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If Control Is An Illusion, How Does The Universe Work?

Posted By Will Harader On 3-9-14

Previously I mentioned that Everyone Is God, and that the belief that God is in control of everything is an illusion spread by religion. I'm sure for some this is a frightening thought, as many find comfort in the belief that God has some master plan for their life. The idea that you create your own destiny carries with it a kind of personal responsibility that many don't want to accept yet.

God is not in control of the Universe, God Is The Universe. This is not some minor difference, if God is in control, then God must be separate from the Universe. Since you're part of the Universe, believing God is in control also separates God from yourself, which is something we don't recommend doing.

The next thing to understand is that everything is made up of Consciousness. A rock's consciousness is different than yours, and it can't express consciousness in the same way you do, but that doesn't mean it lacks consciousness. Don't just believe me when I say this either, this is not something to be believed, it's something that needs to be experienced directly to really be understood. There's a state of Being called Samadhi where the true nature of the Universe is revealed, and there is no longer any separation between the observer and that which is observed. It's in this state that the Consciousness of Everything can truly be felt.

Consciousness is already united as One, it's everything appearing to be separate that's the illusion. It's all one Unified Field of Consciousness, and we're all just different aspects of that single Field. Again, this is an understanding that needs to be experienced and felt directly, if it's just a mental belief, you're missing the most profound experience of your Life.

Since everything is united as Oneness, everything affects everything else. Every single breath you take changes Creation forever. The Consciousness that is Creation naturally works together, and sometimes we call this the Flow. Human beings have collectively lost their connection to this Flow, in part due to their trying to control each other and Creation itself. Trying to control things goes against the Flow, it's resistance, which creates chaos. If you want to see what control does, look at the current state of the world, with everybody trying to be in control. It's a mess.

The Universe works through Co-Creation, everyone and everything has input. It would be impossible for the Universe to fulfill all of humanity's conflicting desires, in fact, that would probably create a situation that nobody is happy with. Luckily, the Universe understands what you need better than you do, and it's provided exactly what you've needed. If that wasn't true, you wouldn't be here to read this message right now.

If you want to really Co-Create, express your intention, and then release your attachment to the outcome. You can have preferences for what you'd like to Create, but understand that may not be what you get. You're not in control. If you really allow and accept, you may find that what you get is even better than what you originally wanted. The more that you really align your Consciousness with the Natural Flow, the more you can see which of your thoughts are really aligned with your Higher Self, and which come from the limited ego.

A word of caution, and I say this not to frighten anyone away, but to prepare them. If you really ask the Universe for what is best for your own evolution, the situations that come up in your life may terrify your limited ego/mind. This is not the Universe picking on you though, it's to help shake you free of your attachments. You may ask the Universe for what is best for you, and then have your whole illusionary life fall apart the next day. It's not that things need to happen in this difficult way, but often that's what it takes for a person to really surrender their illusion of control, and to really start accepting and allowing.

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