Saturday, July 5, 2014

Archangel Michael: The New Third Dimension

Posted On Jul 5, 2014 By Daniel Scranton 

“As you continue taking the next step forward in your lives, you will discover that there is more happening than you ever could have imagined. You are not only ascending into the fifth dimension, you are setting up new experiences for other beings who will want to enjoy a third-dimensional existence.

You are pioneers and creators, and the new ground that you are breaking will give a multitude of new experiences to the beings that will come forth to enjoy the gap that you will be leaving in the third dimension. Those systems of reality that you are creating, you are doing in spite of yourselves. You are not consciously creating these experiences and opportunities, but they are being left in the wake of your energy.

And there is much that you are allowing others to experience by your participation in the ascension process. Now, knowing this information will not make the process more of a conscious one for you, but it may help some of you find peace with what you are living and with what you are observing in your world. That which seems as though it could not possibly be of service, truly is.

Therefore, continue to engage with your world as it is, knowing that the experiences that you are lining up for others will contain your energetic signatures. And you will always be a part of the third dimension. You will even serve as guides to those who will step into the new third dimension that you are currently creating.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

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