Thursday, July 10, 2014

Creation Energies: You’re Joyfully Creating A Rainbow Of Diversity

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman On 7-8-14

Dear Ones,
We wish to address those angers and fears that some believe will fully permeate the remainder of their earth life.

Even though that is not true, such fears remain a concern for many who recently exited your cocoon. Life is perhaps a bit lighter than before entering your cocoon, but not enough to feel you are living a life of joy.

It will help to alleviate your fears if you remember that you’re a bit like a new born baby harshly removed from the womb and placed in a cold and seemingly unloving environment. That is, until something miraculous happens. You lay in your mother’s arms and are caressed by the voice and behaviors that were part of your womb life. You experience the exchange of earth love that shifts you forever by a indescribable bond felt and expressed in many ways. As a new born, you transition rapidly from cold, anger and fear to a loving embrace filled with wondrous objects to explore and new skills to develop. So it is for you now.

The fears you have been or are experiencing is your new environment that does not yet feel like ‘home,’ but soon will. You are angry because you needed to leave your comfortable cocoon – you have to develop new skills to fully experience the love and joy promised – and those you love are in a different place.

Let us explore the fear that those you love are in a different place. Perhaps you are a new born little girl with a brother two years older than you. Your big brother has skills you have not yet developed.

And he is quite confused when your parents tell him that he needs to shelter and protect you, instead of including you in his play. You observe your big brother as you develop your skills for you wish to emulate everything his does. By following some of his expertise, you discover new skills. At the same time, your big brother tries to emulate your parents by helping mow the lawn or pretending he can drive a car.

Those of you exiting your cocoon feel cold and unloved now, but that will pass when you allow the love from the Universes to caress you – as has always been true, but negated so you could fully explore 3D earth.

Those following you are like an infant sister who tries to do all her big brother is capable of – only to discover that she enjoys some of her big brother’s activities, but wishes to also explore others. So it will be.

You are now part of a loving Universal family.

Many of you reading this Father Knows Best television show family portrayal are dismayed because it is not what you experienced in this life or many others. Such no longer matters. For you are now openly and joyfully joining a new family. A bit as if you were adopted by an earth family and now discovering that your true family is of the Universes.

You cannot yet quite understand what we are speaking of. Many of you have negated or lost your earth parents – and so many others during this transition process.

Earth love has been conditional for eons. Not because the participants were not loving entities, but that family groupings decided to return to earth to clear or create karma. Most of which involved pain for that was the lesson you most often decided to experience – and why you entered earth during the 3D time of pain.

Even though the family love you experienced might have been joyous, most likely it was conditional – if you do this or behave in this way, you will be accepted. If not, you will be ostracized. The same conditional love was enforced in communities and countries throughout the world – only to shift with time and place.

Your new earth lesson is that you are loved as you are.

Diversity enhances your family, earth and the Universes. There is no longer one right way to be or live, but instead a rainbow of diversity to create and explore. Just as that little girl we discussed earlier in this channel decides to explore some of the areas her big brother excels at or is interested in, but not all.

You are loved for being you. Just as when you were an earth new born and allowed to be who you were for at least a few months. No rules applied other than what you dictated including when you ate and slept.

Now that you have exited your cocoon, the acceptance of the real you once again applies. Allow yourself to be.

Do not expect repercussions for stepping outside any line or policy created in the Old Age. You are you. He is him. And she is her.

This concept is almost impossible for you to comprehend at this time. But you will. You will slowly (in your mind), slip into the ease of being you. Those who do not appreciate you will find others more fun to be with.

You have a Universal right to be. And so does your neighbor and your neighbor’s neighbor. Does that mean all the entity pieces will form a beautiful tapestry? YES. Will you wish to be all parts of that tapestry? NO. No more than a toe nail wishes to be a hair cell.

You are creating a beautiful new being with the unique role(s) you find joyful. Not what your society needs – but what you find joyful. And as is true for a harmonious choir, your unique joyful role(s) will create the most lovely music you can image.

In the Old Age, policies were created to ensure that there were enough tenors and sopranos or whatever grouping desired by those with the most outer power. Even though those designated as tenors and sopranos did not necessarily find joy enacting those roles, it did not matter for those roles were most appropriate for your country, community, family or whatever grouping was most vocal or powerful .

New earth is much more about everyone bringing a favorite dish to a picnic knowing that all necessary foods will appear. So it goes…and will forever more on earth. So be it. Amen.
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