Sunday, June 1, 2014

A Call to Lightworkers: Amplify your Light and Join in Consciousness

Channelled By DL Zeta On 6-1-14

Many lightworkers have undergone constant waves of change in recent years. At times this change has arrived with tsunami-like force, obliterating existing life structures and leaving you feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and stretched beyond what seemed reasonable human limits. The energies of this spring were so powerful you may have felt yourself buckle at times. Much as we might hold to our ideals, we may find it difficult to remain in a perspective of perfect trust and grace at all times.

Sometimes we may look and feel like we're falling apart; we may act out small dramas we thought we were done with years ago. We may say and do things we wish we hadn't. In short, we may act like we're human beings.

Forgiveness is Essential to our Movement into the New Time

Lightworkers are being brought through numerous levels of clearing and change now in readiness for stepping more fully into their spiritual mission for this lifetime. New healers, teachers and spiritual channels are being activated to help humanity transition to timelines more centered in the new time. These activations inevitably create shake-ups in the present moment as they are designed to shake us loose from energetic patterns of the past.

A key part of this next passage is self-forgiveness. When mass waves of change break across the horizon, you may retreat. There may be a tendency to judge yourself for lapsing into old ways of coping from the trauma/drama victim perspective you were so firmly indoctrinated into early in life.

Let’s take a moment and forgive ourselves for any way in which we've leveled self-judgment at ourselves. Breathe in self-love and forgiveness. Affirm you are open to receive the lessons of all life experiences and are making any needed course corrections now.

 The Nature of your Challenges reveals the Path of your Dharma

Those who received the call to fulfill their destiny as lightworkers may have watched relationships, careers and other life fixtures crumble and fall away in recent months and years. Abrupt and chaotic change serves as a multi-layered teaching ground. If you experienced changes in relationships, it’s important during this time to use a higher level of awareness in all connections. This may move some to examine the nature of unconditional love. Some may feel inspired to take up the study of spiritual astrology to understand the soul contracts they hold with others. Inspired to heal past life connections, some may study past life regression to facilitate the healing of their soul throughout time.

If a career ended during this period, it’s time to examine whether your present vocation is in alignment with your spiritual purpose. By the time you arrive at such an examination, you have likely already perceived alternate potentials existing along other life tracks. The time for refusing to believe you are capable of a career aligned with your higher calling is past. We are already standing inside energies encoded with the limitless potentials of the new time. Intention, resonance and focus allow us to fly on the wings of these new energies.

If you experienced health challenges it is time to study and learn quantum healing techniques in order to heal your physical body and facilitate healing for others. Whatever path you find yourself on during this transformative period holds clues and information to the nature of your dharma and your spiritual purpose moving forward.

You volunteered to help Anchor the New Time

You volunteered to incarnate into this timeframe on Planet Earth knowing the transition to full spiritual empowerment could be a bumpy ride. Awareness of the challenges and potentials of this passage can help smooth the way. Remaining awake will keep you alert to parasitic energies around you.

As your light expands, there will be those who seek out your light for a number of reasons. Some lightworkers have gotten mired in the quicksand of others’ needs and expectations, and by parasitic energies. Those who have not fully cleared past emotional traumas are particularly susceptible to this. Sometimes it happens that one’s light grows by leaps and bounds while the emotional body remains vulnerable. Future growth may hinge on levels of heightened sensitivity and vulnerability. When your light draws souls of all levels and intentions and your emotions are not cleared, your dharma is centered in developing high levels of discernment and forgiveness.

Irregardless of the nature of your dharma, know that the call has gone out for you to amplify your light and join with others for the greater good. Once we understand that the changes we are navigating are essential to our spiritual mission, it’s easier to forgive ourselves for the difficult passages we’ve undertaken. These passages facilitated the growth needed for us to step into our role in the new time.

This Passage brings Clarity to all Connections

As we forgive ourselves, the next step in the process of forgiveness is to forgive others. It may well be there are those who hold you to a special level of accountability and perfection because you are a lightworker/teacher/ healer/channel and as such, you should be able to summon superhuman strength in the face of all that life delivers to your door.

Often lightworkers knowingly or unknowingly serve as the rock for many people in their lives. They are the ones their friends and family look to for impeccable insights during trying times. When the lightworker struggles with life's challenges, it might be perceived that they are failing not only themselves, but others. Many of you have been propping up your corner of the world, and assisting those around you for some time. Events during this time are helping you realize who is making a solid effort at self-transformation and who is simply feeding off your energy.

Lightworkers who receive the call to carry out the next phase of their spiritual mission can no longer afford to prop up others who are not making an effort. Assisting those who are not assisting themselves does not serve the highest good of everyone concerned. Catering to those who continue to operate from thought viruses does not serve the highest good. The changes now are bringing clarity to the people and situations around you.

Thoughtforms of ‘Failure’ and ‘Blame’ Signal Parasitic Influences

Failure is just a perception. There is no failure in meeting life's most difficult challenges with something less than open arms. There are no failures, period. Life is a big messy laboratory where we experiment and play around with ideas. The results of our experiments in living are never meant to indict us but to serve us on our path to higher understanding.

Blaming ourselves when our experiments land on the compost pile is buying into the erroneous belief that we must be perfect and successful at all times. Thought forms like this keep us weak and allow us to fall prey to thought viruses and people operating from thought viruses. Let there be no mistake, anyone in your life that gleefully plays the blame game when you fail to live up to their expectations is operating from a thought virus. At the root, the thoughtform of blame is based on scarcity. The person who feels powerless within themselves has bought into a lack/scarcity thought virus. In one way or another, this person has been feeding off your energy all along. When you undergo your own trials they lose faith in your ability to provide the infusions of higher energy they’ve come to expect from you.

If someone is heavily into ego-gratification, or invested in blaming, punishing or misunderstanding you, there is little you can do at the conscious level to change their mind. Instead, speak to their soul in the light of love and forgiveness. Release the situation and move on. Those who are deeply entrenched in the ego and feeding off the short-lived power of punishing may continue to milk this past situation but when you disable it by moving on, their power fades.

Be Gentle, Loving and Forgiving of Yourself and Others

Always be sure to receive the lesson of every situation; make any needed course corrections and forgive yourself for any way in which you struggled, resisted, reacted, or became invested in the wreckage of life. Forgive yourself for any way in which you fell prey to thought viruses or responded in a lower-vibrational way. Forgive others for failing to be supportive, understanding and awake.

The person who remains committed to un-love and un-forgiveness are only hurting themselves by choosing to remain in a small place. Those who refuse to forgive remain as a drop of water trapped in the ego’s small puddles, unable to merge into the ocean of their own spirit. Silently bless them and hold a space for them to awaken to the ocean of their own potential.

In Challenging Times, become the Ocean

In challenging times, become the ocean. When faced with life’s challenges, hold in awareness that when you see yourself as a drop of water, you see yourself as small and vulnerable. When you see yourself as the ocean you are a vast and your heart is vast. When you stand up to all the world has to throw at you, you may stand alone; when you remember you are the ocean, you align your open heart with the heart of all ideas and the universe.

Continue your movement into the new time. Never allow yourself to be harmed or held back in any way by others’ choices to remain inside a smaller vision of who they are. Remain awake to thoughtforms that attempt to bind you to old traumas and emotional patterns. Never allow your light to be dimmed or diminished in any way. Your light is needed to anchor the new time. Amplify and join in consciousness with others who are activating and anchoring the new time on Planet Earth. When you stand in the light of love you are empowered to forgive yourself and to forgive others as you take a step further, deeper into the heart of the new time.

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