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What is a Gatekeeper? – Parts 1&2

Many people – in the thousands – have ascended early, as Archangel Michael tells us here.

Gatekeeper 1“Thousands and thousands and thousands of people have ascended and have had the experience of the ecstasy, the bliss, and the significant shift within their very cores insofar as they do not see or experience being human or being in Gaia in the way that they had previously. Let me explain.
“These souls ― and yes, they are everyday people; they are not those who have been vying for sainthood, but they acknowledge their mastery, and part of each of you ascending is acknowledging your mastery ― but they have basically gone through the Ascension portal.
“They are primarily way-showers. They have anchored in the higher dimensional energy ― Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, and so on.”  (1)

The Sirians tell us that “those who have anchored their light bodies into their physical vehicles will be the ones who act as wayshowers and gatekeepers for the lost and confused.” (2)

They’ve crossed over ahead of time and returned to this dimension to help others also cross the Ascension bridge. AAM says:

“They have made what we have called a U-turn and are still exhibiting on planet, in form, in everyday reality, because their promise ― as part of their sacred journey, and as part of the collective’s commitment, decision ― is that they would be the way-showers for the rest of humanity.” (3)

“A gatekeeper is one who assists a variety of people – human beings, hybrids, starseeds, collective – … through the portal of Ascension, through the doorway, think of it that way, of Ascension.
“The gatekeepers are those who have either gone or are going early, if you would put it that way, through the portal of Ascension.
“But it is those who are entering into the Fifth and higher dimensional realities to reach back and assist those who are underway.
“So that is the role of the gatekeepers. It is to help people build their quotient of light and of love so that they may proceed smoothly.” (4)
The gatekeeper’s sense of mission will be triggered by internal codes, the Great Divine Director said.

“For each, there is a choice now: to leave, to flow with the tides of change, surfing on the edge of the wave or to be the wave, to be the pioneer, the wayshower, the gatekeeper for those who follow. Each of you has their own traveling papers as it were, internal codes to be followed as they open up within.” (5)

The Great Divine Director describes how a gatekeeper attains its light body:

“Your journey is designed to strip your auric field of all that is not of yours, what you are as you ever exist in the higher planes. The outer garments of the astral body will be stripped away, your four lower bodies become united as one unified body and you are revealed in a glory of colors, as your body of clay dissolves and your Light Body again comes fully online here in the physical plane.
“Then you will have the choice to move onto even higher planes of consciousness or to remain behind as a gatekeeper and way shower to those who come behind you. Such is the journey ahead for all; when that transition point is reached is up to the individual. There is no judgment on our part; we support whatever decision you make, whether to remain as a third dimensional human being or to re-member your connection to the higher planes, your native existence in the worlds of Light.” (7)
Tomorrow we’ll look at the numbers of gatekeepers here, what the prerequisite for being a gatekeeper is and what their work is.

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  Part 2/2

Gatekeepers 2What is the Work of a Gatekeeper?

How many lightworkers and starseeds have gone through the portal and made a u-turn? By Oct. 2012, the number was in the thousands, according to Archangel Michael: “We won’t give you an actual number, but we will say several thousand. No, not millions; thousands.”  (1)

In a personal reading with me in Nov. 2012, Archangel Michael explained: “You [gatekeepers] are holding open the doors.”

“It is not just metaphorically. … That is why all of you are so excited, anxious, tired. You are holding open the doors. We have not talked about this role of this circle of gatekeepers [the Nova Earth team]. It is a sacred trust and it is a sacred trust that you will never break.” (2)

Archangel Michael described the gatekeeper’s work as “simply acting as a beacon. Think of it in very practical terms as a radio tower, a transmitter, so that the energy is going out to the human beings in a variety of ways and being infiltrated, translated, stepped up, stepped down, according to the need.” (3)

In late 2012, he explained their role this way:
“Those who have taken early Ascension will be reaching back and making their presence known, even if it is to strangers. That is the role and purpose of gatekeepers.”  (5)
The Sirians through Tazjima also explained the gatekeeper’s work: “Many will have questions; know that you will be able to answer them, even just to say ‘Seek within and the answer will come.’”  (6)

The Great Divine Director through Tazjima emphasized the example the gatekeeper would set.

“See yourself as the beacon of Light on the headland, standing tall above the fog and mists of the stormy astral sea. Your example, your light and love, your gentle smile and inner strength and commitment to your own journey will shine forth and encourage those who now struggle to release themselves from self-judgment and self-condemnation.” (7)
The Divine Mother tells us that “the prerequisite is that you decided to be a gatekeeper long before you came, long before even this incarnation. So this has been a plan and a preparation that the gatekeepers have gone through throughout many incarnations both on and off Gaia.” (8)

They assist not only through their actions but also “through their energy field. [They accomplish their work] through that expanded field and the acceptance of more and more light and love.

“And what you are seeing with the gatekeepers is that they have left the highs and lows, what you have referred to as the troughs and waves. They basically are leaving or have left this behind.
“They have made peace with the Third Dimension and with their lives. So they are in a place of beingness, of wholeness. And they are able to communicate that vibrationally, through their frequency, through who they are, to masses – and I do mean masses, millions – of people.” (9)
Ascension is not an Event but a Process

As far back as Oct. 2012, the Divine Mother reminded us that Ascension was not an event but a process, something I personally forgot by Dec. 21, 2012.

“You have this concept that it is one day when everything is taking place, and that is not so. It is a process that we have put in place, and there are many, many helpers.
“And the gatekeepers are those interdimensional helpers to assist those making the transition, so that a great number, a great percentage of the human or Earth population will be well underway in this process.” (10)
Gatekeepers, in returning to the lower dimension to assist others to ascend, will continue to need a home so Archangel Michael advised them not to ditch their possessions.

Archangel Michael: Yes. Do not get rid of one darn thing.  … You may well be back, as one of those Gatekeepers.
Steve Beckow: And are you saying that they may go to their former homes and live there?
AAM: Yes, but it will not be the same for them. … It will simply not be the same. So you are having inter-dimensional experiences all at the same time. Now, for most of you that has already been occurring. There is a great deal of inter-dimensional slippage. We have to travel through the dimensions constantly. We have to. We want to come and visit.” (11)
In 2011, Archangel Michael said that gatekeepers would have had the full experience of Ascension.
“There will be those, what we will call the gatekeepers or the ‘in-betweeners,’ who will go through an Ascension process and be anchored in the full reality, not partial reality, not a glimpse, not an out-of-body experience, but the full reality of the 5th dimension.
“But they will manifest and be observed, as it were, in the 3rd dimension because they are coming back to help, they are the doormen, they are helping with this onslaught of “last minute shoppers.” (12)
But, whether it had been determined by 2014 that that full experience might burn out their bodies or for another reason,  he described the experience of most gatekeepers then, not as full, Ascension but as “Ascension Lite.”

It was Ascension “insofar as they have experienced the bliss, the higher realms. They have released the sense of restriction. They have embraced the sense of their inter-dimensionality, their ability to create and co-create.” (13)

But they haven’t completed the process of Ascension, which happens a while past entry into the Fifth Dimension and brings with it a high level of enlightenment called Sahaja Samadhi.

But, he explained, they are nonetheless “operating, can we say, from a different, higher frequency.” (14)

AAM explained that “the more of you that are anchoring the love, anchoring the bliss, anchoring the higher frequency, the easier and more rapid it is for the collective to walk through. That is what being a pillar, a way-shower, and even a gatekeeper is about.”  (15)

So some lightworkers have volunteered lifetimes ago to go through the Ascension portal and return to guide others across. These gatekeepers, bridges, or in-betweeners lift the vi9brations of the reluctant and recalcitrant by their energy and their example.  Their numbers are not in the millions but their influence is out of all proportion to their numbers. By their service, many more will ascend than otherwise.

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