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An Embedded Arcturian Message


  Channelled By Suzanne Lie On 6-10-14

An Embedded Arcturian Message

I will leave the story of dear Almon for now to return to our landing on ascending Earth. I am sorry to leave Almon in this precarious situation, but to my awareness within this NOW I do not know what did/will happen to him. I am unclear as to how realities float and intermingle throughout differing timelines. Since Mytre and I are still on the edge of time, there is no sequence to the manner in which we share our story.

Each episode of our storyline is floating through various timelines. Since the timeline for the ascension process on our Pleiadian home is quite different from the timeline of Earth's ascension process, all structure and function of time is gone from our awareness. Fortunately, Mytre and I did recover an embedded message from our final journey with our dear Arcturian friend. We share it with you now:

"Being a Master of your thoughts and emotions is the most important thing that you can do while on your mission to Earth. Remember that Earth is in the midst of transition into a Golden Age. Hence, the energetic field surrounding that planet is alive with creative power.

"This Golden Age will usher Earth into being a fifth dimensional being where every thought and emotion will instantly become manifest. In fact, the primary version of Earth is actually in the higher sub-planes of the fourth dimension. On the other hand, some of the versions of Earth are still in the third dimension while some are still in the Lower Astral Plane.

"Because Gaia, the consciousness of Earth, is returning to Her multidimensional SELF, and because Her human residents still resonate to so many different frequencies, Earth has many parallel realities. From our Arcturian perspective, we see Earth in what you would call slow motion. From this viewpoint we can see all the differing frequency expressions within the NOW. In other words, we see the physical version and all the versions of fourth dimensional Earth connected by shadow images.

"We can also see New Earth on the threshold of the fifth dimension, resonating just beyond time. Therefore, New Earth has no beginning or ending except to the perspective of the earthlings who are slowly beginning to become conscious of Earth's higher presence. In fact, many of our ascending ones visit New Earth in their night-bodies and even have periods during their daily life in which their consciousness is sufficiently high so that they are awake within that resonance.

"Their higher resonance of SELF is aware of their parallel reality on physical Earth. However, their physical self is likely not aware of their parallel experience on New Earth. This contradiction occurs because a higher frequency being can perceive lower frequency realities, but it is difficult for beings to perceive higher frequency worlds unless they have expanded their consciousness into that resonance of reality. Even then, since the higher frequencies do not have the density and sharp angles of the lower worlds, it will appear to them as if they are just imagining fifth-dimensional reality.

"Your visit to Earth will begin with the ascending ones who still hold physical forms on physical Earth, but whose consciousness has the capacity to expand into the fifth dimensional New Earth. Because there is still darkness and fear on Gaia's body, our ascending ones lose their higher focus when their state of consciousness pulls them into the lower frequency versions of Earth. Just as the humans are multidimensional, so is the planet. Therefore, there is a constant movement of human consciousness up and down the 'ladder' of Gaia's multidimensional resonance.

"When the humans, especially the ascending ones, are doing what they love they are able to experience the ascended Gaia as an internal feeling of 'Heaven on Earth.' However, when they have to do what they do not want to do, their consciousness falls down into a lower resonance. Then, their reality is matched by the resonance of their consciousness, and they find themselves in a lower frequency version of Earth.

"Doubt lowers our ascending ones' consciousness more than anything. Doubt is a form of fear-based thinking that traps them in a lower frequency of Earth. Therefore, your mission is to visit the ascending ones while they are in a higher consciousness. The purpose of your meeting is to validate that they are, indeed, experiencing a higher frequency of Earth.

"You will begin by visiting them in their dream-body, so that they can have some time to accustom to the fact that they had an amazing 'dream.' Then, as you build a deeper relationship with them, you can start entering their field of resonance while they are awake and in a higher state of consciousness.

"Since they have become accustomed to seeing you in their dream-state they can view you as an afterglow of their dream. Fortunately, there are other ascending humans who are aware of the fact that the Galactics are assisting them with their ascension process. Therefore, they will not be afraid if they see you, but may doubt themselves. They will usually experience this doubt, not as a low-grade fear, but with the thought that 'It's too good to be true.' Either way, their consciousness will drop and their perception of you will be lost.

"However, if you send them your unconditional love, they may be able to return to a higher state of consciousness, and hence, a higher state of perception. Because the memory of their multidimensional consciousness is still new to them, they have not yet remembered how to release ALL conception of fear. Remember that our dear grounded ones have been living in a reality on the verge of disaster for this and many other lives.

"Their fear has kept them alert to the many dangers that have confronted them every day. This kind of vigilance is very exhausting, and it lowers their states of consciousness. Therefore, be patient with the physical ones to whom you are assigned. You will be communing with them in their fifth dimensional state of consciousness.

"However, if they are not able to access that level of consciousness while wearing their earth vessels, they will not remember that they are communicating with you in their finer bodies. You will be talking with a resonance of their multidimensional SELF with whom they are not consciously aware.

"This situation may be quite disconcerting to you at first. You will be talking to a person who is simultaneously jubilant to be with you, while their lower resonance it not even aware that you are there. Therefore, we ask that you stay with the one person until they have a breakthrough in which they are aware of your presence within their third dimensional consciousness.

"When they first have this awareness, it will appear to them that you suddenly arrived. Hence, they may be frightened. Remember that they have been trained through many lifetimes that anything novel must be met with fear. They have been living in a very dangerous world where myriad situations could kill them. We are aware that the term 'kill' is no longer within your vocabulary. However, it is an extremely common term in their world.

"We tell you these uncomfortable stories so that you can remember to have great compassion for your light family in human form. Many of our family members have been incarnating on third dimensional Earth since the fall of Atlantis and even before. Although most of them have had personal experiences of ascension in which they were able to visit the higher worlds, they were dedicated to return again to the third-dimensional version of Gaia to continue their service.

"In fact, without the contribution of those who chose to return again and again to Gaia's planetary form in order to contribute their multidimensional consciousness, Earth may well have been destroyed. After the invention of the Atom Bomb, we could assist from our frequency, especially when their bombs even destroyed fourth dimensional worlds.

"However, we have only been given permission to assist this free-will planet in order to prevent disaster. Happily, now so many Earth inhabitants have asked for our assistance that we are not breaking the Law of Free Will by our increasing visitations. We would love to openly land our craft in the many big cities, but we know that the level of collective fear is still too high.

"Therefore, we are sending down teams to work directly with the humans who have asked for our assistance. Then, once fully aware of their immense power within, these family members in human form can work from within their society to diminish the level of collective fear. If there is one thing that would assist the human condition more than anything, it is the end of fear.

"Because fear is humanity's greatest enemy, your initial task will be to educate those with whom you can communicate to assist them to release their fear. Just the conscious knowledge that they are not alone, that they are not crazy and that they are actually members of a loving galactic family will greatly diminish their fear. Hence, your first visitation will be with the fully awakened ones who are aware that they are more than just humans.

"In order words, you will first be meeting with our galactic family members who have taken an assignment to wear a human form during this time of their great transition. As we said, you will initially communicate with them via their dreams and when they are deep in meditation. In fact, some of those with whom you will be meeting have had this type of relationship with us for decades. The confirmation of actually perceiving their galactic family while in their mundane consciousness will release all doubt and change their lives forever.

"On the other hand there are those who think they want to consciously experience your presence, but would actually become quite terrified. Therefore, you must look deeply into the aura of those whom you feel inclined to connect with. We have given you a list of names and locations of those who have been "channeling" our messages, as they would be the logical first choice for connection.

"However, even with these galactics in human disguise,you must start with their dream and/or meditation consciousness so that they have some earth-time to integrate your presence into their lives. We have chosen our Pleiadian members of the Galactic Federation because they appear to be quite human. Even so, please stay in the higher frequencies of reality, so that your contact will first get to know you via his/her dreams and meditations.

"Furthermore, before you appear to your contact person, accustom yourself to the low frequencies of Earth. All of you have taken incarnation on Earth, which is partially why you have been chosen. However, it is very easy to forget how difficult it can be to maintain a connection to your true SELF while wearing a low-frequency earth vessel. Hence, you will not materialize until you have developed an intimate connection with your human contact. We recommend this caution, as you may need their assistance to navigate their world, as much as they need your help to experience your world.
"In other words, what is occurring is that we are beginning the Earth ascension process by intermingling beings from the higher dimensional worlds with the humans of ascending Earth. In this manner, a deep camaraderie can be built between individuals of both worlds. This individual relationship can then expand into larger and larger group experiences. In this manner, Gaia's body will return to Her fifth dimensional emanation group-by-group and area-by-area.

"Our dearest Mytre and Mytria, we realize that you will only become aware of this message we implanted in your consciousness when you are about to begin your Mission to Earth. We, your Arcturian friends, send you unconditional love. Please remember that we are always with you."

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