Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Constant Companions: A Short Update On The Energies

Let us begin this missive by saying that you have now entered a phase that is like no other you have experienced, and it will probably not be one that you will experience ever again. For now, so much is shifting and reshaping on all sides, both within and without, and so, this will indeed be a season of change on every level.

You have by now grown accustomed to not being able to predict just what the next day or even the next hour will bring, and even if you mentally or physically may not have grown quite as accustomed to these changes as to the knowledge that they will occur again and again, you will all slowly but surely start to reset and reshape your very being into something that will feel much more at ease in this seemingly constantly turmoiled sea.

You see, the rapid shifts and the heightened level of energetic activity is not to quieten down for quite some time yet, so for those of you who hanker for a quiet port after a prolonged exposure to these agitated seas, we can offer little but our sympathy at the moment, but for all those already sensing the huge energetic change taking place at this very moment, we can offer more of the same, at an ever increasing frequency in the days ahead.

This will indeed be a season of tumultuous change on so many levels, but the changes we refer to will bring about a heightened presence of enlightened beings all over the planet.

The incoming light will stop for no one nor any thing, and it will not  come a-knocking timidly in the night, asking to be let in. Rather, it will continue to simply flow in at an ever increasing rate, disregarding any and all hindrances that anyone tries to put in the way. In other words, this flood of light and life will enliven even the darkest of corners and it will do so in a fashion that has not been seen before, and we do mean that in a very literal sense.

For now, it will be as if the very ground beneath your feet will start to shimmy and shift about, and even the very bedrock of your life will at times seem to be nothing more than a thin gossamer layer undulating in the breeze, ready to rip apart and leave you all ready to step away from the old remnants of your former life and embrace something very new.

We speak in convoluted terms, but we think it is safe to say that this summer there will be a lot of upheavals taking place, upheavals that may seem dramatic to the casual observer, but to the ones already tuning in to the messages coming in on the airwaves so to speak,  these energetic emissions will not be considered as news at all.

You will know in the very center of your being, the part of you that simply knows it all beforehand but has kept it hidden from that perhaps less enthusiastic human part of you, that whatever happens now is to propel you as quickly as possible towards that goal you so hanker for.

Expect much ado about some at times rather small and seemingly inconsequential details in your life, but know that these are merely symbols of the huge shift taking place, both for you and for everyone around you.

Nothing will be undisturbed by the winds of these energetic storms, and, even if your life may not be  topsy-turvy at the moment, we venture to guess that you will all in some way feel this wind in your sails causing your old anchoring lines to creak and groan as the pressure increases.

You will all be shifted in some way.  This is by no means a signal for a total upheaval for everyone, merely a reminder that any hidden urge to maintain the status-quo will now be overwritten by that far more important calling you all carry within.

Change is not always pleasurable, and change does not always come in a neat and well presented package, all tied up and offered to you as a positive tiding. Change may well come in the form of an unexpected event that will serve to literally disconnect you from so much of what you thought constituted YOU.

In other words, it may come in a very direct form as a way of literally moving you from one residence to another, or it may come in the form of total rearranging of your emotional and intellectual programming, making everything you thought you knew about yourself and the world around you stand out in a very new way, and this again will help you to make decisions based on the new instead of the old.

This may seem to be a rather over-intense period for many of you, but again, this River of Light has carried you all well and truly away from the old shores, and it is pulling you all faster and faster down the rapids.

It may seem to be a little bit daunting at times, but again this at times rather forceful current is simply doing what it can to bring you all the way back home, back to you, the real you; to that space where you can start to act out the last part of this grand adventure of realigning your being and your world in such a way that the light will be continuously shining into and onto every part of it. It will remove any and all of those old acquired stains, blemishes and battle scars both from this planet and others that human beings have suffered from for far too long.

Try to enjoy the ride, even if it may get rather “wild” at times. Know that all is well and you are just where you are meant to be at any given time, even if you have lost any sense of direction at all.

Bilde2166You are being carried within this huge and unstoppable flood of light now, and as the speed and intensity increases, the best thing you can do is to always simply to allow it to take you wherever it is it needs you to go.

Once there, you will find yourself exclaiming from the very center of your being, “this is it, I have finally made it, I may not have a clear idea just as to how I managed to get to this exact spot, but now that I am here, I know that this is the space for me.” Then, and only then, will you be able to finally take root in a soil that is not only fertile, but more welcoming than you could ever have dreamt.

I just had to include this photo I took earlier this week, for it describes so well what these energies feel like to me: powerful and unstoppable and at times overwhelming but at the same time so empowering, crystal clear and full of LIFE.

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