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July Gateway: Deeper Revelations and Realizations

Channeled By Sandra Walter On 7-1-14

July 1, 2014

Sandra WalterOur July gateway is July 4 -14. You may feel it arriving as this wave hits the Sun. Gaia is about to adjust to the amplification of Divine HUmans on her surface; the June revelations and embodiments of this new level of light have greatly amplified the HUman heart grid. Blessings upon everyone exploring all that is available on a personal level, and taking on these embodiments with grace. July brings expansion of what was revealed last month, and it is anticipated to be a bit more intense, in a good way. Always in a good way. Take advantage of these waves as they dissolve the personal and planetary boundaries on our perception.

The more HUmans fully realizing their personal ascension into higher states of Christed consciousness, the brighter the HUman grid becomes. It is our unification with the crystalline grid and our Higher Levels; the bringing Heaven to Earth scenario. We have a tremendous affect on the collective consciousness. As the Noosphere reflects this to Gaia, she will adjust accordingly. All is well.

Timeline Splicing

If you work with timelines, you may have learned to cut entire sections of your personal ascension timeline in order to shorten the perceived distance between key events. Many of us (not all) created this Ascension experience in the future, then went back in time to play it out and assist during the Shift. I AM one of those beings, and as I became aware of the flexibility of personal timeline choices, I decided to cut and paste the point on the timeline when the future Self and the current embodiment cross paths.

In my personal journey, I could see the moment when my future Self met my current Self, so I shortened the timeline when I would run into myself. The New Light triggers the opportunity, however the intention of Let’s do this Now was accelerated by trimming the timeline. Note: Splicing timelines also means that everything which was to be learned, karmic contracts, and service work are sped up to accommodate the intention. Your lessons and Soul contracts unfold in a shorter amount of linear time, which can be challenging.

Kindwhile, I ran right into myself. I have met a few Selves; Star aspects (formerly external Pleiadians), Divine Christed template aspects (Divine Will presented first), Higher Selves in 5D and 6D, and Ascended Master aspects (formerly projected as external Masters). It is a dreamy affair to encounter oneself in the physical. I hope everyone is comprehending this step properly – we have a telepathic communion occurring with a visual projection of our Higher Selves or Higher dimensional beings right in front of us. After years of guidance beyond the veil and third-eye experiences, we have finally merged the lower dimensions so that an eyes-wide-open, clear exchange with our higher aspects can occur. It adds a new layer to the First Contact scenario, and I feel many of us are beginning to understand what that is truly about.

It is best to be in know-nothing mode when aspects of self present. Ask questions until you attain the co-creation level. Our skills as re-creators (more of the same dynamics, beliefs, thoughts, etc) can override and block new information. Open up! Be not afraid of what you truly are, or what you thought you were. It was a crazy, brilliant game we were playing. No judgment if you scrambled some of the Self-intel; technically you agreed to a creation. Now you get to un-create it instantly if you desire effortless surrender of those creations.

There is a deep connection to Source through these new conversations with Self. The divine fractal is so clear; the microcosm of my experience which reflects Source’s experience of discussing itself with itself. It is profound for me, and I will share some of these conversations soon. Some exchanges are difficult to recreate in writing, so I AM exploring how to relay the feeling, the communion aspect without belittling the experience.

The Romance of Self

My goodness this Divine reunion feels incredibly romantic. I AM enamored with the Divine metaphor of all that we have been, all that we are, and what we are becoming in this Now moment. As the veils drop on the old experience, I AM awash in the true light of the True Self. That love extends to all of creation, and the sense of Self-as-Universe takes on another level.

Everything takes on a heightened state of Divine Love as we dissolve the philosophies and mind-level understanding of what was, and finally embody the truth of those old paradigm prophecies. For those not experiencing the new level of Divine Love on this planet, imagine all the times you have been deeply, blissfully in love and magnify it a thousandfold. It washes away all of the illusion of distortion; there is nothing here but Love. HUmanity is catching on to the truth, and the Unity grid is building strength exponentially each moment.

The Revelation of Experience

Some revelations are humorous, some challenging, all of them brilliant. I have always held a deep appreciation for what is happening to us, and I feel that is key to flowing with the New Light. The higher realms have been focusing on the experience of revelation, reminding me that every sensation, every moment, is to be shared with all levels of Self.

In the Old Paradigm it seemed our Higher levels felt our experience. Our vibrational mis-match did not allow for the richness of our experience to be shared. Now that the great merge of Self is occurring, I AM reminded that the sensations of our embodiment – every experience, feeling, observation – has value to the Higher Realms as we reconnect and create a new expression. Share your experiences, beloveds, these are the precious moments of reunion we have been working for. It truly assists the merge to share what you see, feel, experience as the merge unfolds.

The Revelation of Unique Expression

There is a lot coming in on this subject of revelation, which is why I AM attempting to be thorough and ease into what is happening here. Our Unique experience, our unique expression, is very important as we fully realize Unity consciousness. Let us remember that Unity Consciousness is not about being assimilated into a big Source-blob. In the old light, we spread rumors of Oneness based on giving up our identity, surrender, and beliefs about the HUman experience. We had to go through that phase as part of our Ascension process. As these revelation passages open over the next few months, we are capable of understanding higher level intelligence. We move out of the old paradigm religion of the new age and into the next, the new, the Now of what is being revealed.

Oneness is not a faceless, nameless state. The Union at heart-level honors the billions of individual expressions of HUman on this planet, and all journeys are encouraged to explore their unique facet of Creative intelligence – after we drop the lower level domination of the old paradigm Self (Ego, emotion, mind, kharma). This is why a state of non-judgment is vital to achieving the merge; we un-create the religious beliefs (that includes new age thought) when we actively pursue the Now; no more past life obsession, no fear/anxiety about the future, no need for the drama-as-motivation programs that so many depend on.

Freedom has arrived, not through the escapism of brief out-of-body journeys, but through the merging of denser physical embodiment with the Higher aspects of Self. Embodiment is unique to each expression of Source-in-form, and clarity comes after we master the surrender of what was. No more drone-like behavior, no more collective belief systems that do not serve the New Light. Each of us will bring our unique skills, creativity, and purpose through the merge. The truest characteristics of Self will make the Shift into this creative era. We are merging with an Ascended Gaia designed to support a Golden Race of pure Creator-In-Carnate; a Divine HUman embodiment which encompasses a boundless amount of consistent creativity.

As we merge with our Divine aspects and multidimensional Self, we will realize our uniqueness within the dream of Self-as-Universe. For the moment, know there is comfort in these revelations. I understand we are moving away from the Me too scenarios for a while. It forces us to honor our own creation, and learn to be sovereign in our new creation of Self. All of us will have our AHA moments, a good laugh at what we believed, and smile at who played what role in body and in the higher realms. It is brilliant, and the metaphors within the dream of Ascension are plentiful.

Revelation of the New Creation

Beyond the reunification of Mastery realms, Star family, finer expressions, and our grounded physical Selves, there is the New Light which brings a new creation. The summary of my experiences here lost any power when I hit this phase. I understand that many will be preoccupied with what role they played along the way to Ascension. I humbly suggest getting over the past life connections quickly, and any attachment to the roles of your multidimensional beingness. 

It is Spiritual Ego that desires a past or present title to cling to as truth. I understand it can be comforting when one is in the dark to hold up a torch of what was to light your path. But that is not the Now, and recreating what was is old paradigm. The unknown New is brighter than anything which has occurred here.

We are all up to this Mastery challenge – some of us are creating it as it unfolds since we reached zero point. With manifestation comes responsibility, and that is the topic of the next article which includes a reminder to Lightworkaholics about Universal Laws of Free Will and responsible creation.

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