Saturday, June 14, 2014

Saul: The Demands Of Your Human Lives Can Be Very Intense

Channeled by John Smallman On 6-14-14

In the spiritual realms we can clearly hear you calling for your awakening to happen, now! And, like you, we also look forward most enthusiastically to its imminent and inevitable arrival. No doubt to many of you it seems to be forever coming but never arriving, but its apparent non-arrival is just part of the illusory environment in which you are experiencing your human existence. Yet to know that is not much comfort when it seems that you have to keep on experiencing all the problems and suffering in which the illusion immerses you.

Today I will attempt to raise your spirits as you continue to hold your Light on high, and as you continue to hold the extremely powerful intent for humanity to awaken from its seemingly endless and frequently very painful dream. Your awakening is assured, in fact it has already happened, you just continue to remain unaware because you have become so attached to the bodily life as humans that you experience in the illusion.

This human life seems very real, and many of you have a deep underlying fear that without your human bodies you will cease to exist. And fear of death is endemic on the planet because it seems so final, so terminal. Very few have an adequate awareness of the reality of the spiritual realms that would convince them reassuringly that life is eternal, and that human death is just the laying down of a vehicle that has served you well, but that is no longer needed.

In fact, through the eons, most humans have become extremely attached to the apparent reality of their bodies and are effectively in denial of the whole of Reality that awaits your joyful rediscovery of It when you awaken.

Yes, many claim to be of a particular religious persuasion, to believe in God, to embrace spiritual beliefs, and to believe in life after death, but mostly they do not live as though those beliefs were of any great importance or significance. Generally this is because the illusion that you collectively built and maintain seems far more real and relevant to them than the prospect of eternal life in what appears to be an unforeseeable and hopefully very distant future. The illusion remains alluring and enticing for the majority of humans as they keep hoping to establish a better life for themselves within it, and the thought of death is not appealing.

You, the Way-showers and Light-bearers, are on Earth to help bring remembrance of the truth and knowledge of your spiritual origins, and therefore of your eternal spiritual destiny, to all with whom you interact during this earthly lifetime. All humans know, at the center of their being, their heart, their soul, that they are inseparable aspects of God experiencing a very temporary and illusory embodied life in order to partake in and share lessons that they have, with much wisdom and spiritual guidance, collectively chosen to undergo. However, the result of accepting that challenge, and it is indeed a challenge, is that they are on Earth with only minimal access to memories of their true nature.

To live as humans with full knowledge of your true nature as divine beings, inseparable from your Source, would be impossible because the nature of humanity is separation and your divine nature is Oneness. Oneness is all that exists, separation is an illusion, and therefore to be human is to be enfolded in an illusory or non-existent state.

While living as humans, and experiencing the state of separation that that entails, it is extremely difficult for you to grasp and understand the fact that human life is illusory. It is far too threatening a concept for your limited minds to attempt to understand and make sense of. Consequently you are forever seeking more satisfaction in your earthly lives, but never finding it.

There can be no satisfaction in your earthly lives except to discover that they are unreal and that you are divine and eternal beings temporarily lost in the fog that is the illusion which is shortly to disperse. And you cannot fail to make that rewarding discovery.

By going within and persisting in your search for inner peace you can and will dispel the illusion, but it is vital that while doing so you do not allow yourselves to be constantly distracted by worldly worries. So often people attempt to meditate or go within and find peace, but because the distractions of their daily human lives keep intruding on that inner space with demands that appear to require instant attention they find themselves unable to persist. The demands of your human lives can be very intense, personal, and divisive, so it seems that not only are you the only one who can deal with them but also that you must deal with them, preferably right now.

However, if you look back over your lives you can clearly see many things that had enormous importance at the time were in fact of no real consequence. Hindsight is very revealing in that it demonstrates time and time again that your priorities were frequently misplaced. Remind yourselves of this when the “shoulds” on your to-do lists become overwhelming, and make a point of deleting the majority of them.

Your true priorities are to honor yourselves by giving yourselves quiet time daily to be at peace, then during that time to open yourselves to receive and feel the Love that envelops you in every moment, and then to share that Love with everyone with whom you interact. Doing that is the most inspiring and uplifting thing that you can do for yourselves, and you will be rewarded by the improvements that occur in all your relationships, including your relationship with yourselves.

When you take that time out daily and go within, the first thing “to do!” is to restate your intention to feel the Love that envelops you, then remind yourselves that you are worthy of that Love, and that to experience It is your right and God’s Will for you. Then clear your mind as best you can of extraneous thoughts and worries and expect to feel God’s Love for you.

Even the smallest increase in sensitivity to inner peace that you experience is God’s Love embracing you, so open to It and allow It to intensify. This is your moment to relax into your true nature at one with Him. The moment will not last, but you will never forget it, and so you will know that God’s Love is there for you, always. This gives you the strength, the determination, and the enthusiasm to continue bearing your Light on high as you move ever closer to the moment of humanity’s inevitable awakening.

With so very much love, Saul.

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