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You Tell Me I'm God, But What Do You Mean?

Posted By Will Harader On Galactic Free Press 3-8-14

We created the Galactic Free Press with one main goal at Heart, to let everyone know that They Are God. We don't want to create followers, or leaders, or teachers, or spiritual authority figures, or anything like that, we want everyone to be Free and Equal. Things like teachers and followers represent the old dualistic paradigm, while we intend that everyone step up to their own Divinity. We'd like to see every single human being take a deep personal responsibility for their Life, to realize their own Divine Creative Nature, to realize the beauty (or ugliness) that they see in the world is a reflection of what they hold Within.

When we do tell people "You Are God!", it's often rejected immediately by the mind because it doesn't fit into preconceived notions of what God is supposed to be. One of the common themes we see is that God is supposed to be in control of everything. If someone is God, they're supposed to be able to just manifest things out of thin air, yet I wonder about this. This whole idea that God is in control needs to be looked at much more deeply.

It's no mystery where this belief comes from, religion. Most religions claim their "god" is the one in control of the Universe, and you'd better do what their religion says or you'll piss "god" off. In this, each religion implies that they're really in control of "god", that they speak for "god", and even claim they know what "god" desires. It's an extreme arrogance.

If God is really in control, why isn't everyone's life perfect? Why is there still suffering, why would God allow that? Why would a perfect being create an imperfect world? People have asked these questions for thousands of years, and it's led many intelligent people to doubt that the religious version of God even exists. Religion has just responded by creating even more complicated belief systems, or by encouraging ignorance ("You aren't meant to know").

We have a much different understanding of all of this, control itself is an illusion. Nothing really controls anything else. You're not even in control of your own body, it only does what you intend it to do most of the time. This whole idea of a "god" that controls everything is really the product of minds that want to be in control. Religion appeals to the desires of it's followers, yet it also manipulates those desires.

Your body is the product of trillions of individual cells working together, and this is a great understanding to begin with. Each cell functions both individually, to maintain itself, and collectively, to create the whole body. Each is interdependent upon the others, and together they create something much more than what any of them could be by themselves. This is an excellent metaphor for understanding God. God is not a separate entity, apart from Creation, God is Creation, Creation is God expressing God. God is like a diamond, with each facet being a unique expression of the diamond, of God. Every human is a facet on that Diamond, and no facet is separate from the Diamond itself.

For many, the idea that They Are God is a very uncomfortable thought and this is especially true for a person with lots of self-judgments. God is supposed to be this image of perfection, and something they believe they can never live up to. Only in their wildest dreams do they even consider living up to that potential. This belief of inferiority, and the world it has created, is actually a direct example of the Divine Creative nature that every human has within. People, full of confusion and fear themselves, have collectively made a world full of confusion and fear. What an amazing feat that is, and how much more amazing it would be if collectively and consciously, people created a world that expressed Love and Oneness!

Again, we say that God is not in control. If that were the case, I would have to conclude that God is doing a very shitty job with humanity. Blaming the circumstances of your life on something you believe to be external is to give away your own power, to deny your own Divine Nature. It's subjecting yourself to external control, and it's a recipe for suffering. We're All Equal In God, and when people start taking personal responsibility, start realizing what they're creating for themselves, they will have the power to change it.

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