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“NESARA, The Bigger Picture” – Saint Germain, Ashira, One Who Serves In Answers From The Masters

Channelled By James McConnell

(Side note: The numbers on the recorder for this recording are “11-11”….very appropriate for Ashira’s message channeled by Sue)

Greetings to you. I come only briefly here to pave the way for the St. Germain to come. We will be back here shortly to answer your questions and possibly say a little bit more at the end of this. Be back here soon.

I am St. Germain. I come now, not to speak about the beginnings of NESARA or anything of the background which you can find that information in front of you brought by one of your dear sisters in this group. It is there for you to peruse at your leisure and to know the underpinnings of all that is NESARA.

The term, NESARA, itself is National Economic Security and Reformation Act, a big long title for a very simplistic idea. But an idea that has reached its time. For up until this moment, the system that you have in place now has wreaked havoc in your world and it has not been the system that has brought you the understanding and the consciousness raising that is needed. But that is all about to end for NESARA is here for the population, it is here for the masses. It is not just here for a simple few. It is here to level out the playing field as your saying goes and as we can find it here, that leveling out is sorely needed.

What is NESARA? It is a financial change. It is a financial program that has been in the works for a very long time and for various reasons has been held back and held back, not only by the Cabal itself, but by all of us because it was not yet time. So as many of you think it is only the one percent, so called “Elite” of the world’s population that have been holding it back, that is not entirely true. In many respects it has been postponed again and again and there are many reasons for this. For if you look at the entire picture here you see all the workings of your financial system throughout the world. You see that it has not worked but you see the many facets of this program, of this financial program that has been in place, the many facets that need to change. They need a little working here and a little working there.

And the original idea was to bring about a total change in the system. That has now been re-worked. True, you cannot take what is already there now and tweak it here and tweak it there and have it be anything that will be satisfactory. But you can take the system as you know it, break it down and build it back up again. And that is what is happening. That is why all the delays, because there are so many different facets that need to be changed and worked upon, so many different levels, so many different people who have a say here and a say there.

But in the final analysis, the NESARA program when it is released, not only to this country, to the United States, but to the entire planet, to the world. It is not only going to be the National Economic and Security Reformation Act, it is going to be the Global Economic and Security Reformation Act. And it will bring about changes, immense changes, that many of you even though you have studied some of this, even though you have looked at some of the background, even though you have looked at some of the facets of what it will do, you have no idea of the whole of the ramifications in its’ entirety when it is released to the public.

And you have heard many times that the time is coming and it is indeed coming close. What will it change? It will change your very lives as you know them now. The financial system as you know it now will be completely different. Gone will be the central banks as they are now, manipulating, running the entire planet. Gone will be the debt system as you know it now that does nothing more than put more and more people into a debt situation that they cannot crawl back out of. Gone will be all of those parts that have played against the middle class and poor populations and have done nothing more than raise the “elite,” those who are focused on money and power.

For what is money without the consciousness to control what that money does? What is power without the consciousness to control what power brings? As you can see the power without the consciousness has created the world you are in now. Give someone money and power with consciousness and look at the grand world you can forge out of the ashes of what is left.

I know I am speaking in metaphor here. It is important and it is time for you to look at the bigger picture. Not in the idea that many will become wealthy seemingly overnight, and yes, that may happen yet. But it is all about the movement of change of consciousness so that those that have the money have the financial wherewithal and now turn to assist their brother with that money and literally become their brother’s keeper, where nations such as this, the United States, can truly follow that ideal and be the world’s keeper but not with the consciousness that is today but with the consciousness that is tomorrow.

NESARA is going to bring tremendous change and yes, it was mine from the beginning. I created this along with many others and I created this to bring it into motion in this time and this age that is upon you now so that all in the world can benefit from your financial exchange programs.

That is what this is all about, raising of consciousness to bring about a better world, a new and better understanding of how to work with your brother and sister. To work side by side, not one above the other, but side by side. And if one falls a little behind, that one who is a little bit ahead reaches back and gives a helping hand. That is what the new consciousness is. That is what the New Age is all about. It is about love. It is about the absence of fear, the absence of all of those negative illusions of the past and creates a new illusion of reality within the present moment.

For you are done living in the past. You will be done living for the future. You are going to be focused on living in the here and now but the here and now you will be in, are in now, is the here and now of your dreams, the very dream state that many of you have been having, a new and better world, a new and better existence. Can you imagine now, brothers and sisters, can you imagine now a world in which all are one? Where you are one with each other, where you are one with the animals around you, with the plants, and yes, even with the insects, the bees.

 Can you imagine being able to touch a body of water and feel the energy, feel the consciousness within the water, have that consciousness move into you and join with your consciousness and together feel what each feels? It goes with animals, it goes with fish and it certainly goes with the dolphins and the whales. When the Devic World opens up to you and shows you what you have not been seeing up to this point, what you have not been able to see, the Fairy World, the sprites, the elves. Are they myths? Only in your illusion. Are they real? Only when you have eyes to see and ears to hear!

And you, each one my brothers and sisters, are going to have the eyes to see and the ears to hear. Many of you already do or are beginning to open that part of yourselves that has been dormant, the Pineal Gland, the Third Eye. And for many that is opening up once again. Yes, you can help it in various ways through your eating habits, through the water you ingest, through simply knowing that it is there and visualizing a Third Eye center in the middle of your forehead. And begin to see through that Third Eye as you begin to see various aspects of nature and where before you did not see what was there for the eyes to see; now you will see. And where before you could not hear the voices or the music of the spheres, now you will hear it.

This, my brothers and sisters is all part of NESARA. It is all part of new changes, the New World that is upon you now, that you are a part of and that you are creating in your very thoughts and actions and deeds at this time.

We have all stopped for the moment, using a time sense, in bringing this about but shortly there will be that opening up again and you will notice it and all of your various media, first the alternative sources and then the mass media will begin to pick it up for it will be undeniable. They will no longer be able to say that is not real, or that is not happening or you are imagining this or imagining that. You will no longer be able to deny it for it is upon you now.

As your dear brother, Sananda, has said, you are nearing the finish line. Now it is time to finish the race. Do not fall back when the line is in sight. For this is the very time now that you are approaching where it is more than ever for you to begin to focus outside of the creation you have created, to look beyond it, to look beyond the veil. If you just simply begin to see it is a veil that has been pulled over your eyes you will be able to part that very veil and be open to that which is on the other side. It is just a short distance out of your reach at this moment now.

As I have said, if you wish to know more about the underpinnings and inner workings of the program known as NESARA there is much available. My purpose today was to help you look at the larger picture, what is really important as NESARA begins to take effect. It is already, at this very moment, happening in the very beginning stages.

We, those of us who mentor to you and watch over you in various ways that you do not even know we are there, we are most proud for all that you have accomplished and continue to accomplish, finding your way through this illusion of darkness to be that pinpoint of light that moves through the darkness, illuminating the other side for you and all around you.

I am St. Germain. All of my peace and love be with each of you.

I will release now to another who will come through our dear sister, Susan, and following will be the One Who Serves. Peace and Love.

Thank you, St. Germain, this is Ashira. It is an honor to hold the meeting space after one such as this. Actually, St. Germain spends much time in Inner Earth with us celebrating at this point in time for all of those things that are unfolding on the surface of this planet.

One of the things that I want to share with you is that recently more and more people are noticing the 11-11 time on their clocks, on their addresses, on their notebooks and the reason for this is that 11-11 is the symbol for the opening of the gateway. And in the year of 11-11, November 2011, there was a huge awareness of course and celebration for the vibration of the date of 11-11.

Some people wonder why the 11-11 is showing up so prevalently in their life. And the reason is that it is part of the signs from the heavens that it is time to walk through the gateway, walk through the portal. This is the time for all on this planet to make that move and as we have always said, there is a leading group going through the portal and then there is a larger group until those who would be stragglers continue to make their way through and those who go through reach back to bring others along.

So as you, in your day to day life, notice that once again the numbers 11-11 are becoming more prevalent in your life, know that this is a sign calling to you from the heavens saying, “Look! Awaken!” There are also songs coming from the heavens that there are those of you in this room are picking up and noticing. Those are the calls of the angels singing in gratitude for the times that are here! We know that we talked such a long time about “soon” and “imminent” and yet, has the energy not changed as St. Germain talked about into the time being here and now?

One of the images I would like to share with you as these changes are taking place is that of the corporations upon this planet. They have been likened to a tremendously large dinosaur, each of these organizations; a large dinosaur that has a small brain and a very small head at the top of a large body. Some of those had a second brain at the end of the tail. But this is likened to the few at the top as the brain centers and all of those who are parts of that corporate body are like cells in the body working within those organizations to do their part, to fulfill their roles such as a cell in the body does. And what you are seeing and what will be happening is that more of those heads are being separated from those bodies. Those corporations will be dying and that is a positive thing in this case as evolution continues to take place on this planet.

Trust us. There is abundance plenty to go around and you do not need to give into fear about job security that you already discussed in the group today or money or how you will be provided for because part of this unfolding is the end of the era of the dinosaur corporations, is the unfolding of the new technologies and the opportunities to “feel” where their hearts are leading them, what projects they choose to become involved with, the abundance that is brought about by and brought forward by NESARA and GESARA, the global participation.

Indeed, the Golden Age will be seen in the twinkling of an eye. It will change so quickly and it will seem that all the time you waited for it will be very, very worthwhile. And you will find your place because with this, comes new awareness and you will find that your understanding is coming from a higher level of consciousness, from the fourth and fifth dimensions and higher. You will know that unity, that unity consciousness, that being of one with all of creation.

And we are excited for those who are able to share this coming weekend in the mountains. We have many surprises in store for you! We would encourage this group to continue to look at the Shasta trip because those of us who are serving from Inner Earth will be amongst those who are making that trek and attending those presentations for it is time. More and more we are able to make ourselves known to those who are on the surface in more concrete ways, let us say.

Again, things are changing in a twinkling of an eye. As we mentioned earlier, fear is disappearing for what will you have fear over? You will know that you do not need to worry about security because you will be provided for. You will not need to worry about people robbing you or harming you for that will no longer be tolerated, allowed or even desired. You will no longer need to worry about poor health because new technology will come forward. You no longer need to worry about any of the things that distract you from your search for higher consciousness.

You will be able to celebrate your life every day in every way with every person who comes into our life and that you may go across the planet instantaneously sometimes to meet. It is a glorious New World that is unfolding. In the past months we have taken you there in visualizations, we have taken you there on trips in your dream states; we have been with you during meditations personally and privately. We are helping you create this new planet and this new world every step along the way and as the veil disappears, the shift of the dimensions occurs you will indeed experience all of that you have experienced in your mind and it will be a glorious time and the time now is the unfolding for that to happen.

So look for those 11-11s in the world around you! Look for the signs. Listen as people start to speak of noticing the 11-11. It is part of your genetic make-up. It is part of the DNA that is waiting to be awakened by that combination of numbers and more and more people will once again be recognizing it and knowing it and calling it forth. Tell them, “You are walking into a gateway into a New World that is in creation!”

I will leave you today for “One Who Serves” is here and they are very ready to answer your questions. St. Germain had a lengthy message so I am not going to take questions today. I will take them another time. I give you all of my love, all of my peace. Namaste.

Greetings to you once again. Good to be with you. We are noticing that there are those who are here in this room who are beginning to “get it”! In terms of, when you hear a funny little voice in your head and it is this weird accent that comes to you and you are not dismissing it. You are saying, “Oh, that sounds very familiar! Where do I know that from?”

And you know it is the “One Who Serves”, it is one of us here and you are beginning to hear us communicate with you. We appreciate it whenever you notice it and you know it is real and not your imagination, it is not you hearing voices in terms of being “schizophrenic” or anything of this nature. You are really hearing us! Those of you who are doing this and having this come through and those others of you who have not heard it yet, get ready, it is coming!

Not only ourselves but others will also begin to work through you and with you because it is time! It is time to hear from your higher self and have that connection that is the ultimate goal here where you don’t have these funny voices coming through but you actually have your higher self communicating with you and certainly then you have arrived and some of you have already had that happen at various times but up until this time have not had the ability to continue that connection. We can tell you those connections will be increasing more and more.

Whether it is a funny accent coming through or just a higher sense of wisdom that is coming through to you, that is your wake-up call in many respects, that you are ready now, you are being prepared now for the next steps. Those of you who are already having this, get ready because it is coming more even more so! Some of you may even begin having the communication that we have through the James here and the Susan. That is very possible if you allow it. That can be.

We are not going to giving any more message here. We are going to take questions. Will there be any questions for One Who Serves here?

Question: Do we have to worry about taking our money out of banks with the changes coming?

The very word you have used there is “worry” If you have to ask to ask that question than you already know the answer. Because, what is higher consciousness but not to worry and be in the flow of the universe? If you are worried, if you are fearful that someone is going to take something away from you than it is not your’s in the beginning, it is not your’s anyway. Because nothing is your’s.

Understand this? That is attachment. That is holding on to something and the more you try to hold on to something the more you will lose it. That is why in your various life aspects in this time, if you will let go of how the money is to come to you it will come to you, in various ways. But the more you focus on where it is coming from, who is getting it, who is giving it, who is going to take it from me when I get it.

What if you suddenly got a million dollars and you were worried about putting it into the bank or putting it into this investment or that place or whatever, soon it will be gone. You must let go of all of this and let the universe provide! This is the lesson; this is what NESARA is bringing to all of you, a different way of looking at all of this. To worry, to fear, is to remain in three dimensional paradigm. To let go and let be and see the glass as half full and see the beauty all around you, that is fourth and fifth dimension. Very good question!

Question: All of the things that are occurring in our world are consciousness and it has been my experience that those who have money and are not concerned about it have more of it. Even in the far reaches of the world, those who have fears repel what we need. I see that NESARA and the different currencies and changes are all ok with the right consciousness of an awareness of service and abundance because abundance is granted to all who accept it. So, do we serve the world better when we have a commitment to a consciousness of abundance as opposed to seeking a means to abundance?

Yes. Consciousness certainly is present in everything so if you have lower consciousness it leads to lower parts of the illusion and if you have higher consciousness it leads to the new Golden Age that is upon you. So, certainly you look at consciousness as the driving force behind all that you know, is very much accurate whether it be of a higher consciousness or will it be a lower consciousness. And in many respects your financial system has been powered by a lower consciousness and therefore has created your 3D reality into a lower state. But as you know, consciousness is raising across the planet. Fear is being replaced by love. And as that happens, more and more and more, consciousness will be creating a financial system that works for all, not just a few. Does this answer your question?

Question: I am worried about my friend. How is she?

There again, to hold the worry, what does it do for her? When you use the word “worry” instead of “care” or “wonder” here it changes the meaning. Do not worry for her. Care for her. Be one with her. And all will take care of itself. The more you worry and the more you stay in fear, that one you are having the fear over feels that fear and therefore, moves that one into their own fear or their own darkness that they have created. Instead, send light. Send love. Send from all of you in this room. She is your sister. Send her light and love. And she will be back with you.

Question: What happens during grounding when I lay on Mother Earth?

We would answer this by asking you a question. What are you made of? Yes, you are the Earth and the Earth is you and you were created from the Earth’s energy and you return to the Earth as energy. And what better way to connect with Gaia herself than to feel that connection with her, to feel that energy with her, to feel that oneness with her? And to walk barefoot or to be out in nature and feel the energy around you. Not simply see the grass, the plants, the fish, the animals but to feel them, to experience them, to feel the aliveness even in the rocks you sit on. That is consciousness! That is raising consciousness. That is the new world that you are talking about! You see?

Question: I was watching a documentary about toxic cities that are abandoned. How is Gaia going to take care of this?

Mother Gaia is dealing with it through you. Just as your consciousness creates storms and hurricanes and tsunamis and all of these types of things so too will your consciousness create the change that is needed to bring about the correction of all that has been the darkness within the illusion. Do you understand this?

You have created this and you alone, with all of those who will assist, including the Earth, herself, is about the solution. It’s about bringing about the necessary changes that will take care of all of the problems that you have here.

There are many toxic places around the planet but all of those places including Fukishima, all of these places will be dealt with in the ways that they need to be so that less interference from those above from the Galactic societies, your brothers and your sisters from the skies, will be enough to bring about the changes in the initial stages. After the mass landings, a different story as then they will be a part of your society and you are a part of theirs and all are working together. There will be no more worry about interference or breaking of the “Prime Directive” or anything. You see?

Question: I read that the Galactics can clear all the toxicities on the planet after Disclosure and that is one of their intentions. Can you explain that a little further?

Yes. They are already in the process of being where they are of assistance to keep it from getting out of hand here but they can only do so much at this stage. But when those times come, when there are those mass landings they can, in a matter of days, clean it all up with the technology they have developed. There is no need for worry or fear or any of these things because all that does is mire you back into the muck of the 3D paradigm in this illusion.

Question: What can you tell us about the loud noises people are hearing?

There are so many different things happening from so many different sources that it is difficult to answer this question rather than in a general fashion here. So, the various and such, those types of noises are coming mostly from the Earth herself, in various ways. We are not going to get into a scientific explanation here but understand it is a part, in some ways, of birth pangs for the Earth herself, in terms of movement from the lower vibrations into the higher vibrations and those that are hearing this are hearing it because the veil is thinning more and more. They are having the ears to hear these kinds of things where before they may not have.

Question: As we continue to evolve, is the light we will be working with higher light than that with which we are working with now?

Light is light. It is not more power in light than other forms of light. It is simply light. It is simply energy. It is simply consciousness. So to say the light is going to be more powerful is not quite correct. To say that you, who are spreading the light, are more powerful, that is the way to look at this. You see?

So as you become more powerful, you the collective here, you send out your light and you yourselves are more powerful, you light is seemingly more powerful because it has more effect. You see? Your connection to your higher self, your “stronger” self has always been there it has just been hidden behind the veil. You see?

Question: Many years I made a connection with Mother Earth. On behalf of Mother Gaia and all mothers, Mother Gaia allows her children free rein to carve their own path and at the same time wishes her children to become responsible, accountable conscious of their actions and our job as children of Gaia is to take on the role of responsible, accountable children that she hopes us to be and be caretakers for the planet.

Yes. That is lovely.

We are going to release channel but not before other one comes to address you briefly here. He was kept out last time so he can’t be kept away this time…..(laughter.)

Greetings to you! I know I sound very much like the other one who was just here and you think we are playing games with you but we are certainly not. I am a totally different personality than the “Other One Who Serves” and I like to think of myself as the funny one.

It is so much a joy the times when I come with you and share these camaraderie types of sessions. I am so looking forward to those times in the very near future; very soon, you will be up in the mountains here in the coolness. I am looking forward to this myself because I am going to be with you more and be able to share little bit more than I have been sharing here. We are going to have so much fun together!

I cannot even begin to explain all that will be happening there in that time. But, you will be hearing from me more and more often because it is necessary for different facets of ourselves here, those who call ourselves, “One Who Serves”, that will be with each of you more and more in various ways. Even if not hearing our voice or these funny accents in your ears but to have a sense of communication from those others of us who are mentoring to you in various ways. And we are very much looking forward to this open communication to happen more and more. We are very excited about this. That is all I wish to say now.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One!

Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco
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