Sunday, June 15, 2014

Archangel Michael: Painting Your World

Channeled by Daniel Scranton On 6-14-14

“The way that you interact with your world is a reflection of how you feel. The world is there for you to paint in any color and in any style that you choose. Therefore, you have creative control over the project that is your life. Whatever you put into your painting will be perceived by others, whether words are spoken or actions are taken, or whether you keep it all inside.

You believe that there is a world, that it exists outside of you, and that you are only responding to it. This is how most of you operate, even if on a philosophical level, you can understand that the world is inside of you. Therefore, letting yourselves take part in the way in which your world is perceived by you is the most important thing that you could ever do.

When you already decide how the world is before you even pick up your paintbrush, you are giving creative control up. You are telling the world what painting to show you. And as any painter knows, you can and of course do, continue the process of creating even after you put the paintbrush down.

Your world will never be a completed work to hang on the wall and stare at. It will always be open for interpretation and to be painted over again and again. By giving yourselves more opportunities to create and re-create your world, you are accessing more of yourselves. And since you are the real work of art, that is something worth doing.

We are Michael. We are Infinite. We are Love.”

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