Sunday, March 23, 2014

Angelic Guides Message 3-23-14

 Channelled Via Taryn Crimi

Today we would like to focus your attention upon the challenges that many of you are facing and the judgment that is held about them. As many of you have now witnessed, events and circumstances have manifested within your reality that have proven to be challenging this year. As we have said many times already, this year will bring forward many opportunities for you to demonstrate that you have in fact mastered all that you have taken the time to learn.

This year is allowing you the opportunity to react differently to the circumstances that arise than you ever have before. There are many of you who are witnessing a “re-occurrence” of experiences that you had to face in your past that you found to be challenging, only to be dismayed as they are once again being drawn into your reality. And this is what we would like to focus your attention upon today.

We will first begin with the challenges that you have been met with in you past. Many of you have regrets from your past that you have difficulty releasing as your mind continually pesters you about the “what if” and “if only”. You are being urged at this time to let them go and cut the ties that have held you in bondage to your past choices; but many are finding this to be difficult because you still view the choice as being a “mistake”.

You see, something can only be a mistake, if you perceive that there could have been a “better” choice, but what you must realize is that you are always making the best decision that you can with the information and knowledge that you have in that exact moment. To view it now that you have seen where the choice has lead you will not serve you; you did not have this information when you made the choice.

This is part of the beauty of the illusion that you have immersed yourselves within; the ability to only see one reality at a time and to be completely unaware of the other endless potentials that always surround you. Surely you are able to see what would have been an “easier” path, or a the less challenging path to take now that you have more information and have witnessed what has taken place as a result, but you did not have this information when you made the choice.

From our perspective there are never really any mistakes, only different choices which lead you to different paths to enlightenment. Remember that you cannot see where the other paths would have lead you. Perhaps you would not have met the people who you find to be most important in your life, or perhaps you would not have gained the valuable lesson that was so imperative to you being able to push through an unforeseen obstacle, or perhaps you would have escaped one “bad” decision only to make a far more devastating one later on.

So many of you continue to relive these “mistakes” in your minds forcing yourselves through the trauma, because you believe that if you would have made a different choice it would have been free of challenge. This is not necessarily so, remember that things are not always what they seem to be. It is the times in your life that you feel your dreams and wishes are being squandered that you are actually being redirected to one far greater.

Many think that a life free from any challenge would be the ideal life, though we assure you, you have all already experienced this and you found it to be quite boring; and so you have eagerly volunteered to incarnate within this illusion just for the “fun” of it.

It would be similar to a person with a college education choosing to go back to preschool because they wouldn’t have to face anymore-difficult challenges while learning. Surely they would be able to quickly master any “problem” or puzzle that was given to them, but what sense of accomplishment would this person find from mastering a puzzle that was made for a 3 year old? Certainly they would not have any trouble accomplishing any of the tasks that were given to them but how long would it be before this person became bored and yearned to be in a class where they could learn, and grow and be surrounded by others who also wished for the same? Do you see? Do you understand our analogy?

We realize that many of you yearn to release yourself from the challenges that you find yourself within, but the goal was not to not have challenges but rather to be unaffected by them. To learn how to remain at peace regardless of what goes on around you because you are the only source of peace there is. What one perceives as challenging, another may perceive as fun; your perception is what makes something challenging not the circumstance itself.

You see many look to the reality outside of themselves to determine whether they can be at peace or if they must feel stress, but you will only truly find ever lasting peace when you realize that it is a choice that comes from within. Nothing outside of you has the ability to disrupt your harmony, your balance, your peace of mind but you.

We hope that you have found this message to be helpful in someway, and we ask that the next time that you are faced with a challenging situation take a step back and remember that it is only challenging if you say it must be, you are the center of peace. So go in peace and hold your light so brightly that it cannot be disrupted regardless of what events are seemingly swirling around you.

In love and light we are your Angelic Guides
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