Monday, July 28, 2014

Archangel Michael: Your Creative Process


Channeled by Daniel Scranton On 7-28-14

“As you create, you extract data – data that will be used in your creation. You are keepers of records. You are like giant hard drives, and you access the data that you need when it is appropriate. You do not open your computer and have every single file on the screen in front of you. You access the ones that you need.

You do the same when it comes to your process of creation. You do not have a set of rules that you follow or steps that you take. The process is automatic. When you speak, you form words into sentences without thinking about the precise order of those words, and you do not carefully select every word in most conversations. You open your mouth and you let it flow, and the data that is necessary simply comes to you.

The same is true in your creative process, but you do not always allow the process. The more you struggle, the more you try to figure out, the less data you access. The more in the flow you are with your life, the more the data flows. And suddenly you know things that seem to come from out of the blue. You have insights, ideas, and new discoveries that come to you.

But where do they come from? Where was that information yesterday? It comes when it is relevant and when it is needed. Not a moment before and not a moment after. First, believe that what we are saying is true. And then live your life with that knowing, that everything is coming to you at the perfect time, when you will be able to utilize it for your highest good. And give your minds a rest so that the data can come from the broader you.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

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