Monday, June 9, 2014

Spiritual Guidance: You’ll Host An Uncountable Number Of Civilizations

Conveyed Through Wes Annac On 6-814

The manner in which we communicate with our scribe is one of sending intricate impressions that are decoded into physical words and phrases to be absorbed by the awakening public, and the purpose of our communications is to help you become aware of the sacred truths that have been lost from your modern society but that were prevalent and understood in a plethora of ancient and recent civilizations.

Plenty of civilizations on your planet understood the reality of the spiritual realms and your impending and ongoing evolution back into them, and this lost knowledge is being picked back up on by a growing number of seekers who recognize that their time has come to reenter the blissful state of consciousness that’s been so sought and predicted throughout your mostly suppressed history.

Humanity’s ascension plan has been destined for centuries of your earthly time, but in your most recent decades, the plan for your planetary ascension has sped up in accordance with heavenly decrees that were intended to help heal your planet of the widespread damage that has and continues to pollute her.

You’re All Playing a Part

You’re all playing a part in the ascension of your planet, and the harder you work to help raise humanity’s vibration, the more awareness you’ll raise and the more you’ll inspire others to start offering themselves to the planetary restoration. We’re playing our part in this restoration, and our work will increase drastically when we’re able to be with you face to face.

For now, you’re encouraged to understand that you can connect with us in a very direct way and use such connection for your benefit and that of the rest of your planet, but connecting with us isn’t ultimately necessary to attain a higher state of consciousness.

Amidst your journey into fifth-dimensional consciousness, you’re all going to find, empower, and disempower certain subjects or ideas that are related to the spiritual realms or the Company of Heaven. It isn’t necessary that you all believe the same things, and every belief system that’s pure in heart and intention will lead the seekers who resonate with them back home.

Is it difficult to believe that some Christians, Catholics, and followers of other mainstream, distorted religions will find it very easy to ascend into the higher dimensions? The souls who’ve lived their lives in love and service, not judgment and condemnation, will re-find the higher realms with ease no matter what their belief system is.

People who resonate with Christianity and Catholicism are just as likely to reach the fifth dimension as followers of modern spiritual and ‘new age’ belief systems, and something we’ve always wanted humanity to understand is that the belief system that helps you find Source isn’t as important as the journey back to Source itself.

We don’t condemn attaching yourselves to certain belief systems that help you find your way back home, because eventually, every earthly distortion will fade and you’ll be left with the pure perception of a higher-dimensional soul.

No matter what route you choose to get back to this place, you’ll get here as long as you show love, sincerity, and willingness to transcend the lower aspects of every earthly soul’s programming that’d otherwise keep you rooted in a distorted perception.

Religious souls who orient to hatred, judgment, and condemnation have a lot of trouble when they pass into the fourth dimension, because they’re left to deal with their own hatred and prejudice, which are exposed to them in full force.

It’s easy for an earthly soul to deny the hatred they carry within and the myriad qualities that come with it, but in the higher realms, everything is seen, known, and felt for what it truly is. Whether a person’s religious or not, they can experience a darker realm of consciousness when they pass on if they oriented to darkness and self-serving qualities in their lives.

We aren’t the first souls to say this, and with all of the channeled material that’s available on your internet, we’re confident that it’s a well-known fact amongst most of the conscious public. Heavenly and hellish realms exist beyond your physical earth, and the hellish realms are dense, fourth-dimensional planes that are created by earthly souls who lived in darkness all their lives.

‘Hell’ isn’t something an angry, judgmental creator sends people who ‘sin’ to, but rather, people who live in darkness on earth tend to create that darkness in the realms beyond, thus conditioning a portion of the fourth dimension to density and lower behavior.

The fourth dimension isn’t composed entirely of darkness, however, and there are plenty of lighted fourth-dimensional realms that most people experience when they pass on.

The Fifth Dimension is Indescribable

Much of humanity has made a home for themselves in the higher fourth-dimensional realms, and a percentage of the souls who go there quickly leave as they explore their consciousness and perception and reach out to new and unheard of planes of consciousness.

The fifth dimension and beyond are practically indescribable in human language, and the best we can do is to say that light, color, and sound comprise all existence in a grand display of the creator’s beauty, joy, and exuberance.

These realms are quite literally lit up with divine energy, and this wondrous energy inspires every soul who’s reached these realms to produce works of creativity and expanded consciousness.
One of the greatest routes we choose to pursue is service, and you’ll find a large number of higher-dimensional souls assisting in the evolution of various realms, planets, and civilizations. More souls are focused on humanity’s evolution than we could hope to express, and we’re looking upon your planet in an attempt to help you raise your planetary vibration.

Many of us look after the smaller portions of our consciousness that have broken off from us and incarnated on earth, and these souls have been referred to as lightworkers, starseeds, etc. We’re the higher selves and guides of these starseeds, and we and plenty of others look after our kin as they attempt to influence the collective vibration from within the unrelenting density of the earth.

We watch over and assist our godsparks in achieving their goals and missions, and in many cases, we provide them energetic support and nurturing when they use meditation to attune to the greater energy they’re being given.

We recommend making an attempt to perceive this energy, because if you do, you’ll recognize that your planet’s being given far more and purer energy than you have in a very long amount of your concept of time.

Humanity’s being gifted with enormous waves of increasingly pure energy that’s intended to help you raise your collective vibration, and we recommend taking plenty of time to feel and interpret it, because it’ll help cleanse your physical and etheric bodies.

When the physical body is treated badly, as in the case or poor eating habits or eating food that’s been genetically modified by your cabal in an attempt to poison the populace, toxins are built up in your physical and etheric bodies – toxins that can be cleansed by the energy you’re being given.

Especially for those who’ve been consuming genetically modified food, any toxins that are built up in your bodies will need to be cleansed before you can assimilate the greater rounds of fifth-dimensional energy that’ll come your way when your collective vibration reaches a certain purity.

This, among plenty of other reasons, is why we recommend meditation or anything else that helps you attune to this energy or a greater perception in general, and doing so will prove physically and spiritually healthy.

Attuned to a Whole New Reality

Physically, you’ll feel an unprecedented sense of energy, inspiration, and creativity, and spiritually, you’ll feel as if you’re attuned to a whole new reality; a whole new state of consciousness that’s far less limited than the one you were in before.

This is indeed what you’re doing, and we’re doing everything we can to help you realize how close the higher realms now are to your perception. You have the potential to feel some of the greatest perceptual wonders the higher fourth-dimensional planes have to offer, and we happily recommend acting on this potential.

Your collective consciousness is still spending a lot of time in the aforementioned lower fourth-dimensional planes, but a growing number of individuals are already attuning their consciousness to the higher, lighted planes, which are your first stop on the way to the pure and harmonious fifth dimension.

Others have consciously evolved into the fifth and sixth dimensions (without their physical bodies perishing), only to come back to the surface of your planet and live their lives as enlightened teachers. There are already a lot of enlightened teachers walking your planet, and some of them don’t even realize they’ve energetically touched upon the fifth dimension.

Most of the conscious public has had their greater perception tuned to the higher fourth-dimensional planes for decades and even centuries, and the counterculture boom of your sixties was a result of the descent of a greater amount of purer fourth and fifth-dimensional energy, which has reached the minds of various souls in various centuries and inspired them on a deeper level.

Since your sixties especially, most seekers have been tuned to a higher fourth-dimensional state of consciousness, and this can account for the increased creativity and higher-dimensional perception that are becoming so common amongst what our scribe has called the ‘conscious circles’.

We’re a sixth-dimensional collective consciousness, and some of the souls who are speaking along with us are fifth, sixth, and even seventh-dimensional, but our scribe can go no further than the higher fourth-dimensional planes when he speaks with us, because he hasn’t yet attained fifth-dimensional consciousness.

He and plenty of others are still dancing on the higher rungs of the fourth dimension, and they can feel free to do so for as long as those realms inspire them.

We slightly lower our consciousness to exist in a realm that’s nearly identical to the highest and deepest state of consciousness our scribe is able to attain when he channels us, and we send him flowing packages of energy that he interprets and that he (and we) can expand on.

Large and Small Packages of Energy

What starts out as a small, flowing package of energy could quickly expand into an entire paragraph or page of information, for instance. The channeled messages that feature particularly long run-on sentences are usually products of either a large package of energy or a small one that grew and grew as the scribe continued to interpret and expand on it.

We assist in this expansion, and one of the goals of our communication with you is to get as much energy and information through in a single expression as we can. This is one of the reasons we encourage our scribes to continue channeling us when the flow is particularly strong, even if they’ve already channeled a lot of information.

Our flow can produce far more when its strengthened than when its shallow, and after channeling us for a long amount of your concept of time, enough energy and intention are expended that one’s abilities increase.

We’ve mentioned before that it’s more helpful to swim in the deep end of the channeling ‘pool’ than the shallow, and this is because of the greater amount and purity of information and energy that can be bought through.

One of the purposes of our communications is obviously to inform and help awaken humanity, but their main purpose is to send you the energy you’re consciously and subconsciously absorbing as you read them.

We’ve mentioned plenty of times in the past that we’re sending you pure energy in even greater doses when you read our messages, and we’ve also mentioned that reading our messages is only one out of many ways you can receive this greater energy and that you aren’t required to read ours or any other channeled message to receive it.

Again, it all comes down to what route a seeker wants to take as they find enlightenment, and whether you read channeled messages, meditate, or do anything else, you’ll eventually unlock your greater perception and flow from there, free of all of the obstacles and distortions that have been placed in your way.

Spiritual liberation feels better than we could hope to express, and this is in part why we work so hard to help every seeker find the liberation they desire. On earth and plenty of other planets, third-dimensional souls are ready to experience their respective harvests and see what the other side has to offer.

In offering your time and energy to the ascension of your planet, you’re awakening and inspiring other seekers on other planets who you’ve never met in your current life and probably never will, until your planet is the brimming galactic society it’s destined to become.

The Reemergence of Stars and Planets

When your utopian society is up and running, you’ll host an uncountable number of civilizations from other plants. You’ll be welcomed into the universal organization that comprises most planets and civilizations, and you’ll experience the full wonders of this cosmos – wonders that were blocked from your perception before.

One of the things we’re excited for humanity to witness is the reemergence of stars and planets that are closer to your earth than you realize. Your day and night sky will become a much bigger phenomenon than it is now, and whereas some people on your planet can hardly see any stars, your sky will be lit up, day and night, in the future you’re creating.

Your new society will result not only from humanity’s hard work, determination, focus, and effort, but from the rising consciousness that’ll enable you to take the first steps needed to start the greatest of your work.

Consciousness and awareness are growing on your planet more than some seekers realize, and people who one would’ve never expected to awaken are throwing off the shackles of illusion and hatred as they proclaim their desire to live in a new world of peace.

Many celebrities on your planet have become aware of the evils of the cabal-controlled entertainment industry, and they’re speaking up against it and the people who’ve propagated the cultural illusion that keeps some of humanity trapped in states of unconsciousness and un-intelligence.

Some celebrities who carry an immense amount of influence on your planet are using their fame to help awaken people to the existence of the cabal, as well as the existence of the spiritual realms and the fact that every person is, at their essence, spiritual royalty.

Celebrities are worshiped on your planet, but in the new world you’re entering and creating, you’ll all love and ‘worship’ each other. Worship is a strong and loaded world, and we intend to say that you’ll care for each other deeply and passionately.

We’ll make our final expressions for this communication with appreciation to our scribe for letting us use his energy field and physical temple to bring these communications through.

As we have in the past, we’ll encourage him and every other serious channel for the Company of Heaven to meditate before and after channeling our messages, because the greater energy hangs around and can continue to be meditatively expanded on.

This is so for the seekers who read our communications as well, and a good meditation can expand the energy some of you are already feeling. Directly channeling us is the most potent way to feel this energy, and every seeker who channels our energies and impressions is encouraged to expand on them as much as they can when our communications have temporarily ceased.

When you’re back in the higher realms, the flow will be endless and telepathic communication will never cease, and in time, you’ll realize that even in your physical reality, it never ceases. It’s simply that you haven’t been aware of it – until now.

Thank you to my higher self and spiritual guides.

I’m a 21 year old awakening seeker and creator of The Culture of Awareness daily news site.
The Culture of Awareness features daily spiritual and alternative news, as well as articles I’ve written and more. Its purpose is to awaken and uplift by providing material that’s spiritually inspired and/or related to the fall of the planetary elite and our entrance into a positive future.
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