Monday, March 31, 2014

High Council Of Orion: Dancing In Density

Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood On 3-28-14 

 Transcribed by Paul Marwood

"Greetings Dear Ones.
We are the High Council of Orion.Today's message is one that can be familiar for it is a message that has echoed on your planet in many different ways, through many different voices, yet it bears repeating and being retold again. As we have mentioned in prior communications with you, all the solutions that you need at this time are already present on your planet. Those solutions can be in terms of thoughts and ideas, it could be in terms of vibrational potential, and it can also be in the material things that you have on your planet. All the solutions are there. All the raw materials are there. In this time of transition it may be that the raw materials need to be looked at with fresh eyes, with new application, with new inter-relationship. All the raw materials that you need to assist yourself at this time are already on your planet and within the energetics in which you exist.

With that being said, we want you to understand a very important vibrational Truth that you are not the vibrational reality that you are experiencing in your third dimensional reality. It's easy to say “Well, yes I know that”, but understanding it and living into the reality that you are an energetic being, and as an energetic being you vibrated at a very high level of frequency, you embraced many different vibrational levels of frequency.  You do in your fullness.

At some point in time you decided to take some of your vibrational reality and make it more dense and more compressed to actually be able to experience what this realm has to offer. For this realm needs to be experienced with some level of density to be able to deal with the energetic truths that are prevalent at this time, on this plane, such as gravity, such as time, such as needing to move through space. This requires a density in vibration. So you have taken your vibrational reality and made it more dense so you could experience life in this realm.

As you've experienced this level of density, in a sense, there's been a forgetting or a disconnection from the true essence of who you are in your fullest expression of your energetic being.

This time of Ascension is not reaching out and necessarily bringing in something you've lost. It’s to bringing this awareness that you already are this beautiful, expanded energy that has chosen to become more dense here. As you choose to embrace, feel and connect with your expanded vibratory rate the constrictions of the density, at this level, begin to dissolve, begin to expand so that you can have an expanded experience. It’s as if you begin to start living in more dimensions, as you would call it, at once. As long as you’re doing this “dance of density” at this level, on this plane, there will be some vibrational density that's required to be here.

Yet it is possible to be aware of the vibrational density that's required to live on this plane, yet also then connect with the higher vibrational realities so that the “dance of density” isn't the only place that your consciousness resides. It can be in this realm to be able to just exist in this level of density, but also begin to embrace and connect with all the other levels at which you already exist.

You’re not retrieving something that was lost or never had, you’re remembering it on an energetic level the fullness of who you are. In a sense, it's been an over identification with this level of density has up created a situation where you have, in a sense, forgotten that you have all this magnificent vibrational reality around you. So this time of Ascension is reconnecting with, remembering and feeling into and re-experiencing this greater vibrational reality that you already are. That you already are!

Just take a moment and breathe into and feel the fact that you are this expanded energetic being who’s decided to play in this realm of density for a little while! You’ve just been playing! Enjoy the playing in this realm of density and allow your awareness to expand to the greater reality of who you are. In your moments of quietness, contemplation, meditation and reflection feel into the reality that you've just chosen to play in density for a while and now you're choosing to, still play in density, yet expand out to the greater reality of who you are!

Be Blessed.

We are the High Council of Orion.”

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