Thursday, July 17, 2014

Archangel Michael: Contracts With Catalysts

Channeled by Daniel Scranton On 7-16-14

“Someone is in your life right now because there is a contract between you. That contract is an agreement for the two of you to serve one another. The way that you and this other individual will serve each other is by setting each other on a course, a course that will take you away from that other individual.

This may look like heartbreak to you. It may feel like betrayal. You may wonder how someone you love could do or say such a thing as to create the rift between you that will take you down divergent paths in your lives.

We want you to recognize these types of occurrences because we know that it serves you more to focus on the new path that you will find yourself on than it will to ruminate over the betrayal, or the harsh words, or the break-up.

Sometimes the catalyst for your evolution and growth is one that leaves you feeling burned. But that is how you need to be pushed at times in a certain direction, a direction that your ego would never recognize otherwise. You know this prior to incarnating, and that is why you ask your friend to do the dirty work of putting you on the most appropriate path, the one that serves you in spite of the burns you receive along the way.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

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