Monday, March 17, 2014

Bigfoot Message - Sasquatchi Cultivate Innocence, Truth And Purity

The Sasquatchi are a race of ascended indigenous who retreated  dimensionally as humanity descended into Darkness.  Their return will coincide with humanity's rising Light quotient. When? Soon...  DT the ET

 Shared by Standing Elk On 3-15-14

Sasquatchitan. I am Chief of the Sasquatchi People. You may think we are hairy and have big feet. Really this is not so.

I come to speak to you because soon, our people will come to you again. The reason we had to leave the community of human beings is because of their loss of this innocence, truth, and purity. For our race and the Laws of our race are based upon these three.

All true Star Nations practice Innocence, Truth and Purity.

Our people did not want to leave the human beings. This is why you have seen us here and there. Your grandfathers and grandmothers who have grown through what you call “years” usually are those who have seen us, because the Earth Walk teaches innocence, truth, and purity. This is why the Elders are the Spiritual leaders.

Our people are ready to come to the human beings again, to live with you and to teach you many things.

First, human beings must purify. For when we see you, we see things that are very horrifying to us because we have spiritual sight. You must cleanse the cloud of bad spirits that surrounds you, the negativity, unholy feelings, and unwise thoughts. Not only do these dark clouds prevent our people from having relationship to you, it prevents you from having relationship with Spirit and having relationship with Mother Earth.

We will share some practices now that will help you.

First, within the Sacred Elements, Earth, Water, Fire, and Air, there is the power for your cleansing.
If you were to bury yourself in Earth and stay there for a day, you would be clean.

If you were to go and stay with Brother Waterfall for a day, you would be clean.

If you would stay under the Desert Sun for a day, you would be clean.

If you would stand in the Strong Winds of the Mountain People for one day, you would be clean.

The Elemental Peoples love human beings. They will do service at any time for you. Take Tobacco to them. Pray for their Nation and they will come to you with hearts overflowing.

Then, honor their gift to you by changing the way you think, feeling with true heart, praying for renewal with Creator and honoring Mother Earth with each footstep.

The way of cleansing for human beings is right outside your door.

Mother Earth and her peoples are glorious beings of Universe!

Learn to respect us!

You look to the skies for miracles, the miracles are here!

Open your eyes and see!

Mother Earth is a great teacher of Innocence. She is a great teacher of Truth. She is Purity embodied.

Know your Mother! Most of you came from far away to be with her and to be with the Peoples of her Love.

We Sasquatchi are ready to join you in the community of Sacred Law, in True Heart. We will teach you how to step through those Portals of Time. We will teach you how to remember who you are, your starry intelligence and wisdom. We will help you learn how to be in balance with the Sacred World around you.

Our Peoples have adopted this Universal Law and its sign as the symbol of Our coming and as the energy of our Teachings. And so, you may call us through these ways.

First, we will check you out. We will watch you. We will see if you are ready.

Can you see the little signs? For the biggest teachings are little things. We will be watching to see.

For, when you can Respect that little pebble, you can respect us. You can respect who you are.

Purity. Go out to the Sacred Waters.

Innocence. Remember when you were very young and be that way.

Truth. Stop trying so hard to lie.

The Elemental Brothers and Sisters are of these Essences. They are Purity in form. They are single. They are True. They are unpolluted, they understand that they are the Keepers of Life.

Learn from Soil and Stone.
Learn from River and Ocean.
Learn from Fire and Lightning.
Learn from Wind and Breath.

They are so close to you that you cannot remember who they are. And yet, not one action that you take, could you do without them.

These Sacred Element Peoples will restore you.

And then we, Sasquatchi, will come and teach you the community ways of being in balance with Sacred Mother. Then your lifeline will be unbroken as ours has been from the beginning.

Mitakuye Oyasin
Standing Elk/Golden EagleChief/ChiefBlack Spotted Horse

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