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A Tsunami Of Change And Earthquakes Of Realignment for ALL!!


Written By Lisa Gawlas On 6-27-14

You know something big is happening when two days in a row, the field of life is blocking every single person in a reading from seeing any aspect of July.  I love to humor myself and try and out sneak spirit, of course, to no avail.  I have tried every trick I know to expand information, to see in nooks and crannies that might otherwise be missed, ohhhh no.

For two days in a row, I could FEEL spirit pushing me back, blocking every aspect of seeing from July 1st forward.  Although we did get some interesting information thru June, it really was all about change, for everyone!!  That alone is very telling.  Change in energy, change in landscape, change in thinking, change across the board.

There is one visual from the readings that floats at the forefront of my mind, partially because I didn’t understand the whole expression of what I was seeing, I could feel that I was missing something, but whatever I was missing, wasn’t in my consciousness yet to reveal.  The first thing I had seen was her standing just to the right of forward, what I would interpret as a day ahead of herself, and a thick (maybe 10 inches wide) glowing circle of bright white light was being emitted from the sides of her feet.

I could tell the flow started at the left foot (physical life) and went out and around thru the first week of July (and of course, once the ring of light left June, I could not see it) and then made its way around her other side and connected into her right foot (spiritual life.)  Although I could feel the energy of this, all thru her reading, I knew I was missing something in understanding what it meant to her.  But what I could see behind her, eventually fell into understanding thru her connection.

She was transposed into two places.  A part of her was standing in the present moment, taking in the moment.  I could feel the start of this scene, this energy was connected to her right foot first (spiritual path) and circled way around her to complete itself at her left foot (physical life path.)  In this deep circle of energy that encompassed her past to the present, were freshly planted flowers, the kind you might get from the nursery.

I could not identify the flowers and didn’t feel the need to, to understand what we were experiencing.  As I looked at her horseshoe-shaped flowery energy, I instantly remembered something I had seen a lot when I was married.

My ex-husband used to be a race track photographer and at the end of the race, the horse and its rider would come into the winners circle and with their horseshoe-shaped wreath of flowers, get their pictures taken.

There she was, in the winners circle of life, and at the same time, energizing her next adventure in the day(s) ahead of her.

I also started to understand these freshly planted flowers.  Bits and pieces of herself, things she has done, shared, experienced on her way to Here now rooted in the earth and will be a natural flourishing part of her adventure forward.  In her winners circle flower garden, each plant had easily 6 inches of space between them, room to grow.

Going into the dual image I had of her, there was a feel of an upside down V, she was not separated from herself, but in two energy fields at the same time, connected by the energy of the inverted V.  The energy of the V started to materialize as something made of wood and bound by metal and I got this strong feeling what I was seeing was something connected to the era of the Renaissance.

Just having two days of being spiritually blocked from any aspect of July forward, seeing this incredible lady in the winners circle of her life and charging up her next great adventure, I knew we were in the midst of something HUGE, something equal to the hugeness of our crossing from 2012 into 2013, that was the last time I was so completely and purposely blocked from seeing things at certain times.  Then again, 2012 was a massive choice point for all of earth as is this moment in time.

I was not completely surprised when I went to do my first reading of the day yesterday and all I could see was my floor.  But then again, even when I woke up and opened my blog, nothing came out.  I felt like I was missing a piece of our ongoing puzzle and needed more information to share.  The day was going to be exactly that!!

After I rescheduled my first lady of the day yesterday, I was sitting at my computer, knowing this is going to be the way of it for the day, no seeing.  But unlike any other time, this did not feel personal.  It was not just me, nor just her, this was a global thing.  But what….?  Then I seen it and felt it to my core…

A massive water geyser opened up from the depths of the earth, gushing upwards into the place I would call our upper atmosphere (the highest aspect of our consciousness) and started to form a vast tsunami energy.  It was so real, so vivid I could see the droplets of water as the water gushed upwards, I could feel the droplets of water…  and then this tsunami energy did a surprising thing, instead of just flowing outwards like tsunami’s do, it made the most dramatic U turn I have ever experienced in a vision.  With this sudden turn in direction, it felt… man, I don’t know how to put it into words.  A massive change in direction for all of earth, fueled by the pure emotion of our planet, mother earth herself.  Hydrating the upper and lower atmospheres with this powerful tsunami like energy and changing the direction of all of life.

Keep in mind, our precious mother is a very benevolent spirit.  She has zero ego, zero negative qualities that is expressed via the ego.  However, that does not mean people will not adversely experience this wave change.  The energies of our blessed mama is here to nourish and nurture life,  ALL LIFE.  Those who continue to rape the earth for the sake of a dollar, kill the precious creatures in our waterways with their greed and lust, harm and rage against each other… the list can go on and on, this may be a very drowning time, as their lungs fill with new energy, new ways of being in this world of ours.  There are many of us who have taken out our surfboards and will ride this massive change in current into a well fertilized future of love.

With another two reschedules under my belt, my day was heading into the afternoon and I had two people booked in that section.  My first lovely lady was in New Zealand, my second and last one for the day was in Australia.  I was actually rather excited, they live a day ahead of us in the timeline, so their tomorrow is my today so maybe we can get a bigger glimpse of this wave of energy.

About 10 minutes before my New Zealand connection, I was thinking that above thought when suddenly my whole body felt like it was in a massive earthquake.  The last time I felt this was in 2002, while in Vermont in a meditation, suddenly I felt like we were the ones having the earthquake, only to find out that it was either Iraq or Iran (I forget now) that had a massive earthquake.  So I had a feeling, what I was feeling was real.  Not so much for new mexico, but somewhere out there on the globe, this geyser will have a partner, an earthquake.

I cannot even tell you just how surprised I was when my lady said there was a series of earthquakes in new zealand the day before (when I looked it up, it was actually two days before.)  Here is the event as told by CNN:

“Two quakes, with magnitudes of 6.9 and 6.3, hit within minutes of each other, according to USGS data. The larger of the two was originally reported by the USGS to be a 7.2-magnitude, but that measure was later downgraded to 6.9.

A third, 6.2-magnitude quake struck about 45 minutes later.”

Ohhh the things that make ya go hmmmmm!!  But it was about to get even more interesting as I connected to my last appointment for the day, a virgin upon my field of light, and of course, she was initiated into the reschedule zone straight away!! LOL  But, what a wonderful and enlightening conversation we had.  We had talked about the tsunami and (actually) earthquake energy and then she asked a question I didn’t think of, was there any other earthquakes on earth during that time. 

 Hmmmmm. lets look.  Alaska has been shaking like crazy lately, along the same time frame as the Australian tectonic plate.  She hit the energy right on the horizon… the north pole and the south poles are shaking.  Holy cow, she’s onto something here.

What I was already understanding thru my new zealand lady and it was made so clear thru my aussie lady was the entire grid of earth was changing and realigning to the change in currents (that tsunami taking a u turn) in the atmosphere.


Then suddenly and seemingly out of nowhere, I got a little glimpse of my lady in Australia.  Her feet. Just her feet, but didn’t look like human feet but more like cartoon feet, specifically, Cinderella feet. Instead of wearing a glass slipper, her petite perfectly formed feet were opaque in the color frequency of yellow-gold.  No more “skin” but instead, the radiance of her soul so perfectly blended with her biology.  And yet, I couldn’t shake the connection of Cinderella.  We both felt and agreed it was the time of preparing for the Ball.  Bout darn time too… we have been preparing for 2 flipping years!! lol  OK a ton of lifetimes, but that Ball and the whole Cinderella story was really prominent in the readings in 2012.

Hmmm….. another 2012 connection!

There is also something I do want to embed in this sharing that I feel is very important to understand. I have said for several months now, June and July are twin energy systems.  I had seen them like a laying down 8 only with both circles open into each other.  Thru the days of blocked information (smile) we did get some really valuable information too.  If we can look at June and July as mirror images.  June was the energy of the mirror itself.  Ya know, when you look into the mirror and see your reflection, it is not you persay, but the image of you that is seen by the world.  We had all month to look at that reflection, change it, enhance it, give ourselves a haircut if we needed one, etc.  July is the image looking into the mirror.  The REAL story come to life.

Even with that thought, spirit had said that if we can look at January to June as the “forward or prelude” of a book, July starts chapter One of our brand new book of life.

Last but so far from least, this morning as I woke up, I had an image from one of my readings the other day in my mind’s eye.  It wanted to be shared in this blog as well with the understanding that many of us are in this incredible place.

One of my precious men had the most unusual visual presented.  OMG, I just now got a deeper understanding of it too lol.  He happens to live where my kids live in Virginia, surrounded by water everywhere.  In his visual there was this funnel of electric energy, a white silver, thready, not one mass of color, connected to a tan tile.  The tile was about a foot by a foot and this thready spiraling funnel of energy was set in the center of this tile and kept spinning.  It was beautiful really.  I also realized that the spiral of spinning energy was him, set on this tile of life, but not connected to the ground.

Da_Vinci_Vitruve_Luc_ViatourInstead he was floating about 4-5 feet above the ground just left of his east field area.  New beginnings.  His tile was bobbing back and forth as if there was an ocean I could not see beneath him, and as I watched its flow, it set itself up in the circular energy I see as the core of the east garden… and all I kept hearing was a “square peg in a round hole.”  And yet, it fit perfectly.  I had to google the saying and had to giggle when I seen wikipedia’s sentance:  

Square peg in a round hole” is an idiomatic expression which describes the unusual individualist who could not fit into a niche of his or her society.”

Lets all get unusual.  Lets all do something we never did before and fit our squareness into lifes roundness.

It’s time to do something you have never done before, take yourself out of the hamster wheel and break free.  Become anew in your next expression of Self.

Well, there is, as always, so much more to share… but, my day is about to begin.
Group (((((HUGZ))))) while we ride the surfboard of change into new directions!!

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