Monday, June 16, 2014

The Lightbringers: 2014 A Time Of Transcendence

Channelled By Nancy Van Dommelen

June 2014 The Time of Choosing

We welcome you, our dear friends. The people of Earth have reached a pivotal point in their spiritual growth and development. In spiritual terms, it is called the Time of Choosing. For many eons, the people of Earth have experienced lives of trial and difficulty as they attempted to expand spiritually. The energy field of your planet is dense and powerful, providing a fertile field for personal advancement. Just living on your planet and weathering the storms that sweep down through time and space requires steady strength and a courageous heart.

This is why the primary experiences of life have centered on developing a strong spiritual persona accompanied by a heart chakra that is always open and radiating love. These two goals have always been the true purpose for every life experience on your planet. Most people are absorbed in the many daily circumstances that continually arise and feel that they are the essence of life. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The unfolding of life events is only the back drop for the true purpose of incarnation on your planet. Every experience in the human condition is lived to grow in spiritual strength and beauty and to continually expand the capacity of the heart chakra to love. We ask that you develop an awareness and conviction regarding what we have just said here. Please take the time to quiet yourself and conduct a personal review of your life.

Identify the key issues that have been the fabric of your life. Can you now begin to see them in a different light? They were only staging for your true purpose – growing spiritually and expanding the capacity to love. You have lived many existences on Earth to reach this point in time. You are now ready to move into a totally new area of spiritual growth that we will call the Time of Choosing.

Many on Earth are now ready to begin a new way of life. Circumstances all over the planet are contributing to this massive change. Most governments are under siege from a populace that can no longer tolerate corruption and control. Personal wellbeing and health have become more and more tenuous. Destructive weather conditions continue to buffet countries all over the globe.

These conditions provide a perfect backdrop for the Time of Choosing. In every cycle of human growth and development, there is a pivotal time where a shift of massive proportions occurs. The people of Earth are at this place after eons of hard work to reach it. Now is the time to make a definitive choice about how you are going to proceed with your life. A new kind of human experience is surfacing for the people of Earth to embark upon if they choose to do so.

For an extended period, the major focus of those who came to Earth was to achieve spiritual growth through a series of lifetimes centering on a certain theme. The time has come now for a shift from this personal emphasis to an outer directed commitment of service to the evolutionary growth of the planet and those souls residing on it. The Time of Choosing has arrived.

There are literally thousands of people on the planet that are ready to assume this expanded responsibility. As people shift their emphasis from a personal to societal one, Earth’s vibration will become more refined providing a higher spiritual setting for those advanced souls waiting to arrive. This is why this new period in human advancement is called the Time of Choosing.

In order to accomplish this shift personally, there must be an awareness that your purpose in life has changed. We are asking you to choose the more expanded role of world server. This means that beyond your own personal goal to live successfully in Earth’s dense vibration and grow spiritually, you will agree to serve humanity as a whole in whatever capacity best suits you. For the first time in its history, Earth has enough incarnating souls to accomplish this step up the spiral of life on a planetary level.

What does becoming a world server entail? It is so simple. We just ask you to identify the positive activity that reflects what you do best. Then elevate that into the role of service to others. There has been a heavy emphasis in the past few decades upon personal growth and development. It is now time for a shift from concentrating on issues of self to assisting others.

As more and more people identify something of themselves they can contribute to the greater whole, the vibratory force field of Earth will become increasingly refined, dissipating negative patterns of behavior that have encircled Earth for eons. Since all life exists within a unified field, what happens on your planet has a direct and powerful effect on the entire universe in varying degrees.

So we ask that you choose to serve the greater whole in some way that suits you personally, no matter how large or small or what the circumstance. Know that the service will have a greater impact than may be evident. It is now time to embrace the concept of serving others in a more expanded way than has ever been done before. Beyond being an act of personal assistance, service now must become an exchange of energy meant to uplift spiritually. This exchange will bring a light to Earth that has never existed to this extent before. Is it not a beautiful time to be alive?


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