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St Germain: The Raising Of The Frequency Of Money And Consciousness As We Enter The Golden Age

This message rings so true you can (almost) take it to the bank...
DT the ET

Channeled By Goldenlight On 3-27-14

Dear Friends, I’ve been having an ongoing conversation with St. Germain lately about the world financial picture, including the revaluation of currencies and the global currency reset. Below is a message I brought in last night with a snippet from another recent conversation added in at the end. Please note I channeled this message in “stream of consciousness style” and I’ve left some of the punctuation out so that it reads back with fluidity, the way I brought it in. Love, Goldenlight
Hi St Germain, just checking in on the progress of the RV…just an update on where we are at in the process.

You are an important part of this transition, your messages have helped and uplifted many already and as you know this transition is about raising one’s frequency. The frequency of money is going to be raised by this RV (Revaluation of Currencies) and by this GCR (Global Currency Reset)… it will be raised to match peoples consciousness. A new paradigm around money will develop, eventually leading to a money-less society.

We in the higher dimensions live without money because we are so highly aware that we are All One that we would never even consider living outside of that mindset. So we know that everything we do affects the whole and affects the good of All.

Things are just of a different DENSITY in the higher dimensions… Things are more energy-based and not as dense as they are in 3D… We can pretty much manifest instantly here but we do it with the deepest intent for the highest good of All for we know that another’s well-being is our well-being, and vice versa. It takes the Golden Rule concept to a higher level, that to do anything to another is to literally do it to yourself… So we know that we affect things throughout the universe with each action we take and each thought that we have.

So getting back to this RV and the bigger picture of the GCR on Earth… what is happening is a balancing out of goodwill, energy, power, and well-being so that all may enjoy living on your planet, not just the elite, royal families, people in government or churches in power, etc. An even more advanced concept would be for each country to give its citizens enough income to live for each month or year or some increment of “time.” Some countries are already starting to do this, such as Switzerland (1). Easy for Switzerland to do because this country doesn’t spend its money on wars.

Eventually it will all become one planetary nation acting as a whole for the betterment of All. Imagine such a society! It is a very real possibility for your planet in the future. The GCR and RVs of currencies will create a more level playing field which is also coinciding with a raising of consciousness and eventually a returning of your planet to full galactic membership. As you know, the surface population of your planet (2) has been somewhat “quarantined” (from interaction with other galactic star nations) for a very long time as an experiment, and this quarantine will be lifted as the consciousness of your planet continues to rise and your collective vibration begins to match that of the higher dimensional societies with which you will begin to interact after full galactic citizenship is achieved.

So this RV and GCR process is part of the process of the raising of your vibration and frequency to the point where you really begin to realize that your consciousness is actually One Being as you are all “Emanations of Source” as the Council of Angels like to say… So as you are all beginning to realize this you then begin to realize that you want well-being and happiness for the All just as much as for yourself and so as the planet awakens to this and that includes some of the power players. Then these players realize that indeed to uplift others is to also uplift oneself and the whole unit of consciousness on earth then really begins to raise to a much higher level and poverty becomes a thing of the past along with wars etc because each currency now has a somewhat similar value… not exact because they will be based on countries assets, but even that too will level out in the future as countries’ borders begin to dissolve in goodwill and harmony… as the wars stop, poverty stops hunger stops and the whole world begins to come together as one… do you begin to see the picture here?

Oh yes it is a vision I have seen many times in these wonderful channelings I’ve brought forth and I thank you for describing it so eloquently.

You’re most welcome and so this is all rolling along and progressing nicely because in fact all those who are involved are an intricate part of making this happen because it is a collective manifestation… So all good thought towards it is also helping to move everything along besides what is happening by the power players and by the hidden powers behind the scenes. This is an elaborate process that is rapidly coming to a conclusive end as one by one people are waking up to the truth of many things and realizing that there is a better way of how things could happen on Planet Earth. And the revaluing of worldwide currencies is a part of this and so it is all coalescing into a higher frequency vibration so that money becomes not a weapon of the elites’ power, control, wars etc, but a tool for planet-wide well-being and harmony which signifies a shift into the Golden Age.

That’s an excellent description and was easy to translate because of the vision you were showing me, thank you. So from an earth perspective, everyone here wants to know the answer to the big question of when we will see the RV and GCR?

Well as I mentioned when we spoke last time there is a strong likelihood of its occurrence before or during the month of April, as many things are colliding on that date, but it is difficult to estimate on an earth timeline when this will occur. Many things can shift a timeline and from a higher perspective dates are irrelevant… from my perspective in the higher dimensions it already has occurred as there is no time here and everything is happening simultaneously. So in order to answer your question it can be difficult as I have to tune into your current timeline of possibilities to give you an answer. There is a target date being set by some but it seems to be a moving target.

Nonetheless all is proceeding rapidly now. What I can tell you is that, as many have said, the bonds have been released which signifies the release of the funds for the RV so you can see that that part of the process has been unleashed. There is also the worldwide situation of the collapse of world economies, which is also setting the stage for the RV of many currencies; the decline of the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency, the switch to asset-backed currencies worldwide (including the new UST note), etc. The dinar is the catalyst or first domino in a chain reaction of currencies resetting or revaluing worldwide. And everything is being set into place for this. The US is trying to set it up so that pandemonium does not ensue and this has been taking a lot of strategic planning, but things are almost finished being set into place.

Thank you for showing me that answer and for taking the time to talk with me tonight. I love the vision you showed me of the great shift in the frequency of money and how it is shifting into being a positive frequency used for the good of all rather than for destruction and power or control. So that instead of money being “the root of all evil” as some may have previously perceived it, it will instead be seen as “the root of all good”! I don’t mean this literally, of course, just that it is a huge paradigm shift. It is exciting that we on earth will be a part of this shift in how money is perceived and used for good and well-being, not just for ourselves but also for others.

Yes this is the higher dimensional way of things and the mark of an advanced society…to act always with the intention of creating the highest good for All. And as the earth’s populace moves into even higher frequencies, you will move into even more goodwill and love for others… eventually into a free trade and money-less society but that is a ways down the road. For now the transition in the frequency of money is a huge leap forward. That transition is occurring now and being fully implemented with the release of funds for humanity as well as the RV of worldwide currencies including the two catalyst currencies of dinar and dong which will set off the chain reaction of the GCR… Or: If the elite powers trying to hold those two RVs back continue to stall, the GCR is well underway and cannot be stopped and will catapult forward with those two currencies being included. Either way its a massive avalanche that is already underway. There’s no stopping it and and it will reach its conclusive endpoint when it is supposed to, and the raising of your consciousness, frequency and vibration is coinciding with the timing of it all.

Thank you very much again St Germain for taking the time to speak with us tonight. I will share this on the site with your permission?

Yes of course that is why I’ve taken this time tonight… Please share with all and know that this is a process that cannot be stopped now… and as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow, this is all occurring in the great NOW time.


Heaven on Earth, Oahu Sunrise
Photograph by Tuntland Photography
Imagine a world
Without borders
Without poverty hunger or homelessness
Without wars
Where nations share resources
Where people share wealth
Where there is abundance and joy and freedom for all
That world is coming into being with each thought of each person in each country who focuses on this vision today
Thoughts create reality many people thinking the same thoughts creates the same reality
So focus on the world you want and you will be a part of thinking it into being
Never underestimate the power of your thoughts
Thoughts are Things

                  Excerpt from St. Germain conversation, 3-22-14   

The transition to a new treasury note (TRN) and replacement of the FRN (Federal Reserve Note) is almost complete… Monies from China are in place to fund the RV exchanges for dinar and dong. The fed funds itself through debt, wars, and loans to foreign countries fueled by the ravages of war. This will all change… the new treasury note (TRN) is backed by gold and assets and held by the US Treasury and therefore (there will be) no need for debts loans wars IRS, etc.. It will change the entire paradigm.. We’re trying to hold off the RV until we can get new TRN in place, but we may just have to let it go and have a slow phase-in of the TRN… we just want to make sure your money is safe after your currency exchange and it will be safer when the TRN replaces the FRN, as it will not be based on debt. Eventually there will be a new type of bank, that is the kind of bank that should be in place, which serves the people… with no corruption… and is tied to the TRN not the FRN … Where your money is safer.

Wow that's great, so not much longer right?

There are many events colliding into one goal and one direction of the Iraqi Dinar revaluing first, then the GCR, and hopefully this will all happen after the TRN is in place.

The iraq bonds are in place at 3.71 with the budget set at that rate to start April 1 so with luck it will go international by then… we just hope to get the TRN in place by then. And once the IQD goes, then it’s a domino effect on other currencies like the VND (Vietnamese Dong), Rupiah, etc.

Then the GCR happens as a result of that, as well as central banks being replaced by gold-backed and asset-backed currencies all over the world, along with the release of humanitarian funds also beginning to flow in earnest, and the erasing of world poverty starts to happen… colliding with the raising of consciousness and enlightenment as we head into the final Golden Age on Earth. Your planet has always been a showcase planet and will be restored to its pristine beauty following the restoration of full consciousness, return to full galactic citizenship, and the unleashing of free energy and planet-wide prosperity for All just as we have in the higher dimensions.

(2) i.e., not including your Inner Earth, containing the Agarthans (formerly of Lemuria), who are a higher-dimensional society and members of the Galactic Federation

Channeled by Goldenlight ©

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