Wednesday, March 26, 2014

God Message 3-25-14

Channelled Via Karen Dover

central_spiritual_sunBeloved ones I place my energies in the context of GOD and I talk with you through my channel. The energies now building, expanding and rapidly accelerating in order that you can move into place fully and begin to awaken to the birth of heaven upon earth.

Many of you are now more than aware of the power that YOU ARE in TRUTH and many of you are now harnessing this inner power in order to fully begin to create in TRUTH. The old 3D earth created reality now completely separate from the New Earth reality allowing for the birthing of miracles around, through and within your human life experience.

The construction of your outer waking reality is built upon the frequency that you have anchored at the core of your human vehicle. The “core” of the human vehicle was always DESIGNED to be the HEART SPACE but you have been taught within the old 3D earth created reality to place the human logical mind at the core of the human life experience.

This has negated the experience in TRUTH, for you are not here to think your human life experience, you are here to EXPERIENCE what human life is through the human vehicle.

The old 3D earth created reality reference points have now been dissolved fully and for many of you this is adding to the experience of your human life for you are able to let go of the containment and enjoy the expansion.

I am here to guide clearly and to guide firmly that the containment is a CHOICE, if you choose to look continually for the reference points that have been dissolved you are dis-empowering SELF from within. The reference points cannot be found for they were a frequency that acted as a sort of buffer to the outer dimensional realities that you now have full access to. Do you understand my guidance?

The buffer working to repel the higher dimensional frequencies in order to prevent you from fully accessing the CORE of your human life experience. Now as the HEART SPACE expands and does so rapidly you are able to expand and to experience the fully power of your BEing on ALL LEVELS of your BEing.  For many of you this may translate as an energy that is running through your human vehicle that feels akin to an electrical current.  KNOW that this will begin to balance and to find its equilibrium as you let go and BE. Working to try to plan and to navigate at this time is akin to stepping into a hurricane and trying to comb your hair with many of you getting anxious that you have to be “presentable” at all moments of all moments.

I guide clearly that in order to birth a new reality in a new dimensional space and create a new life is reached by stepping out of all known perceived scenarios and standing in the LIGHT of TRUTH. Just because your human eyes cannot see the path that you are walking does not mean there is not a path and just because your human logical mind has no reference point for where you “are” at this moment does not mean that you are lost for you are at all moments of all moments guided by your SOUL.

The bigger picture of this your human life experience is now beginning to develop, like a photographer in a dark room you are allowing the pictures to develop and you are TRUSTING that they will develop fully. This is the energetic space that many of you are now moving into and moving and expanding beyond. TRUST the process that your SOUL is now showing you on all levels of your BEing.

Huge changes and shifts in energetic frequency release huge and expansive outer waking reality
upgrades at a very human conscious waking mind level. This will begin to show to you over the coming linear 24/48 hours at a waking human conscious level. I ask for you to TRUST and to BREATHE for this is not an expansion that is happening TO YOU from outside forces, this is an expansion in TRUTH that is flowing from WITHIN YOU and out into your outer waking life experience. At all moments of all moments you are the navigator, the creator, the architect and the builder. NOW is the time to follow your HEART and to LOVE in TRUTH. For ALL JUST IS and YOU ARE.

(c) Karen Dover, all rights reserved

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