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World Transmission to the Global Elite – Solstice, June 21, 2014

Children of the Sun On 6-17-14

 “Activating Humanity’s Prosperity Code” 
 Solstice, June 21, 8pm across all time zones – FREE to all who participate!

7-ProsThe momentum is building! Nearly 6000 light servers are now with us for the upcoming Solstice Transmission!

This mass transmission is crucial to catalyzing greater positive shifts in the global economy as we set into momentum the world prosperity encodement.

We are offering ourselves up as conduits for a world transmission purposed to saturate Humanity’s higher mental body with illumined understanding.

To maximize the potency of this seeding, we are opening portals of light at 44 of the most influencing financial entities in the world.

This is an immense activation occurring through the Unity Consciousness Matrix and its grid of light.
There is still time to get more people on board! Please help by continuing to share our mailings and updates.

Only 4 Days Left to Register. Register Now [Registration is FREE}    Free Media Downloads 

Helpful Information for the Solstice Transmission
Role of a Transmitter
ImageProxy.mvcAs you set the intention to radiate the unity codes to the financial controllers and the whole of Humanity, the magnetic force of Divine Will uses you as a conduit for the energy transference.

As transmitters, our job is to unconditionally emanate love and compassion, even towards our transgressors. We embody equanimity, unattached to anything of the temporary world, not for or against anything in a super-charging polarized way.

Please come to this transmission in the STILL POINT of your awakened being, one with the Unified Field.

More >> [How to transmit.]

Definition of Higher Mental Body

We are transmitting to Humanity’s higher mental body through the pathways of the planetary Crystalline Grid, aka the grid of Unity Consciousness.

We use this term to mean the “greater mind” aspect of every person that connects and bridges the incarnated soul to the dimension of unified awareness. The higher mental body is the vehicle that facilitates the awakening of consciousness. It has great response to group vibration.

All that is received at this level of consciousness is downloaded into every person’s personality through the power of soul intuition. In other words, we are giving everyone a great BOOST for a pivotal prosperity download to happen… right now.

What is a Portal of Light?

In this activity, these portals can be seen as multi-dimensional overlays that connect into and receive energetic feeds of light from fifth dimensional frequencies.

Our unified human consciousness serves as a bridging mechanism for the effectual energy transference to come through to this matter dimension.

As a giant, interconnected forcefield of divine intent, we are the grounding rods to hold the portals in place as they are opened and stabilized.

As a result, love’s transforming will channel through our one group body as we are simultaneously blessing and opening the hearts of those within our sphere of influence.

The corresponding influx of pure spiritual energy will uplift and sanctify all people and then radiate outwards, effecting a great purification of related negative energies in the surrounding environment.
Let’s Go!

Invocation For Divine Intervention - PDF Download

During this transmission, we are exercising the Law of Invocation. This particular law exists for those working in service to others, united in holy intention. It allows the ascended realms to move from the confines of the Law of Non-Intervention to act on our behalf.

Please click the link above to find the invocation that we are using in the Solstice audio. For added power and effect, speak it out loud with full feeling prior or during the Solstice transmission, in your groups or on your own.

© Children of the Sun Foundation.

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