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Understanding Planetary Origins Opens Doorways In Consciousness


Channelled By Peter Phalam

Understanding our planetary origins opens doorways in consciousness by allowing us to see ourselves through the lens of our soul’s journey in other parts of the universe.

Some of us feel like we belong somewhere else; there is a sense of not truly belonging here and wanting to go home to a place we have never experienced in our present life. Earth teachings and knowledge hardly scratch the surface of who we know ourselves to be; deep down we know there is much more but we don't know quite what that is.

Often those who feel they belong elsewhere really do. Starseeds are beings or soul groups not indigenous to the planet on which they have incarnated. Starseeds are either indigenous to the galaxy of the planet or are extra-terrestrial.

There are a number of planets where you may have incarnated during the journey of your soul but your first planet often feels like your home just as the first home you knew growing up often lingers in your mind as your true home. This original home where your soul first lived is your planetary origin.

When we learn of planetary origin we learn a great deal about the essence of our spirit. Souls who have the same planetary origin manifest similar qualities and characteristics on the earth plane. When we understand these traits, we have a valuable tool for understanding ourselves and others. This tool helps us understand better our relationships as well as our potentials and the purpose of our soul here on earth.

We base planetary origin on the history of our incarnations as a soul. We will always have the same planetary origin regardless of which lifetime we are experiencing. Our planetary origin will not change as our soul leaves one incarnation and enters another.

Understanding your planetary origin helps you know yourself at a deep level. Knowing who we were at the beginning of our incarnating cycle helps us to appreciate our journey through time and understand how our soul has evolved throughout lifetimes. It offers a map that charts the course of our journey from where we started to our present location, shedding light on the points along the way, therefore charting the evolution of our soul.

Planetary origins is a tool that takes you beyond astrology and numerology in terms of self-understanding. The information that determines your astrology and numerology will change from lifetime to lifetime but your journey from your planetary origins to present time remains a constant thread beyond other tools that only look at the self and identity of the present lifetime. Planetary origins reflects the identity of our soul and synthesizes the various personalities experienced in various incarnations in other times and places.

Here are some examples of some “starseed” soul groups that incarnate on earth:

SPICA: A dense planetary system in the Virgo constellation. Like Regulus, its many small soul groups are spread widely throughout all reaches of Earth's population, with the intent - like many of the indigenous star systems - of circulating their belief structures. They are fourth behind the Sirians in number of active incarnating soul groups.

VEGA: A provider of many soul groups from the Sagittarian constellation with many human
experiments occurring simultaneously to Earth's time frame.

SIRIUS: Also known as the "Dog Star,” Sirius is centered in the summer sky and represents the most technological star system in this galaxy. Our systems share a common orbiting planet known as Nibiru. Sirius has placed the largest indigenous soul groups in the United States, with the Pleiades being second.

PLEIADES: Complex star system viewed by humans as the portal of the seven sisters. The portal rests near the latter four degrees of the Taurus constellation. Internally, nearly 250 human experiments are in progress. Since the entire star system came to peace in 24,000 B.C., feminine nature has the most prevalent impact on Earth's humanity. The Simyasean population from the Pleiades is blond to sandy blond with bluish or hazel eyes, and represents the largest population source of starseed influence in the United States.

LYRA: A large star system early in the Capricorn constellation yielding many soul groups on Earth, and having many planets with human activity.

ARCTURUS: Large star system lying in the Bootes Kite star formation positioned near the cusp of Libra and Scorpio. This is center of the Intergalactic Federation, and the portal for all extra-terrestrial soul groups derived from outside of the Milky Way.

ALDEBARAN: Bright star in the early Taurus system, seen in the winter and spring to the east of Orion's Belt and slightly south. Ecliptic planet for kings and fair rulers.

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