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Pleiadian Perspective on Ascension 3-25-14

 Channelled By Suzanne Lie

Doing The Work – Earth’s Matrix
Sandy Speaks:
MatrixEarthI know that Jason and I were excited to see Mytrian and begin another adventure. However, as soon as we enthusiastically said we were ready, I began to feel the great fatigue of no sleep for too long. I looked over at Jason and saw that his eyes were drooping too. Fortunately, Mytrian responded to my thoughts by saying,

“Do not worry, my dear human Selves, this journey will be a bi-location. Therefore, your Earth vessels will be safely resting in your bed while your consciousness journeys into our seventh-dimensional Oversoul. As Mytria and Mytre have learned, you need to place your physical form in a safe, protected place before you bi-locate.

“Therefore, we ask that you make your bodies comfortable in your bed. I will also bi-locate so that I will be able to keep my form awake and protect your sleeping Selves while we journey. My extended experience in Oversoul has reminded me of myriad skills that I had forgotten while in my form as Mytrian. Once I returned to my formless Oversoul SELF, I remembered my Mission as well as all the innate skills that I have to fulfill it.”

Mytrian then guided our exhausted bodies into the bedroom and patiently waited while we prepared ourselves for sleep. “Should I wear clothes rather than a nightgown?”

“Do not worry about what you wear as your bi-location form will have appropriate coverings.”

Mytrian responded as he smiled at me. I had never seen It smile before and wondered if that was something It remembered while in Oversoul.

“Yes,” Mytrian replied to my thoughts. “I had forgotten the virtue and power of humor and laughter. They both are great healers for the physical vessel as they release healing endorphins into your system. In fact, all emotions are important as they arise from the core of your unconscious Self to inform your mind and clear your body.

Once I was settled into bed Mytrian looked into my eyes and said to me, “Speaking of emotions, I can feel a sadness coming from you of which I doubt you are aware. It is important to release any emotions you may be repressing before we begin our journey. You see Sandy, emotions are how you steer your thoughts/intentions while on your Multidimensional voyage.”

Jason and I got comfortable in our bed, which gave me some time to decide if I was courageous enough to be honest. However, if I can’t be honest with Mytrian, who is one of my higher expressions, then I cannot be honest with myself. I then realized that there were many emotions that I had been suppressing because I wanted to be strong and brave.

“Admitting to your emotions is very brave,” Mytrian responded to my thoughts again. At the same time, Jason put his arm around me in a protective way. I realized that I was in a very safe environment, safe enough for me to be honest with myself. Feeling the Unconditional Love of Jason and Mytrian, I said, “I have to admit that I had been repressing a strange sadness for days now. I am a bit embarrassed to admit these feelings, but they have been haunting me.”

When they both waited patiently for me to continue, I realized how much I had kept my true feelings inside me for my entire life. I also wondered how many of my intended creations had failed because my emotions were frightened, sad or angry. I suddenly understood how I had sabotaged myself with my fear-based emotions.

“Everyone sabotages themselves with negative emotions,” said Jason, also responding to my thoughts. “Go ahead honey, talk about these emotions. Then I have a few emotions I need to admit to as well.”

First the tears slipped down my face. As I started to wipe them off I began to cry. I do not know why I was suddenly filled with such sorrow, but it felt wonderful to release it. I felt Jason’s strong arm around me, and Mytrian sat on the bed next to me and gently touched my back.

Surrounded by such safety and love the dam burst and I began to sob uncontrollably. It seemed as if I was crying for my entire life, for every disappointment and every perceived failure. I never had much self-esteem. If I were to ever hold myself in esteem I would have to admit to my inner, emotional pain.

Jason and Mytrian were infinitely patient as I cried away my past. I forgot how good it felt to release sorrow. I had become so involved in my NOW that I had forgotten to allow myself to honestly feel how frightening it was to perceive life in such a totally different way. Yes, every adventure into my Higher Self had been amazing, but what about the “me” who still wears a body?

How can I integrate this new life into my concept of reality? And now I am going into my seventh-dimensional Oversoul when I am not sure I even have control over my third-dimensional life. What will happen next? How will I be able to integrate all that I have learned into my physical reality? Will I even have a physical reality? Now that I have found my great love, I want to keep this body for a while and enjoy a love that I have only experienced in a few incarnations.

Just when I was about ready to lose total control, I felt a warm glow enter into my sobbing body. It was the inner “Presence” that I had always felt. This Presence always comforted me in an invisible way. It was my secret Inner Light that was so often dimmed by the challenges of daily 3D life. The recognition of my Inner Guide made me cry even harder, if that was possible.

However, now my tears were of joy and recognition rather than tears of fear and loneliness. The warm inner glow slowly moved throughout my body healing and comforting me from within. I remembered all the times in my childhood when I would go in my back yard to hide between the tall fence and my special tree to cry, rage, laugh and ‘imagine’ I was talking to a Golden Being who was my secret friend.

When, how and why did I forget about that friend? Oh yes, I was a teenager and wanted to be cool, so I stopped “playing” with my imaginary friend. Of course, I became very depressed then, but depression was cool when I was a teen. But the depression remained long after adolescence and my secret friend stayed away.

I was busy doing all the things that society said adults need to do. Funny how I began to feel happy once I stopped doing all those ‘adult things’. That thought brought up a short laugh, which healed the sorrow and stopped the crying.

I threw my arms around both Jason and Mytrian and we all laughed. The laughter felt so good that we laughed until we were too tired to continue. Then Jason encircled me with his strong arms as I buried my face in his chest. With the feel of his beating heart, I fell off to sleep. Somehow I knew that Jason did the same.

Suddenly I woke up inside my dream, which I remembered was a real experience. All three of us were together in a cloudy world as warm and comfortable as a big down bed. However, we were all standing up and looking into a hazy picture that I could not quite make out. Mytrian guided us closer to the picture, and we could see that it was a matrix of some sort.

“This is the third-dimensional matrix for planet Earth,” Mytrian responded to my thoughts. “Do you see how some of this matrix is bright and glowing whereas other part are dark. Some of the darkest parts are actually broken.”

“Yes, I see it,” said Jason. “I can also feel it. The places of Light feel very loving and I sense that those areas are filled with healthy nature and happy people. I can also feel that the dark places are filled with pollution and the people are fearful and angry. The broken places, oh my, these places are where there were wars. These are the places that have been bombed, burned and poisoned. I can feel that people died here feeling pain, fear and anger.”

“Oh no,” Jason continued, “These places are actually portals into the Lower Astral Plane. The matrix is broken because these areas of Earth are dying in a slow, painful way! We must do something about this. We cannot let Gaia suffer like this. How could humans do this to Her planetary body? Nothing grows here and the people who live here have lives of misery, starvation, thirst and desperation.”

“Yes,” I said. “I can see all this too. What can we do to help?”

Mytrian was silent for a long while. It appeared that It was communicating with a higher part of Itself. Finally It said, “I have consulted with my Oversoul SELF and have received the recommendation that you enter these areas to serve as living corridors through which they can send their Higher Light. It appears that, since humans have created this devastation, humans are needed to ground this Light.”

“Sandy and Jason, are you willing to BE and ground that corridor through which their Higher Light will flow?”

“Yes,” we said as one person.

“Good. I will Overlight you so that you have a focal point of Unconditional Love. Mytria and Mytre will Overlight me and the Arcturian will Overlight them. In this manner the two of you will be very Multidimensionally protected while you ground the Light traveling through the corridor that we will create together.”

“Are you both ready NOW?”

Jason and I looked at each other, both of us now understanding why I had had to release my old grief. We turned to face Mytrian and said, “There is only NOW.” But, we were not nearly as eager as we had been before.
Message From Sue:

As this Higher Light is entering our consciousness, the emotions that we have hidden deep in our unconscious are coming into the Light to be healed and released. If we are to become the Master of our energy field, we need to delete many old files that no longer serve us and distort our perception of reality.

To perceive the higher frequencies of Light, our heart and mind need to be cleansed of fear-based thoughts and emotions. Even if we believe we have totally accomplished that task in this life, we also have alternate and parallel lives that were hidden from us until the Light of Awakening has come into our hearts and minds.

In order to fully release an emotion we must feel it in our body, as our body is where old emotions are stored. When we deeply experience an emotion in our body, we can totally release the fear-based emotions and accept the healing and enlightenment of our Love-based emotions.

We know that we are ready to do that work now, as we feel the Call to remember and complete our mission. With the voice of fear cleared forever, we can clearly communicate with our Multidimensional SELF.

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