Monday, June 2, 2014

Hilarion: What Seemed So Difficult And Unreachable Before Will Now Come Into Manifestation

Channelled By Marlene SwetlishoffOn 6-1-14

Beloved Ones,
You have been passing through many portals through the last few months and now comes the process of assimilation of the energies and the shifting into a new perspective on your personal and collective journey. Many of you are arriving and perceiving, however dimly at first, the underlying potential that lies like magical seeds within the garden of your life. You are realizing that it is YOU who does the creating of the direction your life should go and it all involves the constant use of your focus and your thoughts.

It is important to remember that your thoughts are now in position to be more potent and more powerful than ever before, for the energies you have passed through have cleared many obstacles that were standing in your way forward. If you have been working on being attuned to these new energies, the way forward will fall into place in magical and wondrous ways. What seemed so difficult and unreachable before will now come into manifestation without too much focus from you.

With these potentials comes a warning to be responsible in your every thought, word and deed, for your power to create has been greatly magnified. Use self discipline and discerning awareness of the thoughts you are holding in each moment. As they come up, along with the associated feelings with them, learn to change all those thoughts and feelings that are from the old paradigm that were keeping you small in your perceptions of your own abilities and how you might use them.

Realize that you are no longer in that place and space and that now, you can be all that you have desired to be and that you can have all the good in your daily life that you have desired and deserved. You have done the work and now you are preparing to create the beauty of your new life. Celebrate each moment by rewarding yourself often. Surround yourself with the beauty of nature as often as you are able, for in this lies the power to regenerate and rejuvenate your human operating systems in a safe and conducive way.

Be kind to yourselves in the thoughts and feelings that you hold within yourself and immediately change any thoughts that are dis-empowering into ones that empower and uplift you. This may be challenging at first because you are still going against the mainstream of old and diminishing energies, but with constant repetition and use of this method, you will gain immeasurably in your own self esteem and confidence.

Picture yourselves in the positions of teachers, healers and masters, helping others to learn to balance and bring their own energy systems into equilibrium. See yourselves giving encouragement and up-liftment to those around you and practicing random acts of kindness in which you expect nothing in return, only the joy and pleasure of giving to others in a way that uplifts you. This is good practice and a good way to begin to be of service to others without any need for recognition for your efforts.

As the Divine Feminine energy flows into the atmosphere of Earth, people will feel more connected to each other, and will be more willing to risk the opening of their hearts as they let down their shields of protective patterns of thought and behavior which no longer serve the magnificent future that lies tangibly before them. Many on the Earth at this time are suffering greatly within themselves, for as they become awakened they are realizing that they could have done many things differently in situations that needed their attention.

It is important for these ones to realize that they did not have the same perspective at the time of these events that they now hold and to allow themselves forgiveness of their perceived shortcomings during those times. This also indicates that you have come a long way! Celebrate this accomplishment and reward yourself in a way that is meaningful for you.

Life on this planet is a journey of self discovery and just as one must hold the helm on a sailboat to keep it safely afloat, one must learn and adjust to the current that tosses them about as they sail on their journey through life. All of life is about the experience of it and this is how one matures and progresses. There are no judgements from the divine realms, only learning and growth within each individual.

Each of you has chosen your soul path in order to gain more awareness and power of the divine attributes of your divine essence and you are directly experiencing that path in your moment of now. In other words, you are fully participating on your chosen journey of life, with all its seeming ups and downs. This is the way that you as soul have chosen to bring into your earthly life all the people, situations and conditions that lie before you in your current moment.

Your attitude can make it a pleasant and empowering experience or one that you resist which brings with it, the corresponding feelings of not being supported by the universe. Your power of choice in the attitude you take can help you make a leap forward to a new and happier way of life. When one chooses the path of least resistance, life begins to unfold in a kaleidoscope of enriching and loving experiences. It is all up to you.

Until next week…
I AM Hilarion
©2014 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of

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