Thursday, June 5, 2014

Heavenletter #4541: One Great Sweep of Love Will Cover the Earth


Channeled by Gloria Wendroff On 6-5-14 


And God Said...
And now you know how I feel when you, My One Child, come sit with Me. I am nourished. I am content. I am overjoyed, if it were possible! As it is, I am in a constant state of joy, so I don’t know overjoy. I do, however, know love in My Very Being, and you, My One Child, are caught up in My love.

I dreamed of you, and you appeared. There is one huge crystal that, figuratively, broke into billions of shards of light exquisitely, and here you are, and here I AM. There is joy enough to go around. To go around? To fill all the seemingly-disparate hearts in the Universe, past, present, future, as if time really existed. As it is, We are One Heart circling Eternity, and Our One Heart is Infinity with a Smile.

Feel Our Completeness. What else is there to know? What else matters? When We sit together, what else exists but this stream of love that fills Us? Next to Our love, Our exquisite love, well, what else is there? What do fame and wealth amount to next to this melting barrage of love that stirs the melody of Our One Heart, spilling Our love out unstoppably? But Who would ever want to stop it? Anyway, it cannot be stopped.

We not only love, give love, We ARE Love. We are the Oneness of Love. It could be said that We are love and nothing but love. Our Love is death-defying, as it were. Where does love belong?

Everywhere. And who has love surmounting all mountains of doubt? Everyone. Love is the field of all possibilities. There is no escape from love, even as every day you may be longing for it. What you long for is already yours. Where are your keys? Where did you put your Awareness of Love? Right here in front of Us.

Here, in this moment, My Will is done. And, here, in this moment of Infinity, you discover that Our Love is Everything. Our Love is all there is. Would you like to float away in love with Me? Where shall We go but where We are? This is the Wholeness of Our Hearts. We embrace the world, and We are also the world embraced.

You are configured in My Heart by My Heart. You are entwined in My Heart of Love. Our love is inseparable. Our love is. We are love. We are streaming love that covers the Universe, fills the Universe, IS the Universe.

There is no trading, beloveds. There is nothing to trade with. There is, however, love to explore in every crevice of Our melting hearts. Ta Boom Ta Boom Ta Boom goes Our Love. There is an explosion of Love covering the world and integrating the world. One Heart, One Love, One World is just right. We can call the world One Great Explosion of Love. This is the Big Bang. Boom boom goes love. Love has been set off. What a spectacular surging of love covers the Earth and each human being who seeks something more, craves to uncover more. There is only more love and more and more.

Love in the Universe is mounting to its full height. One Great Sweep of Love will cover the Earth, for, underneath it all, lies the Garden of Eden unmasked, untrammeled, unsurpassed. In the blink of an eye, Earth is restored to Heaven for all to see, all to jump in, all to swim in, all to splash in. It isn’t that Heaven has come to Earth. Heaven is where it’s always been. Earth has risen to Heaven, and all can rejoice in the Pot of Gold wisely named Love.

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