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The Cosmic Christ Return: Fulfilling The Promise

Channelled By Sandra Walter On 3-27-14

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

The Equinox Gateway opened a powerful flow of Solar Cosmic Christ energetics. Deep gratitude to everyone who is participating in welcoming this new wave of Cosmic Christ light. It is GLORIOUS and continues to amplify and pour into the grid systems. It will be fully anchored by the Eclipse on April 14, steadily increasing the demand for Peace within and without. It is a divine service to all of HUmanity; please remember that as the timeline split sensation grows more intense.

I hold everyone in my heart who is going through this activation. There is much to reveal here, and I will do my best to be clear. My communication is changing, primarily because of a recent commitment and partially because of steps to first contact. There is so much going on, I would love to have a complete telepathic exchange with you. Words don’t capture the intensity of some of these experiences. However there are still 3 months of work left to this Gateway which require clarity in my current role of service. I will attempt a play-by-play style to get the details grounded here.

The Equinox Gate

In the days before the Equinox as the wave came in, I saw giant thick rays of light pouring into the gates around and on Mount Shasta. It looked different from the usual pillar-type light we see during a gate opening. More like streams of golden crystalline light arching into the gates, the curved light which in my experience indicates divine assistance focusing the streams into specific channels. It indicates caution with magnetic balancing as well. As we were told prior to the Equinox, the Higher Realms are amplifying this wave of Solar Cosmic Christ light.

Gateways are typically 7 days long (very biblical), opening 3 days before and 3 days after. They are a window of opportunity to elevate consciousness. Since we have so many HUmans demanding acceleration (though many are not prepared for the results of those demands) and quite a few who are ready to take on new levels of consciousness, it triggers a pre-arranged agreement. This is why it is so important to open your heart right now to all that is. We have turning points where co-creation between lower and higher realms fulfill the criteria of the Golden Age.

This passage though the June Solstice is pure divinity. I now realize why all of those shadowy beings were vacating prior to this wave – it’s a disharmony killer, and anything caught sticking around too long will be destroyed. Kindwhile, the harmony amplifications are intense and pushing the first-wavers of transcendence to the surface.


A week before Equinox my heart center began expanding in a very physical way. I heard the message to isolate, so I spent a few nights alone in the wilderness on the east side of the mountain doing gatework. I felt consistent activity in the chest, paired with crystalline activations in the spine, brain, and high heart. It was different from the usual activity. It became so strong that I created a guided activation for the Ascension Course to open up the participants for what was coming.

The Commitment

Weeks before the Equinox I was presented with a new level of commitment. It came through like a marriage proposal; a complete dedication to embody the Solar Cosmic Christ, forsaking all other choices and timelines. I was given some time to consider this, and in that passage I watched timelines of lower choices play out and dissolve. Not lower choices as in bad or negative, just simpler, more comfortable ways of going through the Shift. Some choices contained peaceful homes, some were shared with others in relationships, some had me back in the city teaching Ascension, one had me traveling and meeting up with the tribe, some showed a sheltered life of dedication to spirit. I have deep love and compassion for those I have spent many lifetimes with, and saw timelines where we get to cross paths again. While all of those are lovely experiences, I have had them, over and over during my incarnations here.

Clearly this new commitment was a vow to the New, which I thought I had taken already. What was being asked of me was a commitment to the unknown which would go beyond the surrender I was engaged to. You see the terms I AM using here: Engaged to surrender vs. Committing to the permanent relationship ’til Ascension do we merge. 

I had a few hours of conversation with my Divine Entourage about all of this, as I was frustrated that the journey was somehow not good enough yet. I set it aside as the gateway began, knowing my choice would change everything for me. My own worthiness nonsense dissolved as I received answers the night before Equinox.

My Higher Self, looking more like my Christed Self, stepped forth and spoke a message which mirrored Yeshua’s message last year about his Gethsemane experience. I received a glimpse into the affect it will have on our global Ascension process, Gaia herself, and my Soul Group.  This was the potent part of the message for me:

If you forgo all of the lower self’s desire for stability, companionship or the need to serve in a recognizable way, and commit to aligning everything with a complete embodiment of the Christ, you will affect hundreds of thousands of people, including the loved ones of your Soul Group for whom you care so deeply.

Visions of the transformation came to me and I burst into tears. I saw others taking this on – the Solar Cosmic Christ in its true embodiment. We lit up around the globe, amplifying each other. We can see and feel each other, and the Higher realms are clearly visible. After the message and vision sank in, I made my choice. In the middle of a freezing cold night on Shasta, I said a final Yes to complete embodiment and surrendered my other timelines.

It is not martyrdom or becoming a savior; I have had those kinds of journeys laden with vows of poverty, preaching, ridicule and isolation, and they no longer serve. It is a level of alignment with the greater mission – forsaking all other possibilities, moment by moment, for as long as it takes to raise the consciousness on this planet. A commitment to Source-as-Self as the gateways open for the return of Solar Cosmic Christ Consciousness.

Personal experience of the Solar Cosmic Christ activation

Powerful gateway work and many global meditations assisted on the Equinox. Thick channels of Christed light came rushing into the grid systems and the encodements for harmony were, and are, strong.  Most gatekeepers were focused on stabilizing magnetics since this light has such a supreme frequency. We continue to do so as it amplifies through the eclipse.

That day I was experiencing a new merge of Source consciousness in my lifestream. Golden light rushed out from my heart without effort or warning. It pushed apart my shoulders and I felt my ribcage popping and adjusting to its demands. The great tractor beam from my High Heart to Source kept strengthening, surging for hours on end. At Sunset, as I stood atop a high ridge sungazing and taking in all that is, I experienced the effects of my commitment. My I AM presence surrounded me, like the classic Ascended Master tube of light. My Christed Self began to merge with me, pushing forth through the heart center. Infinity symbols traced up and down my spine and across my chest. My heart center encompassed the multiverse in a flash. The frequency of love was so overwhelming that I sobbed at the setting Sun, deeply and completely in love with all that is.

Since then life feels even more dream-like, very romantic, and very Solar in the Heart. I AM aware of the final falling away of what I was. The activations continue, and some of the heart center movement is radical. Dreamstate is laden with mission work and precognitive metaphors. I tested myself by engaging with a few conversations online, as if I needed to prove that I could still do both worlds. It didn’t serve, and I don’t desire that right now, so I AM at minimal participation. This activation is anchoring a permanent state of beingness, and the commitment is more important than anything else.

The Timeline Split sensation

This Solar Cosmic Christ light coming onto the planet right now is of a supreme nature. We have been able to experience glimpses of our own divinity in the past, and now we are at the stage of fulfillment of the prophecy. It may feel like we are lifting out of the collective reality for good. I do feel this is true for those making the choice to prioritize active participation in their own Ascension. Little by little, more and more of us is disappearing through these gateways. We felt it last year and now we see why; timelines drop away – sometimes with people attached to them – as we make our choices. Blessings upon everyone making the choice to level up.

Dreamstate Metaphors

For your own interpretation: I had two significant dreams yesterday. In the first dream I was in a park, picking up eagle feathers which were laying in the grass, like a path to follow. The feather trail led to a very leafy tree where a golden eagle (brown eagle) was hiding. He was huge, and sitting in the tree with his wing extended downward, like he was pointing to the feather trail left for me. He looked like a native drawing with his beak tucked toward his chest. As I approached he took flight and swooped in a huge arc, turned into a bald eagle, then landed on the ground in the grass. The dream ended. St. Germain uses eagles in our exchanges, and since he has been very busy with the financial system overhaul, I feel this is a good omen.

The second dream was about timelines. I was in Chicago, where many of my timeline dreams occur (I used to live there). The roads were full of electric cable cars (like the elevated train, only on the ground) with hundreds of overhead cable lines. The trains were changing routes consistently until an intersection presented, a corner I used to run by regularly when I lived there, and the trains chose their paths at the last second. I decided before the turn in the road to follow a train car marked WT-6.

Oddly enough, on that corner there is a giant statue of Goethe with an eagle on his knee. This morning as I wrote it down, my Higher Self hinted that it was W T minus 6, as in 6 days until WT. I have not heard confirmation of what the letters represent; World Transmission keeps coming up.
Both dreams feel like indications of a significant change very soon, which would coincide with the messages that April is going to be pivotal for the Shift.

The Gatekeeper’s Passion

These intense waves of light are my passion, and I intend to spend my consciousness on bringing them in, experiencing them, and balancing whenever called to do so. The Cosmic Christ anchors through the April 14 eclipse, which is our next Gateway. The waves continue through June with increasing intensity. We don’t know what the aftermath will be after receiving waves of Divinity like this, let’s just open up to whatever is available for our personal journeys. Welcome forth the Divine Love, it is asking us to commit to our highest acts of service.

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