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The Team: The Sugar Matrix

Stephen Cook: I found this message from The Team fascinating. I’d read long ago that sugar was the heroin of the food world. But since last November, I’ve actually eaten NO sugar – no sucrose, no fructose, no glucose etc -  zilch; nor any dairy (I’ve been gluten-free for many years and am basically vegetarian too, apart from some fish). But last year when it came to sugar, my body just said NO! And since cutting out ALL sugar (and dairy)? Well…the difference is amazing – body, mind, spirit! Now The Team is telling me why! Read on…(courtesy of goldenageofgaia)

 Channeled By Peggy Black On 6-17-14

We are here to honor, support and empower you to remember and own your multidimensional abilities and gifts as you activate your light body self.

The physical dimension that you are focused upon is only one aspect of your divine self. Yet it is the physical body that anchors your divine consciousness in this reality. The denseness and the levels of unconsciousness can overwhelm you. Yet we encourage you to continue to stretch your awareness and move beyond any acquired limitations.

As a multidimensional being you have all the gifts and abilities that you have labeled para-normal or extrasensory perceptions: telepathy, clairsentience, clairaudience, precognition, retrocognition, psychokinesis, remote viewing, astral projection and bilocation to name a few of your gifts.

You are a being of vibrations. Everything you encounter has an effect on your vibrations, which can trigger your own personal growth or stifle your remembering and expansion. Begin to reclaim your paranormal gifts and your power.

We would like to invite you to become conscious of the matrix or energy field, the energetic signature of anything.

Today we will focus on your foods. Everything and everyone touches you with their energetic signature. Your goal is to recognize and monitor the frequencies coming in so that you can and do operate at the smoothest, most optimal and highest vibrations possible.

This is an important awareness for you and others to have, especially as humanity begins to move into the next phase of evolution – activating the light body and reclaiming your gifts. As your personal energy field and the energy fields and frequencies of others become more sensitive and refined, some of the foods you ingest must be eliminated or taken with conscious moderation.

The question you and others must begin to ask yourself is; does this food create stress in my body or does it add to the harmony, is the food a chaotic loud food or a subtle pleasing coherent frequency. As you place your attention on these questions you will begin to be aware of the frequencies and tones of all your foods and how they affect your body. Even those who prepare your foods place vibrations, tones and frequencies there. You will sense if the foods were prepared lovingly or in an uncaring unconscious manner, or even with anger or frustration.

We will now speak of refined sugar as a vibration, a frequency. It comes as a jolt to the physical body and the systems that must process it. Sugar, especially processed sugar, is an energy and mood shifter, it is an accepted ‘drug’ in your society.

Refined sugar is one of the most legal addictive substances on your planet. It is also a toxin; the physical body was not designed to process this kind of vibration/frequency daily.

Even as we speak of this, your memories are sending images and remembered experiences of a time when you ingested some form of processed sugar, those favorite tastes, those favorite flavors. Often the addiction to sugar was started in childhood and this addiction, the craving, overrides the body’s wisdom.

When you embodied a physical form as a multidimensional being, all your extrasensory gifts were available. You could feel the emotions of others, hear their thoughts and that was very intense.

The first time you were exposed to the vibration of processed sugar those intense feelings and connections were subdued. So unconsciously as you moved through your growth as a human, when the emotions you were feeling as a sensitive or the thoughts you were picking up from others became too intense, taking sugar in some form repressed these extreme feelings and the loud thought broadcasts coming from others.

Sugar will alter your vibrational field; it creates a type of chaos in the energy field. It hypes you up; it causes an imbalance in the human and causes the physical system to work at a level of stress. When processed sugar is ingested the body goes into alert, danger signals are activated. Processed sugar also affects the brain’s activity and processes. The frequency and vibration of sugar is similar to your heavy metal music and it overrides the subtle vibrations of your extrasensory gifts. It shuts them down so to speak.

Sugar has been included in almost all processed foods. It assures that the human will like the product. The sugar matrix is a part of your entire society; this drug is an accepted part of life. It is present in all varieties of candies, cookies, pastries and sweets of any and every form. Taken in moderation, whole sugars, natural sugars, fruit sugars have a more soothing classical music vibration that the body can assimilate.

Your society is in the throes of physical malfunction caused by sugar. After years of ingesting sugar, the body begins to malfunction and break down; many diseases are the result of too much sugar in the system. You have an epidemic labeled diabetes; you have an epidemic proportion of overweight humans. Both are related to sugar and the body’s inability to process the large amounts of sugar humans ingest daily.

Imagine for a moment that the evolution of consciousness is about using your multidimensional paranormal gifts. If, however, you have no framework, no understanding that these gifts are being reactivated, when you feel the intense emotions being generated by the collective or those around you, your first habit is to use sugar or some other method to suppress them. The more your gifts open up, the more you feel the emotions generated by those around you, and the more you need to suppress them.

You are an alchemist, here in this reality and timeframe to uplift the consciousness of your planet. But unaware that you came to this planet to be a transformer of dense misqualified emotions and energies, you were not taught to use tools to transform any emotion that you encountered and felt. You were not taught that you were a sensitive, or telepath or empath, feeling the emotions of those around you. You were taught how to shut these abilities down. Begin to honor your paranormal abilities and do your best to eliminate what closes off those gifts.

When you feel strong emotions of fear, stress, worry, sadness, or anger that totally engage your thoughts and actions and affect the quality of life, begin to ask yourself what percentage of these emotions are personally your own. From our observations, we can share that less that twenty-five percent will be personally yours. What has occurred is that you as a sensitive have connected to the vibrations that are being offered by others as well as the collective consciousness.

Rather than suppress these strong misqualified emotions that you feel, rather than judge these emotions and others, simply claim your ability as alchemist to transform them. Use your tools, use sound to express and release any emotions you are feeling, your own as well as any to which you might be connected. This is the work and service you came here to offer.

You feel these misqualified emotions in your physical body, and in partnership with your divine consciousness as a multidimensional being of light, you have the birthright and the responsibility to transform them and replace them with coherent emotions of love, joy, gratitude, and appreciation as well as forgiveness and compassion. You then transform what you are personally feeling as well as whatever aspect of the collective consciousness and emotions you have tapped.

It is a win-win for everyone for sure.

Begin to observe what you use to shut down or repress your true gifts and abilities. Remove any judgment you might carry for others who did not teach you or allow these gifts to be encouraged and to be a part of your childhood. Take action now. We are not saying that you can never partake of sugar, we just invite you be aware of when you are using this substance to suppress some emotions. Begin to clear your emotional closet. Begin to own your ability to transform any form of dense energy.

You are powerful beyond measure. You are courageous and brave to be here on your planet Earth during these times of great challenge. We invite you to honor yourself as the true light being that you are. Each time you transform dense energy you add more light awareness to the collective as well as to yourself.

We are grateful to share these awarenesses with you as you step more fully into your magnificence.
the ‘team’

©2014 Peggy Black All Right Reserved.   

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