Monday, July 28, 2014

SaLuSa And Higher Self: Ask to Remember Your Godly Powers For Manifestation

Channeled by Laura Multidimensional Ocean On 7-26-14

Multidimensional ConsciousnessDear ones, few of you know your real powers that you hold as divine beings. Many of you have renounced these power when you realized that humanity could not deal with this knowledge that every single one of you was a God in the making. While others renounced their powers temporarily for the duration of their life on Earth.

This is a time when you can openly re-take those powers of creation and manifestation. Allow yourself to create and to manifest the highest good for you, your loved ones, for the planet, and for all those that you have not met yet.

Allow your dreams to come into fruition, allow the most beautiful dreams to flourish all over the planet, allow yourself to dream big and wide. The sky is not the limit, and the universe it infinite, so don’t be afraid of dreaming big.

Dream of peace, dream of joy, dream of infinite love and bliss. Dream of the many riches of the human heart to be discovered by those unsuspecting ones.

Dream of your Restoration among us as sovereign beings. Dream of reunion with your star brothers, dream of peace all over your planet.
We love you and always have.

Thank you
SaLuSa and Higher Self

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