Saturday, March 22, 2014

Self-Talk with Guides


Channelled Through Peter Phalam On 3-21-14

One of the earliest psychic upgrades occurring in older souls is self-talk with guides. Some of your past lives, which are part of your soul, want to mentor you and provide many ideas on your path. I will discuss how certain thought forms that occur in your mind are suggestions from your guides and your verbal response to these suggestions as you talk your way through what will remain a telepathic communication.

These communications have occurred hundreds of times in the past but until now the data you received was mostly short idea plots. Now we expand into open conversations during self-talk that establishes connections with the astral plane guardians of your guides and angels who also deflect the energy into the 5th dimension. The base self-talk is like talking to yourself with one part of your consciousness asking the question and either a wiser mind or a physical awareness answering. This is every bit what older souls do naturally; however, they don’t surrender to the answers when they don’t understand where they come from.

This is where trust and faith meet. The truth is seen as highly transient and creating a conscious awareness upgrade. Self-talk works when the intent is specific. It’s wise to always know where you want the self-talk to go. Your responsibility is to start the conversation in an area of immediate concern. Go right to the emotional aspects affecting you and the talk will start. Though it will sound at first therapeutic or attempting to draw out a sense of humor, it will tell you what you know if you reflect on how you feel. Since this energy gets deflected into the 5th dimension, it’s not uncommon for the sponsoring Archangel of your soul group to enter the conversation.

The guides want you to develop an app with times and schedules when they can join the self-talk. You control the app; guides control content and often use their connection to Ascended Masters. Self-talk works best when you have at least ten minutes where all you do is listen, then comment. I mainly talk when I walk long distances so that the physical energy I use is never in the mind. I have been talking in some places where I would occasionally get a stare. A discussion with real heart is the only way to go about it so someone might hear you from time to time.

Once the app is in place, you can work with the guides on an exact future time. If things change, don’t worry; guides understand this needs time to develop. Just call out to spirit, to beings of light, to angels and archangels, then listen to the silence until the first thought form is initiated. You will find great sanctuary when working out stuff with guides. Just choose the most comfortable time frame and be honest and on time. The early talk is usually humorous as the guide’s first instinct is to show you where they tried to intervene and you missed all the messaging. They have fun with little mistakes but are never serious; they are part of your inner child or at least in full communication with that intent. The issue will then evolve into the time ethic you are being taught. Time slows down when this communication is open because reason is perfected. Intent of the future self will be developed first. It is easier for guides and angels to work with your concept of a future self. This changes over time so the conversation can become more sophisticated.

There are probably 30 or more vice-presidents in your soul company agreeing on one direction of choice. Often they are in opposition to any money problems and relationship problems, forget it. Upgraded frequencies in our light body will be resolved in self-talk when you surrender to further consideration. You may ask, Why did this happen? When will I understand more? What is my path? Be grateful this connection is in play.

When in play, aside from slowing time, the guides have to go at the ego and all the thought forms in the last two weeks that are secure in an akashic file. Guides try to bate you into old thought forms. When you discover something repeated in your mind, a new message comes in. The self-talk begins trying again to scan the previous thought form groups, but you know to move on. You make a decision to stay in the moment or in a time plane in the future you are working on. The conversations get better in that the higher self begins to establish a single identity in the conversation even though the thought forms are driven by dozens of past life entities.

The reason we try to approach a connection to the higher self is so guides and angels can be passed onto younger souls who will gain from the guide’s exposure to your transcending soul. The higher self also has access to the 5th dimension and the message boards in the 7th and 8th harmonics. All psychics, whether they are throwing down runes, tarot cards or trance channeling, read the same message board. This is why you can go to two different readers at a psychic fair and get virtually the same message. Hopefully, the next generation of psychic sensitives will develop a healthy ethic of self-talk so their autonomous guidance can come through and the messages are more thorough.

Namaste Peter

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