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Pleiadian Perspective on Ascension: The Beginning Of The Ending – Communicating With Sylphs And Undines


Channelled By Suzanne Lie 6-15-14


Lantern Speaks:
Jason and Sandy were so bruised and exhausted from their fall that I led them to a nearby flat area and helped them pitch their small tent. Once done, they crawled inside with their sleeping bags, got into them, dirt and all, and instantly fell asleep.

At least they thought they were “just” sleeping. Actually, they were beamed up to the Ship to be taken to the Restoration Chamber where their injuries were healed.

When they woke up just after Sunrise, they were still covered with dirt but healed of all wounds. They were in shock when they climbed into the tent, so they did not realize how badly they were injured, but when they awoke they were healed.

When they emerged from their tent, I had made some hot coffee and some warm camp food. After saying good morning, we ate in silence and enjoyed the hot coffee. The fog was so thick that we could hardly see each other, but we could converse. Jason and Sandy began comparing the vivid dreams they had had and figured out that they had gone to the Ship.

“I could only remember one room though,” said Sandy, “and I think I was sleeping there. NO! I was healing.”

“Yes,” answered Jason. “I think we were in the Restoration Room. No wonder we feel so much better than last night. I was afraid that we were really hurt, but we were going into shock and could not really feel our injuries. Did we go on the ship?”

“Yes,” I replied. “We did not want your mission to be cut short, but you could not have continued up the mountain without your healing.”

“How come I cannot remember very much?” asked Sandy.

“It is common that people who are injured and go to the Restoration Room do not remember. Also, since your Lightbodies were already activated, they greatly accelerated your healing process. In fact, much of your healing was done by your own Lightbodies.”

“Our Lightbody can heal us?” they both asked.

“It is more as if your Lightbody was never wounded. It is of a higher resonance than the physical plane, so nothing third dimensional can harm it. But, as Sandy said before, your Earth vessel still surrounds your Lightbody, and it was your physical form that needed the healing.

“How are you feeling now?”

“Confused,” said Sandy and Jason agreed.

“How come they did not take the dirt off us when we were in the Restoration Room?” asked Jason.

“You may be surprised, but you made such a deep connection with the Earth Elementals that they wanted to remain with you until you were fully recovered,” I answered.

“Maybe that explains the strange dreams I was having last night,” said Sandy. “I kept seeing these little Beings around me that looked like gnomes. They were very busy doing some kind of work. I felt like I was a young child having one of my many dreams in which I visited the Land of Faerie.”

“I had similar dreams,” said Jason. “I saw myself when I was a small boy and loved to play in the mud and create small villages. Sometimes the villages would dry in the Sun and stay together for a day or two – that is if I could keep my dog away. I also remember that we had foggy mornings like this, which I always loved.

My dog and I would take long walks in the fog, and my dog would always find our way back home. I have not thought of any of my childhood in years. I remember now that I talked to the trees, animals, the clouds and any ‘imaginary’ Beingsthat I believed were real.”

“It is interesting how we are talking about our childhood. Do you think that is because we have talked with the Earth and Ether Elementals?” asked Sandy. “Maybe we did that when we were children and forgot. I remember when I was young I also talked to birds, dolls, plants and even bugs. I knew everything was alive. When I got older, I thought that was a ridiculous thought. Now I know that my child was right.”

All three of us laughed and continued to chat as we cleaned up the area. “There is a lovely lake just up the hill a but further. You can clean yourselves there. However, you will need to commune with the Air and Water Elementals to see through this fog,” I said preparing them for their next challenge.

Sandy Speaks:

I could hear through Lantern’s jovial message that he was preparing us for our next challenge. Fortunately the trail ahead was not too steep, as we could not see very far ahead of us. I could tell that Jason was a bit concerned and felt very protective of me. I gathered from Lantern’s earlier message that we were more injured than we thought. We are so blessed to have our Galactic friends.

I was just getting ready to put on my pack when Jason came over and gave me a long hug. “I feel like last night was my fault. I am so sorry. We could have been hurt very badly.”

“Maybe we were,” I said, “but we are healed now. I am going to try to tune into my Lightbody more. I can feel this warm sensation inside that is very different from anything I have ever experienced.’

“I have been having the same sensation. I wonder what will happen,” pondered Jason.

As Jason was just getting his pack on I kissed him and re-assured him that our fall was NOT his fault. “We are in this together,” I said as I kissed him one more time. “Now, lets get out of this fog and into that lake.”


The short hike to the lake was not easy at all. The “easy” path had a sheer drop on one side, so we had to really pay attention to what the Earth Elementals were telling us about the trail. I am happy they were with me because I quickly became fatigued and my body still hurt all over from our fall. I was wondering had badly we were really hurt when a flashback of our fall came into my mind. I was so surprised that I started to lose my balance.

Then something happened I could not understand. It was as if an invisible hand pulled me back into balance. Once I was centered back inside of me I heard Lantern laugh as he said, “Remember that YOU extend far beyond your physical Self.”

Jason softly said, “What was he talking about?”

“I will tell you later. Remind me would you, as my 3D memory is very sporadic.”

This time I heard Jason’s laughter as he said, “Yeah, mine too,” which made me laugh as well.

As if our laughter had cleared our way, we turned the next switchback to see a gently sloping hill leading to a magnificent lake. Jason and I literally ran up the hill, dropped our packs, shed our filthy clothes and jumped into the lake. In the distance we heard Lantern’s comforting laughter.

When I felt the clear water of the lake caress my body, I began to feel what I thought were fish gently rubbing next to my legs. At first it was a bit disconcerting, but then I surrendered into the feeling and remembered that I was in their home.

I so loved the feeling of the water that I dove down and opened my eyes to see that there were NO fish. However, there were wonderful, gossamer Beings flowing through the water. “Hello dear Human One,” I heard in my consciousness, “We are the Undines. We are the fifth-dimensional Water Elementals.”

I became so hypnotized by their presence that I lost all track of where I was or how far I had swum. When I came to the surface again, I was disoriented and could not see Jason or Lantern anywhere. I was a good swimmer, so I was not frightened, but I did know that I had to head back to the where I jumped into the lake.

“Follow us,” I heard the whispering voices again. I went under water to see them waving for me to follow. Could I trust them? I could only see them when I was under water, but then I couldn’t see the shoreline. I decided to flip over on my back and look up into what had become a clear blue sky filled with wispy clouds.

I was just thinking that the flowing and wispy nature of the clouds reminded me of the Sylphs when I heard, “Hello Human One. We are the Sylphs. We are the fifth dimensional Air Elementals. We want you to know that you can trust our Undine friends. Also, we will part our clouds to show you the way to your human friends.”

Then, the most miraculous thing happened. The clouds seemed to part in a manner that they pointed to a certain location on the distant shore. How could I have swum so far? I was not sure if I go make it back there, as I had been swimming for a long time.

“Do not worry,” I heard the Undines and Sylphs speaking into my heart. “We have told your friends where you are.”

I had no recourse but to trust them, so I followed the cloud path of the Sylphs while my head was above water and the Undines when my head was under water. It seemed that the Elementals were giving me energy, or was it Love? Maybe energy and Love are the same?

I was so absorbed in my own thoughts that I did not hear or see the small boat coming toward me until I heard Jason calling my name. Jason’s voice pulled me out of my reverie. When I saw the boat I was so excited that I took a gulp of water and involuntarily went under water. Instantly, my Undine friends surrounded me, and just a short distance away, I saw another group of Undines guiding Jason.

I never knew Jason could swim so fast, but he was with me in seconds and pulled me to the surface. Lantern reached over from his small boat and helped me aboard, and Jason climbed into the other side. When I settled down I asked Lantern, “Where did you the boat?”

With his bright smile and kind laugh he said, “I manifested it.”


Later that evening when we were sitting by a warm campfire sipping coffee, Jason said, “I thought we were going to help the Elementals, but it turned out that they have helped us.”

We held each other tight and looked out across the glorious scene of stars reflecting on the still lake. In that NOW we KNEW that we are not alone and were ONE with Gaia forever!

Note from Sue:

On of the most glorious things for me has been to swim in mountain lakes, especially after a long hike up the trail. Fortunately, I have not had the challenges that Sandy and Jason met, but I did see stars reflected on a still lake. I will never forget that vision. To me Nature is a living being. I hope it is the same to you.

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