Friday, July 4, 2014

City Of Light Update: 6-26-14: God’s City Of Light (Giving Credit Where Credit is Due)


As Received By Genii Townsend On 6-26-14

The light, streaming out from the City entrance, is quite bright, as I approach thru inner meditation sighting.

Also, people are in large crowds heading for the same entrance and, knowing that at three more entrances the same thing is taking place, it is not unlike a future scene – as the City of Light appears on ground level here in the Sedona, Arizona area. (Note: I am advised that people will come by the thousands to see what has taken place under strange circumstances.)

Feeling like there is an invisible pull which makes my way a bit quicker, I weave my way thru the people. Ah!. finally, at the Gate, I see my guide La-Luke who, with his own inner light, seems to part the sea of onlookers.  Almost on the run, we zip thru the cozy park and onto the funny trolley heading for the Embassy. “Golly, how many times have we done this scene?”

We are whisked to the stage door of this amphitheater, thru the back curtains and onto the inner stage where Ooo-lon awaits us patiently. A couple of fancy throne-like chairs are set in place as I see the hundreds of universal beings that are also in attendance.

Genii note: ” Anyone who says that Extraterrestrials are to be feared has only to walk into this place and feel – really feel – the love that comes forth. Such nonsense! God bless them every one, for helping to put together what I am experiencing on this stage, which is love. Pure love, that we have yet to experience in a higher intensity than what we feel here on earth now. This is the true love I am experiencing. Wow!”

G: “Good Lord, somebody open the Heavens and invite them in… NOW!!!!.. Ahhhh!”

O: “Welcome back, lady of much inner travel”

G: “Thank you. This almost feels like my second home after all these visits.”

O: “It will be! You have been called back as there needs to be a message title clearing. This City has been called by many names. So as this City of Light, Love, and Healing comes into your 3/d world with so much progress being pre-made, we need to give credit where credit is primarily due, so all can recognize the producer from the beginning thought.

Under any banner, in God’s City of Light, God is the true creator – call it by any name you choose it still remains the same – the Primal Source spoken of in any language, religious or not. It matters not!

Those interested in the Holy Christ, the Buddha, and assorted master teachers (of which there are many) all know what the source of all is and thus, taking the teachings to where people can understand on any level. All is correct.  No one is left out!

The word ‘God’ means love in any language, and on some level of thinking all have prayed to such a deity. It is a Universal Love setup and all will understand, in with lots of room to experience the love.
‘God’s City of Light’ and with love and healing. What a great idea! Does not your planet need this? Aren’t the cries of people calling for peace? And what do you see and hear daily?  People going crazy with ammunition and substances that alters the mind, when under all this is the cry for peace and love.

Well, guess what? Peace and love are on the way, and wars of any kind will be no more. Ever! Ever! No one wins…Ever! God’s City of Light&Healing! GOD pretty well says it all, and Genii, as you say, it is God and “I can spell it!”. Imagine that !

O: Are you understanding this message to report?”

G: “Yes, I think so. It is for everyone and leaves no one out. It is inclusive, holy and gives credit to the creator in whatever way someone thinks, because it is obvious when seeing this City, we did not build it. It is beyond our capabilities to create such an edifice. It is God’s love for us all.”

O: “Of course, be it religious, spiritual, or any kind of positive thinking, not necessarily religious, whatever? It takes in all on this planet from the Borneo jungles to the high buildings in some locations, and I might add all the animals that come into your planet filled with love to help balance out where love is not.

It is God’s love for us all including everyone here sitting in this audience, and those who desire the Divine knowledge teachers of all kinds give in service. Remember, the way opens for healing and healing you will receive. In God’s love, darkness cannot dwell in any shape or form and people can be healed from anything that has been a problem, including changing the mental that has brought it into appearance.

God is the problem solver and always has been, and always will be. Even the Christ can tell you that God is all and can do anything! In your teaching sessions of the 4 Keys to Light, have you not elevated those to be ‘Light Linked’ to serve others, as well as understanding this City of God? Of course.

So then, take this message as God makes ‘Real Magic’ as the teacher Wayne Dyer speaks of in his book you love as the City of Light appears (now on the ground, just not seen at the moment) with 13 more duplicate God Cities around the planet to serve mankind.

Belief in a God of love, somewhere in the ethers making real magic appeais emotionally balancing, but a way of thinking fun thoughts as well. Speaking of your teachers you know of the Pastor Joel Osteen, who understands very well of this and sends his God messages out telling all who will hear that God can do anything.

That, Dear One, is fun thinking. Understand? So why not have a City of Light that can heal with this advanced technology?

G: “Mr. D (Walt Disney) told me on the green bench on Main Street at Disneyland a couple of months ago that it is fun to do the impossible, and he should know.”

O: “Indeed, he will enjoy this really big God Show coming about. Go back now to your home, away from this home, and know all is divinely well, set in place, and bless all those who hold the City vision of God’s City of love linked with light.

God is the problem-solver and always has been. Keep doing your sharing as this is the way for God’s real magic to appear. You have been lovingly patient as this massive fantastic City comes into view thru the power of God’s word.”

Genii TownsendG: “Thank you, and I thank God as well, as we await the birth and hold the tone of love.”

O:”KNOW, IT IS ALREADY DONE!. We bless all who tune in as God sends love to all.”

Note: This vision ended and I am back home ready to spend my day loving my God puppy, Light Spirit, and those people I love on ground level.

And so Light It be !
Thanks for tuning in..

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