Tuesday, March 18, 2014

El Morya - Responding with silence

A wonderful overview of the quantum energetics involved with mindful listening...DT the ET

Recieved By Julie Miller 3-18-14

Inside each of you is purpose and will. It stems from the formation of various kinds of energy that come from your physical, dynamic and emotional self and when it is time to express yourself this energy is then shared with others. If this well of energy goes out to others in an uncontrolled fashion, the energies within you will become fruitless. Unfortunately if the person receiving the uncontrolled energies doesn’t reciprocate them you will find yourself feeling exhausted. 

However, if you reduce the amount of words, soften the tone of your speech, or choose to not speak at all, your energies within you will not only remain balanced but expand. By withholding your need to comment regarding something that is on your mind, it is more than possible dear ones to have the magic of life manifest your intent. The person whom you are sharing your time with may decide to say something that was on their mind that will align you with sudden conditions that are advantageous and related to what you have been thinking about.

There is a great power in speech; the words you express through your voice can either bring peace or conflict. Yet there is even more power when speech is reduced and silence is permitted to enter. By responding too much through vocalized expressions, your inner energies easily become used up that in time creates great moments of fatigue and for negative results to enter your life stream. But by choosing to conserve your energy by reducing your speech or by remaining silent you are allowing your own inner energies to become strengthened and rejuvenated which will attract an abundance of treasures and goodness into your life stream. 

Every time you make use of softer words, choose to not express yourself loudly and with fewer words, you are gathering more inner power and become more cooperative with life. Remember dear ones, speech alone creates so much energy that it can easily be passed from one dear soul to another. You already know through personal experience how damaging someone’s words can be and that the negative force that comes from using inappropriate words, tone of voice and so forth can bring. And this negative force not only affects the dear soul on the receiving end, but also creates negative energy to the owner of the words.

In addition, your speech can be considered a premature action that dissolves energy, and it can end or postpone desired outcomes from occurring. Actions carried out by you carries a force, and when you speak dear ones you are expressing an energy and sometimes a force depending on the tone and choice of words you are expressing. By choosing to not speak allows you to restrain some of your precious life force energy. Your choice action to not speak provides your inner self to build up your depleting energy and increase its power that will bring you on the path that will have you accomplishing your goals. 

When you turn your focus inward, silence is reached. When you begin to look outward, then speech springs forth. Even if you know of someone’s falseness and you make this known to others in order to gain more attention, this negative use of speech will become a disadvantage. Remember dear ones, if one person can figure out someone has been living a life based on illusions and falseness then others will figure this out as well. Eventually all walls and masks begin to crumble. It is not up to you make the walls of others to fall down; they will fall on their own accord. 

Make the power of your speech benefit you instead of having it cancel out any chances of fulfillment. Containing your small victories when you have been struggling through a hard time helps to enhance more positive benefits to come forth. It is better to keep things to yourself until your improvement has been truly 100% realized. 

By training yourself to decrease the volume of your words and the amount of words used to express a concern or to share an view point, you are enabling more positive life situations to enter your life stream. A softer speech attracts the infinite potentials that life has in store for you – when you act and speak in kindness, life rewards you in kind. 

We ask you to be a quiet observer the next time you are in a conversation with someone. Listen to what you are saying. Are you speaking the truth, are you attached emotionally to what you are sharing, have you added an exaggerated false energy to the words you are sharing, are your actions, gestures and chosen words fulfilling your little ego self, or is what you are sharing selfless, considerate, respectful and kind? 

Try to catch yourself at any time you notice the rise or fall of your energy and see if you can recognize this from the words you have expressed. Then with what you have gathered, contemplate on how you can improve your next conversation. Think if silence could have been better, possibly being more opened to what is being discussed; as you can see dear ones, a single conversation has the potential of providing great feedback that is filled with great information for improving relations and interactions with others and to know yourself better from the inside out. 

It is always a good choice dear ones to not verbally anticipate a positive outcome to a wish you wish to see become real. What happens dear ones is that by speaking about the anticipation of the wish or for a positive outcome in a situation holds enough power to dissolve any chances for the wish or positive outcome to actually occur. We know it is hard to not be anxious, but anxious energy depletes your inner energy and attracts negativity. It is best to put what you are hoping for out of your mind, to forget it instead of always anticipating the chance for its entrance. When you do this, the chances of its arrival are definitely increased. Life responds favorably when your actions are of the highest of good and when your intentions behind your words and actions are filled with goodness. 

Comprehend that whatever it is you are going to say in one moment states in some way what will happen next. Your speech is powerful, how you use it is equally important and vital. Learn to recognize your own energy behind the words you are going to share the next time you are talking with another dear soul. Become aware of your emotions, feelings, of your physical health and learn to be more mindful of those you are with. Sometimes dear ones, silence is the best option and it is not a sign of weakness, but of personal strength. You already have what it takes inside of you to control your impulses and to maintain control of your emotions; you only need to make daily practice of putting your mindful efforts into play. And the more effort you give, the greater your reward will be.

We know you will make mistakes along the way, errors when you are communicating with others, but you are learning and so are they. Be accountable for your words and actions, when you know you have been out-of-line or went too far, don’t hide, speak up, say you’re 'sorry's' and forgive yourself. Mistakes help you learn, to grow and to become better than you were. Dust yourself off and try again. There is more for you to enjoy in life and we encourage you to embrace all that is coming your way with love and gratitude. 

And so it is…I AM Ascended Master, El Morya

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