Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Higher Self: Inner Shifts, Transformation, And Restructuring In Progress

It has been a rather peculiar week for you, has it not? In a purely inward sense. As previously announced, the new moon energies that permeated your physical realm as well as the layers of your light/solar body, brought with them the impetus for another mighty in-breath and/or "inner gateway opening" which brought in a higher quality multidimensional flow of information, memory, light coding activations, and/or "fire letters."

Each prior in-breath has grown in depth, intensity, and expansiveness to bring you and therefore the Collective, to the greatest in-pouring of higher (Christ) consciousness experienced thus far during this grand ascension cycle. It is this in-pouring, that you are in the middle of processing/integrating within all aspects of Self and therefore, the Collective Higher Mind/Web of Life at this time. It is also the effects of this in-pouring, that will see your very relationship to these aspects of Self and how you relate to/commune with those aspects - shift, change, and deepen - for they will begin to interact/overlap with one another much more seamlessly - as you've either purged or transformed so much of what once stood in the way of this type of healthy interaction/communion between aspects of Whole Self and Creation.

Though the new moon has technically passed, its energetic influence will continue to affect you today and in the days that follow, as you seek to integrate, reorder and utilize within - ALL that has been moved, activated, reconciled, reclaimed, renewed and transcended within Self as a result of these heightened inhalations/infusions and the further completion/refinement of the overall Resolution, Reclamation, and Soul-Retrieval Sequencing Process.

As a result of this colossal amount of inner-shifting and lifting, you personally have felt somewhat "fragmented" lately, as the familiar worlds and the lattice structure/framework of them that previously existed within you, have been temporarily dissolved and/or separated while they further shift, transform or birth themselves anew, into a higher and more efficient configuration or octave. The same also holds true, for all your previous patterns of reaction and response, all your belief systems, even memories...all that you believed you were or contained.

ALL THESE have recently been mirrored back to you and then abruptly dissolved so that you might choose to restructure and/or rebuild them using your newly acquired higher energetic materials/substances and/or information/codes. The subtle but far-reaching shift in perspective, awareness and/or consciousness that will naturally unfold as a result of this new vision or vantage point created through Self being re-envisioned and remade, is required for full passage through the fires of ascension/transmutation/resurrection.

This larger movement or impetus of course, will also quite naturally lead to the full spectrum activation and luminescence of your DNA and that of other Warriors of Light, which will in turn ripple out with a beam-like intensity across the Collective Mind/Web as their/your light codes or "fire letters" are shared/expressed outwardly during the next exhalation/full moon phase and beyond.

You're actually already emanating these from your aura/light body now though to a small degree. However, once you've finished assimilating them, the potency with which you emanate them will be a thousand fold, further fueling and aiding in the ascension of the masses/Collective.

In conjunction with all of this overall activity, various higher chakras are also opening/blooming within Self and the Collective Higher Mind/Web, while at the same time, energy flow is being greatly increased, magnetized and subtly refined within the base chakras, especially the heart, throat, solar-plexus, crown, and third-eye regions - further refining/boosting your solar/light body and/or merkabic vehicle.

So while these changes feel good overall (you feel lighter, internally stronger, more spiritually connected than ever), they can easily lead to feelings of temporary mental/spiritual confusion, fatigue, blips, disjointedness and/or an overall sense of fragmentation, especially while engaging in day to day activities/relations. These side-effects, so to speak, will last until a greater measure of integration/reordering can be attained by and within Self and within Gaia as well. Don't forget she is also going through her own such restructuring/reordering process in tandem with your own.

Your greatest asset to you at this time, beside your good intention, is your WILL. This is why I have harped endlessly on the need for you to stay in your throne/seat of Divine Empowerment or WILL... your solar plexus. However as you know, your solar plexus must be properly aligned with the (high) heart chakra. For it is not My Will, but THY WILL BE DONE. A very important distinction that I want to make sure all who may read these messages understands. It is an alignment, this Reclamation of Divine Empowerment, co-created through love, purity, oneness/communion, faith, devotion and service for and within the great Mother/Father God and overall Divine Plan. For without such alignment, one would surely become imbalanced within their center, allowing the little "I" or negative ego to regain a foothold over one's spiritual development/advancement by becoming the main source of a Being's empowerment and sense of identity - a false, distorted or unrighteous form of empowerment and identity at that.

I mention the importance of this alignment because with the culmination of the overall ascension process, many many gifts, capacities, and abilities once natural to the human condition, will again become available to you and to all ascending ones (telepathy, teleportation, bi-location, various forms of projection/travel, the manipulation of elements/forces, contact, etc...). But your reclamation of these divine birthrights (so often spoken of in previous messages) is simply the first step, as in order to wield them - you must WILL them into use/application. And in truth, the human Will is the weakest of all muscles due to humanity's lengthy years of environmental suppression/oppression.

This is why I encouraged you to begin by simply standing in your center, and willing yourself back in should you be knocked out of it. For before you exercise your Will in such a tremendous and powerful way, you should be standing in your center/seat of Divine Empowerment (right alignment).

Not only does this help to keep your movements/activities righteous but also aids in the proper and safe movement/execution of such abilities and expanded capacities. In the days to come, you shall imagine and/or find many many ways and opportunities in which to test and refine your Will in very specific ways. And know that in all seriousness there is no way around this lesson. For to Will is to Move and to have your Being within Creation post-ascension - you yourself began learning this lesson early with all your lucid dreams and astral travels but now is the time to move into mastership (to a certain degree) of the Will and to work more consciously and intentionally with it before passing through to the next threshold of experience.

And remember, while we're talking about breathing cycles, that each and every breath is a precious gift/tool to be utilized. With each inhalation see incoming light or higher energetics fill your chest cavity, and with each exhalation see the release of any dross expelled completely from the body/mind and either returned to primordial source or transmuted through a violet flame.

We've focused the majority of today's message on the personal/individual side of ascension but this in no way implies that movement within the Collective Higher Mind/Web of Life has abated or that any information in my prior messages has changed - in fact, quite the contrary is occurring. Since individual movements are reflected within the Collective Mind/Web and vice-versa, it stands to reason that a tremendous amount of activity is rippling within/across it right now. It's just that since this is an in-breath period, the activity is mostly directed inwards, though the fruits of such activity will surely manifest outwardly during the next expression phase and perhaps sooner, so potent is this infusion.

All in all this is another tremendous opportunity to let go of all that you thought you were and to simply embrace and BECOME all that you ARE and were meant to BE. Simply allow the reordering to take place...lean into it as they say.

Until next time...

Author's note:
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