Saturday, March 22, 2014

Update On The Separation Of Worlds In Truth


Channelled By Karen Dover On 3-22-14

The equinox energies have worked to help move the separation of worlds rapidly. It is to be noted that whilst the New Earth was still in the “overlay” of the old 3d earth reality then the old 3d earth reality had the effect of SLOWING down the manifestation process of those within the New Earth reality.

Now the separation of worlds is complete the energetic signatures of both realities are no longer in conflict. By this I mean  the old 3d earth created reality no longer has ANY influence on the manifestations of the New Earth frequencies.  This allows for RAPID and SWIFT manifestation and EXPANSION by both the Planet Earth and those who are now creating from the New Earth frequencies.  They are now two SEPARATE realities each with their own frequencies.

For those of you who have been working to manifest in the New Earth you may now begin to FEEL the shift in frequencies, with time being dissolved and the ability to dream your dream into creation. The dreamtime platform has also cleared and expanded. It is also no longer influenced, by the human logical mind- not part of the process but the actual old 3d earth created reality frequencies were still present as the overlay was still in operation. This is all now negated.

The LIGHTER frequencies will begin to unfold and deepen and expand from this moment and many of you may be feeling this LIGHT as joy and happiness, as if you took a deep breath, breathed out and suddenly FEEL more relaxed and calm. This will now rapidly expand for the “holding ” has been broken, much like holding back an elastic band and then letting it go, the momentum built up needs an outlet, the outlet of the momentum that has built up in relation to the New Earth energies is now propelling many of you into position with “holding patterns” being broken and movement being rapid and very swift indeed.

For some of you the void is still around you, this needs to be worked WITH and it is vital that you begin to interact with the New Earth energies by actively manifesting with them. It is not TRUTH to assume that everything is already in place “for” you and that you need simply just follow a path, this is a teaching from the old 3d earth created reality and needs to be fully dissolved.

The New Earth asks that you create the life of your dreams, it has NOT already been created for you and you align with it, you are CREATING it moment to moment and this must be anchored at a very conscious human waking mind level, if you remain passive then the void will see you in limbo for the void is PURE ENERGY, you must interact with this energy in order to create with it.

To use a very simple analogy, the New Earth is asking you to create, this is like painting a picture. Many of you are attempting to paint the picture by staring at the paintbrushes and paints and imagining the picture. This will not create the picture that you are imagining, you must pick up the paintbrushes and actively put the paint on the canvas. The canvas in this analogy is the LOVE that IS, it is the very fabric of the universe.

Painting the picture is done by imagining the picture in your minds eye and then capturing what you can see in the actual painting before you. In other words you must take PHYSICAL steps in the world to create your dreams, these steps will be placed in front of you by the universe, you must interact with them in order for your dream to manifest in the outer waking reality that is the human life experience.

There are many teachings of distortion that seek to teach that simply imagining the New Earth is all that is needed. Building of a new life in a new reality is done breath by breath and action by action and if you repeat the same actions over and over you will simply remain where you are.  By actively WALKING your TRUTH then you create in TRUTH, for only TRUTH is supported.  Any distorted frequency that attempts to interact will be clearly illuminated for you in order that you can dissolve it and ALTER your frequency and actions in order to create the life of your dreams.

This is the balance of the female /male energy in TRUTH, creation and action in perfect harmony.

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