search for the “hidden inner treasures” the CCs talk about, and a whole string of synchronicities have manifested in the form of words and images, links and books popping up on all sides. I have shared some of it here already, it is about the “reactivation of our ancestral DNA”, also referred to as “time capsules” in these two interesting channelings from Kryon, and I have been guided to repost these links: The Nulls and Nodes of the Earth part 1, The Nulls and Nodes of the Earth part 2

I know I am not the only one searching for these “hidden treasures” at the moment, for last night in a vision I saw us all as bees (hello, Bev!). We were busy collecting pollen, and we must have been very good at it for our bodies were all covered with golden yellow pollen. And the wonderful thing was, we were all collecting pollen from the Flower of Life. This potent symbol is one of the images that keeps popping up for me at the moment, and I have also been guided to include this image of it here, for I am certain it will serve to trigger something for many of you as well.

So let us all continue to “collect pollen”, and let us continue to share what we find. Not in order to see if what we find “measures up to” what others may come across, but to connect the individual pieces we are being given so we all can start to see the bigger picture. For as the Constant Companions like to remind us, we must all travel our own unique path and find our own inner treasures, but it is also important that we share what we discover along the way. For this is truly a collective effort of rediscovering our magnificence, not just for ourselves, but to “rectify the wrongs” on this planet. And the only way to do so, is to pool our energies in a very new way. So I wish you all the best for your continued journey, may we all find the treasures that I know are ready and waiting for us!
With love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha
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