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“It Is Time To Step Into Your Fullness And Your Greatness” – The Divine Mother and One Who Serves in Answers From the Masters

Dr. Susan Sammarco – “The Divine Mother” 

and James McConnell- “One Who Serves”

“The Divine Mother”
So I am the Divine Mother. In one form those who know me, know me as Mary but in my work so much more now known as the Divine Mother. Out of a singular role into the greater role, as all of you are. No longer is it time to play the small person or hide under a rock or put your light behind – no it’s time to step into your fullness and your greatness. And even though it is challenging to understand the concepts of the multidimensional aspects of your being, this is what is being revealed to you more and more and more.

What I would share with you, is there is so much that just doesn’t matter. And that is meant to be a little bit of a joke with you because so much emphasis is placed on who you are, who you were, who you’re going to be. There is a basic curiosity, is it not? And that yet there is purpose to the veil that comes upon you when you have incarnated into your lives here. Because as many people do when they begin a new process and begin to understand reincarnation and past lives, how many of you even in this room have run to find out who you were? And there is benefit to understanding the soul’s path and seeing how things tie together, but many times that is not appropriate at the beginning of the trip. It is more appropriate as you have traveled down the road and you are ready to look at things with a greater perspective, a greater understanding.

When we begin to assist those who open and awaken, many times people wish to know who their circle of guides and angels are. Sometimes those people who ask the questions get a little disappointed because they hear common names like Frank and Carl and John. And that does not mean to demean or dismiss the presence of those who are in service but not everybody could have been Cleopatra or had that type of a guide. It doesn’t matter. All of you have lived many lives on many planets and many dimensions and many existences. All of you have been many sexes and yes this is something Susan giggled about on the way to this presence today.

There are more than one or two or three sexes out there – the gender issue is not even an issue when you move into the higher realms because the balance of the soul and all the fullness of the experiences are present. And so we choose to share with you in a gender form but it does not matter. You have been rich, you have been poor, you have been rich, you have been famous, you have been dark, you have been light.

 In all these sum totals of the beings that you have been are what are important today at this very moment for who you are standing and who you are being at this time. And that is a dichotomy that I say does not matter and yet it all matters because in the process of this lifetime you came to turn your eyes away from many of those parts of your linear lives and your multidimensional lives so that as the veil comes to be lifted, you have an understanding to experience all of this from a much different perspective.

And so, in such a way that we say when we give you guidance, that we do not have attachment to the guidance, you too will not have attachment to past lives, past existences. You’ll have perhaps an initial fascination with how it all wrapped together in perfection that you might accomplish exactly what you came to accomplish with your soul plan and how it all wondrously fit together. That, in itself, is a miracle. And you will come to see that it just doesn’t matter.

This is a time of great love and while you are still waiting for that Prepare for Change, we would tell you that you in the midst of that right now. There is no more waiting. You’ve already stepped halfway into this flow, into this tsunami of love as so many are calling it. That event that is a big event but, yes, we also said it was many small events along the way. And in this process those who are experiencing this are the ones who are having those lights light up within their bodies, not only the physical body but all of the spiritual bodies, the etheric bodies. All of your parts of you that make you feel present in this 3D dimensional world are being lit that you might be lifted from this space and this world.

So much of what you consider darkness is all fear. The fear of the unknown, the fear of what seems to be happening in the world, the fear that may be very present in your own life from hardships. And what do we do with the fear? Release and let go. Go with the flow as the One Who Serves has shared with you. And that means as this flow is ever increasing, and yes it ebbs and flows, but as it increases you will be encouraged more and more to just let go and allow yourself to move into the new directions.

Allow yourself to experience the new realities and to come back again to forgiveness of self when it may seem like you move back a half a step. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off – that’s ok – and move back into that higher consciousness. Look at the traits of those you are choosing to move into the consciousness with, with love, forgiveness, compassion, patience, peace, joy. All of these qualities of the higher dimensions are yours right now. You do not need to wait for these. And as you occasionally look into fear’s face ask those who are with you, those who are the angels and your guides around you, those of us who are here to serve you that you would think of as the Ascended Masters, all the Archangels. We are all here walking and working with you every moment and if you ask us we will pick you up and we will lift you.

These times they are indeed coming to an end but it is not an end, it is a transition. It is a death of sorts and death is one of the last illusions from this third dimensional world that you will be letting go of. There are still those on the planet who will choose to die because that is one of their largest lessons. It’s to learn that death is not an ending, it is a transition. And those who choose to make that transition are waiting for their families and their loved ones on the next round of evolution for the human family. It is not a sad thing and yet we know that the word death brings all types of fear within most of humanity’s body, so that is a word that we have avoided using when I have talked about these times. And they are indeed transitions.

And the transition, letting go of that which you are comfortable with and moving into the new no matter how wonderful it’s been promised to be, sometimes fear rises. So as those of you who understand this and can move others into faith and trust and paint the picture of what is occurring in the most beautiful and positive ways, the easier and more possible it is for others to move with you. Kind of like to get in the line to move forward. So these are some of the last vestiges of things that are still present in the mass consciousness of humanity: the fears, fears of death, fears of war.

I must tell you today, my friends, that those who have been called the cabal just call forth that they are no longer of any concern in this world. But the small amounts of fear and disruption that they are causing are by a very minute amount of people and they have been changing. Know that this last gasp is something that is just part of the process of transition. If you have ever been with someone who has passed out of the body, in what we call death in the world we exist in, has a particular breathing pattern that occurs before that transition finally happens (ed. Agonal breathing.)

And as that breathing pattern happens, sometimes it can be a little frightening for family members and for those who are loved ones because it is not something that is widely seen in most societies of the world nowadays. And that is that breathing pattern you can see with the events of the planet now – gasp, gasp, gasp – quiet –and another gasp, gasp – quiet – until there will be no further gasps and there will be quiet. And those who are passing many times see their families, friends, angels coming into the room to take them from their physical body and move them into the heavenly realms. And that is what is happening here and now. The last gasps are happening and all of those who have been waiting are standing in the room ready to take the hands of all of those upon this planet and walk you into the next dimension into the new experience of love and light and excitement for all.

So this is very important to share with you today. Call forth the light that is present in every being on this planet and know that that veil has not only been thinning but think of it as gone. And know that we are here to take your hands as a collective, and your hands as individuals, and we are here to move you forward on this wonderful journey that so many are sharing from all dimensions and all areas, from inner Earth to your galactic brothers and sisters, for those who are in service and here to assist with this process. And it is perfect and it is done and know in your heart and call forth this for your mind’s eye to see. And be focused on that to let it be.

So we will take questions at this time about the matter we have spoken – would there be any questions?

Question: Yes Mother Mary, will I meet the people of Lemuria and they’ve showed me this soil or the people on the ship showed me this soil and will I be involved with growing food that comes from it?

You are already actively doing this and so it is only this mind, this body, this perception that does not see that. So yes when the change is made, you will be more conscious of the activities, as will all of the ones in this room. Stacy’s actions and activities are not only hers but all of you are experiencing these multidimensional, multi-life existences even as you sit in the chair at this very moment. And so all those things which are occurring and more and more of you will be experiencing dreams that are sharing these insights with you. Yes you will be doing all of that as you are actively doing now and it’s all going to be perfectly natural and normal because you’ll know what you are doing before you even begin.

We know that the One Who Serves is also here to answer questions – would anyone else have any questions about the day? We fill you with our love and our light so just continue to imagine this room being filled with this beautiful clear light, blue light, from my Being, radiating out amongst all of you and as I touch each of your hearts in this circle, one at a time, I bring you most deeply my love, my appreciation any my excitement of seeing you face to face and having you recognize my energy and my Being as we move into the next step of the process of the work that we have all come together to do. So again I share my Love, my Light and my blessings. Thank you.

“One Who Serves”

Greetings to you. This is One Who Serves (OWS), or one of us anyway, and we are here as always to share with you and give you a little bit more understanding of who you are and what you are here for and all of these types of things. And we wish to help you understand that you have done much, you have done very much, not only in this lifetime but in many other lifetimes moving into this particular one. You have been doing this for a long, long time people.

You are coming near to the end as Mother Mary has been saying. This is that time – you are there now and you have been in it for some time. And even if all those things happening around you seem like all is falling apart, it is exactly the opposite. It is that the old is washing away and the new is replacing it as it has been said. It is the transition and you are moving through this transition with, what is the word here? Aplomb – and you should be applauded for all that you are doing and we are so pleased and so happy that you are progressing and continuing to move in the directions that you came here to do.

Each of you are Lightworkers, as you know, and each of you are sharing your Light and your understanding and your Love. And as you continue to do this you will reach others and to another and to another and this is how it is spreading and this is how the tsunami of love is spreading across. You, my dear people, are the tsunami you see? It is not so much that there is an energy coming in; there is but where do you think that energy is going? It is going through each of you. And you are then spreading that energy throughout the planet within your group and all of the groups that are around it on the planet here.

You are continuing to move in the direction of changing the world, changing this very planet that you call your home. You call your home now, but it has not been your home always and may not be your home even in the future, but that is to come later when you are given that opportunity to make a change here, if you wish. And we know many of you will decide to continue on here and continue with this evolution and working with it and working with those within it because…what is your saying…no one is left behind. And that is what you are all about here – that no one is to be left behind if they do not want to be left behind. That is a very important understanding that you have all come to and many more are coming to this. There is another saying: one for all and all for one, you see? And you are continuing to allow for this continued progression of your Light.

Now we wish to share something here before we take any questions, if there would be questions. We wish to share that in the next time that you come here there has been that question or that asking going out between several of you here in this group. And you have asked for the St. Germaine to come and speak about NESARA and the financial changes that are coming.

He has heard this call and he has accepted to come here and to be with you in this next time here that will possibly help your understanding of what this whole process is. Not just what NESARA is because that is a big part of it, but it is not the whole. And he will give more of the whole picture here if you are ready for this (Yes, thank you). And also the understanding here must be given of those who will be at the events on your July 4th.

We are just going to share that the TBD (to be determined) was left there purposely. The James did not know it and was not given anything to put in that slot and we had it that way because it is a surprise; and a surprise must be just that, a surprise. And this may be so all the way until the very moment. You will understand at that time. Would there be any questions here for OWS?

And by the way for the new one here, we welcome you Janet. We welcome you to this gathering, to this process that has been started here and is continuing. And for you to understand who we are, it is not just an “I” here although I am certainly an “I” within the collective “WE”. And there are several of us who have taken on this title of OWS.

At some point when the time is coming, very shortly now…we did not say “soon” (laughter), but very shortly, there will be the understanding of who we exactly are or who have been so you will have that understanding and that connection. There is one here, Raj, who has already had this. He does not know it necessarily but he has a very strong connection with us and the Brotherhood here. And there is also now the Stacy who has come into the picture somewhat in that we are communicating with her directly as well and will continue to do so, if she wishes (Yes). Would there be any questions here now?

Question: I have a question. James and I were talking yesterday and he wanted to ask the question about the 11,000 cabal-type people who were supposedly lifted up by the Pleiadian ship. We’re wondering if there was some truth of that.

It is not supposedly, it is so. It is a so happening that has occurred and there is much more involved in this than was given at that time. But for those of you that do not know here, there has been a lessening of the population in some ways. In terms of your seven billion, it has been reduced by approximately 11,000 people and those people are the ones that have been deeply involved in what you call the cabal and those of the dark forces.

They themselves are not so much dark – they have been swept up in the movement and at times they thought they were doing the right thing. They thought they were the ones who were helping mankind, assisting mankind in various ways. And they have only recently come to understand that they were being used by those of the higher above them in those ranks.

And they have been given the opportunity, and it was an opportunity for them to accept or not accept, to be able to be free of these forces that were holding them. It was either, pretty much they would either be at some point arrested or they would be killed by their own those that were above them, you see? So many of them had to ...they made this choice to be free, to be released from this and they are on ships now and other places in other understandings.

They are free of all of this but yet they are somewhat in a quandary because they are missing their loved ones. They cannot be reconnected with their loved ones at this time and they knew that going in but it has totally surrounded them, or overcome them now with this understanding that they will not see them again until the transition has occurred here on the planet; and they will then join them.

Question: In relation to that, I’ve read that a lot of the people in the cabal have clones. I mean like Obama and I’ve heard of Hilary Clinton being in three different places at the same time. Would that affect someone who has a clone…would their clones be affected if they were beamed up?

It is not the clone that is, as you say, beamed up. It is the physical, actual being, the actual personality that was so. As far as the cloning idea goes, it is real, it has happened many times and is even at this point continuing to happen but has been much lessened here. And it would never be that the clones would continue on in that aspect. It is not to say that do not have a, we cannot use the word soul here because it is a different understanding and very difficult to come to grips with here. But there is a consciousness within those beings as well. Do you understand this? (Yes).

So there are the cloning operations going and we know that the truth that came out some years ago and they are saying we are coming close to cloning a sheep. Well please understand that they have been cloning human beings for some time before that. This was a ruse.

Question: I have a question in regards to soul eaters and soul trappers. Do they exist and how can we counteract?

Please understand when we answer this question we wish for you to alleviate yourself of this particular type of thinking and emotional attachment to it because it is an attachment and it will hold you back.

Are there forces to be wary of? Yes they are still of that nature but there is less than there was but there is still that. So, simply, and those of you in this group certainly have protection in many ways and simply if you surround yourself with Light, the violet flame is certainly one way to do it; your vehicle of Light, your Merkaba is also another way that has been given here. And that can be very influential and helpful in warding off all of the dark forces. This would be helpful.

We wish you to understand that the more you focus on this, the more you attract it to you. It becomes an attraction process. And the less that you focus on it, the less that you will attract it to you and then you will not need to protect yourself because there will be nothing to protect yourself from.
Question: I understand – I wanted a clarification – thank you.

Much of what you are referring to in terms of soul eaters and those are from the archons and those beings who have now been escorted off of the planet, away from the planet, and they are not an issue anymore. But there are still some remnants of this here and they are still trying to hold on and get a foothold once again. And how do they do that? Through fear. And the more they spread fear, the more that they are able to get a foothold. But, you see, fear is becoming a dying process here on this planet as the consciousness wave of love spreads across; and eventually there will be no more fear. Can you imagine a world such as that? (Yes, yes, yes).

Question: I have a question on the 11,000 that were taken off planet. Why not 14,000 or 17,000?

Were the worst taken off? Or I guess my question is why not everybody that needed to be done to reduce, to take away the problems on the planet?

Because it was as you say, your house of cards. And if you look at this as a house of cards the cards in the below areas were taken out and the foundation is still somewhat there and the top part is still somewhat there but it is missing a lot of pieces. And those pieces were taken out; when all of them are taken out then the top falls.

Question: Why not all taken out at once? I don’t understand why just do part?

Because the planet, the people here on the planet, are not prepared for that. You have those at the top that were all of the sudden taken out and arrested or taken up in the ships or whatever it might be, it would create much havoc and the fear would be brought in. Am I next, you see? Do you understand this?

I guess it makes sense.

Good, we attempt to do that whenever we can (laughter).

Question: After all that, will the United States beat Portugal in the World Cup this afternoon?

 (laughter) If NESARA doesn’t come we can go to Vegas with the answer.

You know we are not in that business (laughter) but we get chuckle from this.

Question: I have a question. As I’ve progressed through this path I’ve been seeing clarity, more clarity comes and I do welcome it and I know there’s more to come which I understand. Some questions have dropped automatically and some still persist and therefore leads me to this question. Something inside me seeks for guidance in a sense of perhaps looking at a star or perhaps connecting with Beings – I’ve seen some of it but I’ve not been able to get a couple of things just yet. I know it will come - I’m not worried about that, however, is there something you can guide me to with regards to that connection?

Are you speaking in terms of your connection to your higher forces in terms of where you have come from, where you have developed from? (Yes)

Yes we can tell you that, my dear, to understand your connection here you have come free somewhat from your connections of the past. You are trying to, look for understanding here to give you, you all come from various connections, various systems and planets and all of this. And you carry it with you, you carry this vibration with you and you take it on with each lifetime that you have come into.

But you have come in free somewhat from your past times here and you are what you might call an open book at this time, and a sponge to take in all of the information. Now when the time comes you will come to an understanding once again and all your memories will return and you will then know truly who you are and have that whole connection once again. But it was held back purposely so that you could evolve in this life that you are in now and be free of some of those past connections. You will understand this when the time comes and then you will say, “oh that is what OWS was talking about”. (Laughter) Beyond that we cannot give you more of this.

Question: When you said open book does that mean karmic innocence from past times? Is that what you referring to?

Open book in terms of freedom, in terms of “I am here, I am open, fill me with all that you can, fill me with love, fill me with consciousness, fill me with creation, ability within myself”, all of this.

Thank You.

You’re welcome – are there other questions here?

Question: I have another, if I may? (Yes) My mind was just roaming yesterday and I actually visualized in my left eye an opening, a round hole, it was extremely beautiful – I can’t even begin to describe it and I went “what is that”? I’ve seen it three times now and I’d like to know what it is so I asked and I was told that this was a portal that I can go through at any time. Can you shed some light on that?

Yes. You are moving now in a direction that is taking you to the next level of your being, to the next understanding of who you are. You have come to an understanding in various ways of your connection with the devic evolution, your elves and fairies and sprites and all of this is part of your connection here. This is an opening as you are getting to connect with those parts of yourself even more so. And it is only not that part of yourself because there is more connection to other parts of your multidimensional being that you are, you see?

Question: So there would be no fear in going through? (No) Okay, thank you.

Please understand that there is no fear – that is an establishment here in this planet, this illusion for duality. Fear does not exist in the higher levels of consciousness. It is only a 3 Dimensional duality experience. So we would always say “have no fear”. Have only love and when you have love there can be nothing but that. Any further questions here?

Question: Yes I have a question. I’m going to Mount St. Helens in the next week or two and can you tell me if I am going to meet my Lemurian brothers and sisters and also I have…

Do you not mean Mount Shasta?

Yes, Mount Shasta. Did I say something else?

You said Mount St Helens.

Question: Oh, I used to live there. Anyway, am I going to meet my Lemurian sisters and brothers? And also I had a vision of my husband actually having an experience there too. So can you tell me a little bit more about this?

We are hesitating here because we are asking here. We are asking of those that mentor to us how much can be given here in terms of this question that you are asking. For there are those things that we can give and those things we cannot give. And as we are understanding, that is your journey, that is part of your journey. It is the same as the James here has asked this type of question many times and we simply say go on the journey. Be there, go through it and then see what happens.

I understand.

But before you see you must believe and then you shall see. That is all we can give you on this at this time.

Question: Can you give me what state I’m going to live in in the future? I know I shouldn’t ask…
Again, it’s part of your journey.

Oh, I just thought I’d try. (Laughter)

Go with the flow, my dear sister, go with the flow and it will take you wherever you need to be when time is there.

Thank you, I appreciate you.

And we appreciate your questions because what could we do to serve if there were no questions that you would ask? That prompts those informations and those things that we can share with you. Ask and ye shall receive is always the law. Anything further here? (No). Then we are done for the time. We are going to hold the other OWS who wishes to say something but in terms of your time constraints here we’re going to hold them back. Too bad buddy but you’ve got to hold back (laughter). He’s saying “no problem we’ll be with you again soon, we promise, they will not hold me back next time”. (Laughter)

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.

Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco

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