Monday, July 7, 2014

Upgrading of Planet Earth in TRUTH

Channelled by Karen Dover On 7-4-14

Many of you over the last linear 48 hours may have felt the huge surges of LIGHT and New Earth frequencies that have begun to flood across the Planet Earth, this may have seen you experience various physical symptoms as the energy has sought to find a way THROUGH, AROUND and WITHIN YOU. I have blogged previously about the alignment between the human vehicle and the Planet Earth, both the planet and the human vehicle being receptive to, around and through each other. So the increase in the frequency and expansion of the energy signature of Planet Earth has a direct effect on the human vehicle and vice versa.

As many of you know I am at the moment in New York City, this area has experienced an electrical storm for the past 2 nights. Never have I experienced such POWER in a storm, with the storm remaining stationary overhead and the lightening showing in ways that I have also never experienced. The change in the atmosphere can be FELT, the electrical charge empowering the Planet Earth and changing the current of the energies that are flowing. It is important to note that all “events” that have been guided will “appear” to be very normal occurrences. Indeed only by FEELing the situation can you understand that which is playing out.

The energetic recharging of the EARTH GRID will continue as the frequencies once more begin to rise and the Planet Earth prepares energetically for the changes that will now appear UPON the planet. Many of you are “waiting” for first contact, many of you may also be filtering out that in order for a “non human” race to walk upon the planet the energetic signature of said planet must be at the required frequency to SUPPORT THEIR PHYSICAL FORM. As Planet Earth has been kept in a lower vibrational space for aeons it has taken some linear time for the Planet Earth to recharge its energetic signature to a level that can support life other than in human form.

There are huge changes that will now unfold upon Planet Earth and as everything is FREQUENCY then it is when the required and needed frequency is achieved both by those in human form and the planet itself that these changes will appear. It is not TRUTH to state that nothing is happening, as frequency is not something that is seen by the naked human eye it is often filtered out.

What is also filtered out are the energetic signature expansions that have already occurred, with the focus always on “what next” you will take yourself out of the moment of NOW. The only moment that you have any power within is the NOW moment. At this time you are asked to remain PRESENT and to take your focus back to the NOW when the human logical mind attempts to either “remind you of the past ” or tries to take you “into the future”. Neither exist in TRUTH, you exist in the NOW moment, this is your strength and your place of power, this is why you were TAUGHT within the old 3d earth created reality to be nostalgic and to plan ahead, always you were TAUGHT to take yourself OUT of the NOW moment.

As the holiday weekend here in the USA continues the increase in chaos as a result of the increase in frequency continues. The frequencies are dissolving the residue of the old 3d earth created reality. If you begin to have physical symptoms (such as nausea, headaches, aches and pains, feeling heavy etc) then work with the symptoms as your human vehicle is attempting to harness and ankhor the New Earth heightened frequencies. When the human vehicle has residue of the old 3d earth at a cellular level the higher frequency energies slow down and begin to force their way through your human vehicle. It is this that creates the physical symptoms, a human vehicle that is clear of the old 3d earth created frequencies allows the complete flow of the New Earth frequencies.

It may be that eating solid food is a chore for many of you, again having solid food within the stomach of the human vehicle and then a huge energetic flow of higher energies attempting to flow through the human vehicle may result in unpleasant symptoms. To stubbornly adhere to diet routines during this energetic upgrade is to work AGAINST THE FLOW of energies. Listen to your human vehicle, hydrate the human vehicle and work WITH the human vehicle. In the old 3d earth created reality you are taught to “master” the human vehicle, this is not TRUTH, the human vehicle by its very DESIGN was created to be perfectly in tune with the planet and itself. The old 3d earth created reality TAUGHT you to ignore this and to place logic to the forefront, this is not TRUTH.

At this time both the planet and the human vehicle are attempting alignment in TRUTH, taking the human logical mind out of the scenario and BEing and allowing the FLOW is key during this time for ALL JUST IS and YOU ARE.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”

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