Thursday, March 27, 2014

HS Message - The Higher Collective Mind Begins Resolution, Reclamation, and Soul-Retrieval Sequencing Process


Channelled By April Bender On 3-26-14 

Last we spoke, we discussed the Genesis of a New Creation - the birth of the fully infused Collective Higher Mind or 5D-7D Web of Life, as birthed through YOU, Gaia, and all other Warriors of Light/Love, aiding in these efforts across space/time. While this birth presented you with a glorious new "baby," or higher capacity neural network, the birth itself wasn't without complication. 

Due to pathway connections or nodal points of dissonance/disharmony, that stymied the full activation or awakening of the overall Mind/Web, this "baby" has yet to wake-up, open it's eyes, and take a conscious breath on its own. While stirring in slumber, this entity is slowly dreaming itself awake, and in doing so, is dreaming of BEING ALIVE and WHOLE, and is therefore initiating or calling forth its own healing, or Resolution, Reclamation, and Soul-Retrieval Sequencing Process.

As a side note, before going any further, it's important to remember that awakening the Collective Higher Mind is the same as experiencing ascension or so-called "travel" to another world/realm (5D-7D or beyond). For in truth, Mind is the Builder, and Thought Creates, especially at the Higher Collective Co-Creative level. This is how realities/worlds are established in the first place!

Continuing on, this Sequencing Process is obviously comprised of 3 distinct parts, goals or Acts that are now running concurrently to varying degree until completion (sufficient levels of collective resonance are reached). These 3 Acts are:

  1. The Resolution/Reconciliation of Any Unresolved Business/Energy
  2. The Soul Retrieval and Integration of all Past, Present, and Future Soul/Star Family Lineages
  3. The Reclamation of Individual Soul and therefore, "Collective Soul" Divine Birthrights such as Self-Sovereignty, Wholeness of Experience, Unconditional Love, Freedom, Communion/Co-Creation
 This overall Sequencing Process will take some measure of time to unfold as ALL individual souls who are woven into the new (5D-7D) Web of Life/Collective Higher Mind, will experience each of these Acts uniquely and will collectively co-create the overall "fruit" of the entire Process - as these folks are the ones "aware" enough to do so. Later on, once "self-awareness" of the Collective Higher Mind is achieved, there will still be time for others to match the minimal required vibration to sustain themselves on 5D or to join that Web, via your help, support and guiding hand.

For once the 5D-7D Mind/Web activates or becomes aware of It-SELF, the new world comes "online" as an experience, a reality, and so too do your crystalline bodies AND the Cities of Light - or "acting mid-way stations" that will be used to step-up over time, those who are close but not yet ready for 5D and above living. You may choose to meet your loved ones there, at that time, in order to aid in their further acclimation.

So let me walk you through each Act and what they will entail, on both an Individual Soul and  Collective Higher Mind level, as well as, how you might contribute to the swift completion of each of them.

The Resolution/Reconciliation of Any Unresolved Business or Energy

To recap, the main reason why a sufficient level of vibrational harmony and/or resonance/alignment could not be established at the equinox portal within the Higher Mind/Web to catalyze its first moment of "conscious awareness," was due to the attempted integration of unresolved and/or conflicting energies from those who participated in the co-creation/infusion phase. In essence, some participants were/are still attempting to take baggage (of a lower vibrational nature) with them into the new, though obviously most were unaware that they were still carrying it. However, because of the illumination of all Higher Mind pathways/circuits during it's activation sequence - those issues have now been mapped and all involved parties/souls are being made aware of such issues.

This Act, therefore calls for the Resolution, Reconciliation, or Transmutation of such unresolved energetics and/or dissonant streams/pathways of information. In simplest terms, this means there is a bit more clearing, releasing (letting go), reconciliation and empowerment work for the Warriors of Light to do, in order for those dissonant/unreconciled pathways/nodes to reach a point of healthy exchange/flow and/or Communion with the Whole (full activation).

This Act and the necessary work encompassed within it, is not new to you, as these things such as clearing, letting go, reconciliation, empowerment, balance, and transmutation, etc.., that are being called of you now, have been part and parcel of your entire ascension/awakening process already. As have the other 2 Acts. But there is a new level of intensity and intentionality that is required of you at this time.

The good news here, is that you've already become quite a pro at this, and you know what to expect in terms of cleansing/transmutation waves, including how those remaining lower vibrational energies might make themselves known to you (if yours), or be drawn into your field (if others), in order for them to be seen, acknowledged and properly tended to. The Higher Realms will do their part to nudge/trigger souls where necessary to do the work they need to do, but it will go much faster if all Warriors of Light take a pro-active role in this.

The new firmament/energetics are within and all around you now, providing you a much more supportive setting or environment in which to take on the additional clearing, transmutation, and reconciliation of such misaligned or defunct energies. For example, when feeling depleted, you can easily replenish your energy body system by simply inhaling any surrounding elemental force energies into your chakras as needed - from the earth, outdoor water sources, the wind/ethers, and fire. For as previously mentioned, due to your recently acquired/restructured vessels or energy/spirit bodies, you now have many new or greatly expanded capacities/abilities at your disposal. It will be important for you to step into the full experience and soon-to-be mastership of such expanded capacities, including the one I'm about to restate below as an integral function of the Soul Retrieval/Integration Act.

The Soul Retrieval and Integration of all Past, Present, and Future Soul/Star Family Lineages

The Act of Soul Retrieval, as the in-breath of your newly expanded "breath-work," actually began in earnest just prior to the spring equinox portal, when I first made you aware of it. See excerpts below:   

Levels upon dimensional levels exist deep within you, NOT OUTSIDE OF YOU. By the very nature of how you were created you serve as a databank, a storehouse of all universal/galactic codes of life that your multidimensional Selves and your Soul/Star family have ever accumulated throughout your vast experiences, sojourns, and/or incarnations throughout the great multi-verse of space and time. This is the information, the knowledge, the memories, the codings, and the energetic linkages that your soul actively seeks to *re-establish within Self and upon Gaia.

   (Note: *Re-established through infusing that information into the Collective Higher Mind/Reality.)

More plainly put, YOU ARE THE ONES to weave us back through into your world and into the consciousness once more of all earth's inhabitants. In truth, you will be reconnecting and bridging many realities together within your newly created vessel, and it is through this endeavor that a high degree of illumination shall finally take place upon the Earth. Keep in mind that while you've always played such a part in the overall ascension process of humanity, at this moment in time, you are being given much more conscious power and control to serve as a nexus-point of worlds, it is an opportunity as we say. . . for true mastery.

You see as part of your new vessel's "breathing process," in which you're exchanging vast quantities of quantum energy and information between worlds/dimensional levels, one must become mindful that part of taking a "complete" breath includes a further stage of "exhalation" in order to be a whole movement or cycle - and that movement is a CO-CREATIVE one.

This is taking that information, memory, knowledge, love and/or soul/star family codings received while traveling/communing inwardly (in-breath), letting it/them inform and inspire you, and then physically creating/manifesting something tangible in the external world (out-breath). In this way you further solidify that higher integrated information/vibration out into the world.

What is so beautiful to behold is that in your ACT of co-creation with Universe, some part of your multi-dimensional Self or Soul/Star Family you've connected to or have integrated with, including their information, awareness, cellular memory, and codings - is given material or "substantive" life THROUGH you. So know, that in every Sacred Act of CO-CREATION within your purified vessel, you are pulling through multi-dimensional energies and information on a quantum level into your body/energetic field and even further into your external world. This CREATION changes the energetic composition/dynamic of that outer environment by retaining the initial "impression" in which you imbued it, thereby interacting with and forever altering all energies/beings that come into proximity of it - further tipping the "vibrational/frequency scales" on Earth.

This new "breath-work" or co-creative ability, in the context of the above, is THE MOST IMPORTANT gift or capacity that you could utilize or learn to hone at the moment. Not only is this skill needed but is crucial. It is what created the 5D-7D Collective Higher Mind/Web of Life (beginning several years ago), infused it with life giving/sustaining energy or the new firmament (spring equinox portal 2014), and it is what will see the FULL expression or reality of 5D manifest right before your very eyes. And in the meantime, your personal experience will continue to shift and/or ascend in nature.

The overall Soul-Retrieval impetus therefore, is also a very natural one for a Collective Higher Mind that seeks its Divine Birthright of Health and Wholeness, just as each and every individual Soul does. Which leads us into our final Act - Reclamation.

The Reclamation of Individual Soul and therefore, "Collective Soul" Divine Birthrights such as Self-Sovereignty, Health/Wholeness of Experience, Unconditional Love, Freedom, Communion/Co-Creation

Before the Whole may reclaim these qualities, gifts, or Divine Birthrights - the majority of individual Souls woven into the new 5D-7D Collective Higher Mind/Web of Life must reclaim them. The Reclamation of such Divine Birthrights goes hand in hand with the reclamation of your Divine vessels (or the sitting in your Divine seats/thrones of empowerment/co-creation). As spoken of previously in the following excerpts:

But YOU have now created the new vehicle necessary for free unhindered movement between all INNER levels/dimensions/realms of experience, but the confusion for many comes when attempting to consciously utilize this connection. Most focus on the mind, third eye region, or heart chakra when attempting to make contact with Soul Family or aspects of Self at differing dimensional levels. While true, some measure of success can be attained from these methods, as fragments do come through, these are not the ideal methods as a “wholeness” of experience/energetics does not take place.

One should begin in the solar plexus region instead, the center of your being, the seat of your central nervous system or “secondary brain.” Your personal seat/throne of divine empowerment – your inner sun which when balanced/rightly empowered, aligns properly to not only our local sun, but extends all the way out to our Galactic Central Sun as well, thereby connecting you to the Oneness of All and your right/proper place within Creation itself. 

And all living beings, including the plant and animal kingdoms and even Gaia herself, are created with such inner (soul/spirit body) energy centers/doorways. This is how all of CREATION communicates or "sings" to itself. These centers also serve as the inner nexus point of mirrored flow, where the concept/mechanisms of "as above, so below" or "as within, so without" reside and can be fully accessed and understood. Through these centers all Life is connected and it is through these centers that all Life shall be UNIFIED/ACTIVELY LINKED and RESTORED. It is not only Earth or the inhabitants of Earth that I speak of either, this will lead to a restoration of many, many connecting worlds/realms as well that have been harmed through their involvement/connection to Earth. 

Soon, each and every soul will find themselves finally, in an experience truly worthy and deserving of their own inner merit - the level of soul growth they have achieved. Each will be given the opportunity to come Home, wherever it is they most "energetically/vibrationally" feel at Home at or yearn for - and this experience of great Love, Freedom and Union will only continue to deepen and blossom over time, offering many new experiences, adventures, and challenges to engage in at various levels of existence/experience. 

Just as there are many new levels of existence to be explored, so too are there many new layers of reality opening to you and others, these pathways intertwining with one another in order to be able to fully commune/link with one another - ultimately ending the sense of separation that pervades Earth and her ethers. Allowing a full reunification of your multi-dimensional Self and your Soul/Star family, so that these lineages may once again be accessible to All. And it is because of the newly acquired RADIANCE of your chakra (soul body/spiritual) centers and the mastership of your inner "breath work" of co-creation, communication/communing, and the further raising and integration of the underlying energies/vibrations of Truth, Love, Self Sovereignty, Respect, Appreciation, Gratitude, Joy and Unity/Wholeness, that you will soon see VAST changes sweeping across your outer world on a scale never before seen/experienced at any time in Earth's recent past.


Therefore, on an INDIVIDUAL AND COLLECTIVE SOUL LEVEL the qualities/themes or Divine Birthrights of Love, Safety, Self-Sovereignty, Community, Truth, Respect, Fairness, Health, Wholeness of Experience, Freedom of Expression/Creativity, etc...will become central themes and even catalysts for deeper reflection, experience, and movement over the coming days/weeks ahead, as individuals and therefore, the Collective work to RECLAIM and REINTEGRATE such qualities OR Divine Birthrights back into the human/Gaiac experience. And without a doubt, it will be very interesting to see how this Reclamation process plays itself out on the world's stage just prior to the full awakening into "self-awareness," of the Collective Higher Mind.

It is imperative that you, and all other Warriors of Light, stay in your center (solar plexus), your Divine seats/thrones of empowerment (or Soul/Spirit body's cockpit/driver's seat) throughout the remainder of this Grand Ascension Cycle. You must believe yourself Worthy, Empowered, Strong and Capable. You will need to fully claim your new vessel/vehicle (or soul/spirit/energetic body) in order to do so, there is simply no other way around it, because naturally part of the Reclamation Process will be facing those things/people/energies that you and/or the collective have resisted facing or challenging on some level, up to this point. 

So stand firm in your inner radiance, your inner sun, your truth. For in this space it is impossible for your foundation to ever be shaken. And in taking this stance, you RECLAIM and/or manifest those Divine Birthrights for Self and for All. 


Truly, it is an amazing time to be an incarnated soul on Gaia! For the (5D-7D) fields are rich, fertile, ready to be planted. Plant them with the gifts of those 3 Acts, to the best of your ability - along with your deepest expressions of Love and Gratitude to Self and to the Whole. 

Be assured that soon, as a result, everything will change. 

Until next time. . .


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