Thursday, March 20, 2014

Message By A Member Of One Of The Oldest Orders And Council Of Light

Channelled By Jose Sanchez On 3-19-14

I have been going through so many changes and shifts. My understanding has grown so much as have
my abilities to see clearly and to connect and be one with divine knowing. I have cleared so much and have felt despair as well as great sense of accomplishment. I am not here for greatness and only to share the human experience with all of you.

Never feel alone. Never feel disconnected, whether you are an angel, and ET or a light being who has decided to take human form. You are and will always be connected not only to Source, but to your root race or your true home. In essence every level of creation is your, our home. When you are feeling unwell just remember every level, every mansion of the grand creator is here for you to learn in and play in. Always make the best of what you have, what you have been given.

In reality none of you who have chosen to incarnate are ever far from Source as you are always within it. Only difference is in the levels of your perception, and in all honesty it is and has always been about perception and the choices you make accordingly. It is simply the time to go with the flow, whether you feel alone, isolated or simply like you don't belong. Learn to accept your humanity, your weaknesses and limitations and it is then and there when and where you shall find the power and the beauty of being human.

I have watched many light workers, love workers, ascending masters and descending masters give way to desperation and impatience. I agree it is quite difficult maintaining hope and remaining grounded when humanity itself seems so childish and immature many a time. I have recently been feeling disconnected from humanity and from the feeling of being human.

At times I have felt as if humanity is immature and stupid and I also know it is due to my impatience and frustration when I look around me. I feel as if everyone gives their power away and would rather be in ignorance than take responsibility for their growth. Then I think, who am I to make such a harsh judgment? I see how many are wanting to believe in being rescued by our Galactic family, NESARA and so forth. I also understand it takes a simple choice, a simple choice that can be extremely hard to make.

To perceive life with love and through the heart, that is the choice. To love and to feel compassion even for those who seem asleep, for in reality they are playing their part to perfection. Remember it is through the innocence of the heart that wonder is set forth, allow such a luxury to all beings who wish to remain in their set ways. Each piece of the puzzle is where it needs to be to support those who are at the forefront of this amazing reality shift.

Representative of the Oldest Order and Council of Light;

We the Lion race, are a great race of strong beings, warriors of light. The first ones to posses and introduce the humanoid body on this side of the Universe. What makes us so strong is our willingness to protect others and to always do it through our big, loving hearts. We are very playful and curious thus making us great scientists. We posses great technologies and an ability to create beautiful ships that can travel in great harmony through the universe.

We preceded the Lyrans and in fact we seeded them. They are our direct descendants. We strongly believe in the nobility and virtue of the essence of every being. Our origins were very humble and always in direct connection with the Source of all there is. Our consciousness grew as we developed our hearts in harmony with our environment. We see and feel how humans have the same capacity if they are guided in the right direction.

Unfortunately there has been so much interference due to certain races who are unwilling to allow you to progress because they fear what you are capable of. They are the ones who have altered your DNA and implanted victim-hood and co-dependency on outside forces into your beings. These beings are a combination of hybrid races, reptilians via Draco and the Greys. They are great scientists and formidable warriors. There is much to admire in their technological capabilities as well. Unfortunately they were missing the one crucial component which they relinquished long ago; emotion and their Heart Connection to the Creator.

This makes them incapable of the compassion that humans have and it is why they prey upon you. They have many ways of feeding off of you, of using you as batteries for their misunderstood beliefs. When I say misunderstood I am referring to them as a group. They have misunderstood their connection to the divine and it is why they fight to extend duality, to extend living in the lower dimensions, because they fear what will happen to them. They have no compassion, the way we do, or the way humans do, and it keeps them from opening their heart centers. They lack intuition and capacity to love in a compassionate way. They can still love but it is a more rudimentary form of love, love nonetheless. Source is calling out to them but they are in fear for their lives and we are all doing the best we can to help them understand.

Our main focus at the moment is to help liberate humanity from the prison created by that group and the other groups wishing you to control you. You, my beautiful humans, are like birds in a cage with an opened door. Be willing to step through into the great unknown where your power is awaiting. Dig deep into your hearts and know it is all an illusion and you need to change your perception. We insist you stop giving your power away to them, to your government or even the galactic family.

We are here to assist you but not to do the footwork for you. We know what you are capable of and we know and feel you can do it. Please do not rely or wait on outside assistance but know it will be there for you when you step up to the plate. Don't wait for us and be fearless in taking control of your environment. Free yourselves and it will be then we will show up, not as saviors but as brothers and sisters and as equals. We are ready to welcome you into our fold. Step up dear family and remember your divine heritage.

At this juncture allow me to identify myself, I am Arzzan Nahim Edderah. I am now 387 years old. I am the commander of a ship roughly the size of your planet Earth. There are ships that are much larger but, in order not to affect the laws of nature in your proximity, we have decided to approach in a smaller vessel. Many of you who are incarnated here are also working on my ship. You live a sort of parallel life. Those of you on the ship function in such a way in order to manifest much needed dimensional energy for your new reality to manifest. They are living as humans and as extraterrestrials simultaneously. Many of you have now plugged in to the mainframe and are slowly becoming aware of who you are in relation to us. As a matter of fact you are us, we are you.

I am a member of the oldest order and council of light. By our presence alone we are assisting but I repeat we are not here to do your work for you. Even in our human bodies on Earth we are living our lives as normal human beings without special treatment. We are here to do our job as beings incarnated in human bodies and we shall do so until all of humanity awakens to its true power.

I have decided to finally make my presence known due to the many rumors and theories regarding the missing Malaysian plane. It was not Ashtar or any being related to us who made it disappear.

This plane is serving a many fold purpose. It is being used by the dark, war mongering governments to perpetuate fear and to distract, which is what they do best.

Their main intention is to start WWIII by any means necessary in order to perpetuate humanities pain and fear and to extend their reign. Now let me say such tactics will only backfire on them and will speed up the process of their demise. It will lead to the exposure of alien technology in their hands and the atrocities they have caused by the misuse of what was intended for the betterment of human kind.

"Technology without a loving heart is only an empty shell giving a false sense of power to the pretentious ones using it. "

To clarify another point,  the Malaysian plane is not in your hollow Earth, it is not in Agartha.

We are very grateful for the service of those humans on the aircraft as many of their higher-dimensional selves operate on my ship.

It is now a matter of time and diplomacy with your dark governments for it is they who have caused the disappearance of the airplane. Don't you find it comical when you think about how all the surveillance systems in all of your countries cannot locate its whereabouts?

This is a grand tactical game being played and know my dear family it will require you to come on board in order to move the winning piece. You were not born to be pawns of a war machine, but free independent powerful Creators.

Step up to the plate and batter up!
Always loving you,

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