Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Divine Recalibrations

By Sandra Walter, Creative Evolution 7-18-14

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,
You may have noticed some significant changes occurring during the last few Gateways in your personal journey. Everything is so very different from our old experience, and I hope the last few articles assisted with understanding the linear aspect of these unfoldments.

While it is designed to reveal deeply personal aspects of your expression here, there have been some similarities which provide the old comfort of Yes, me too during this phase of our process.

Some of you may have experienced physical re-calibrations this during these revelation Gates, which will continue for a few months. These are opportunities to willingly, consciously perceive what is your personal expression’s true path, true purpose, and in many cases your true multi-dimensional Self.

It takes conscious engagement to experience the movement toward the New Self. It is new, and I AM sure many of you are having these sequences of  Everything has changed, I AM a different person now. It seems to advance with every gateway. Be sure to integrate properly; it is your free will choice to default to old Self behavior out of fear or habit.

The Three Days in the Cave Scenario

In my personal journey, I had three very intense days on the mountain during the last gateway. I could barely move. What makes these readjustments different than achy days of the past is that they occur within a veil-lifting scenario. For three days I lay in my screen tent on the mountain, which provides a full view of the forest, sky, animals and activity around me. Physically, it felt like my nerves were getting stretched, my bones and joints were in terrible pain.

Spiritually, my team was close and curious. When I slept, I was completely gone. I had a Pleiadian Shaman working around me, and the kingdoms were actively assisting him. Pleiadians are responsible for stepping into the Native tribes (Aboriginal, the Americas), to bridge the Solar Christ Consciousness into the planetary grids, so you can imagine what a cosmic shaman straight from the stars would feel like. I was happy to experience him, despite the whirl of pain and dimensional flux, because I had pre-cogged three of my contacts last March and he was the last one. The first was an old friend from the Pleiades, the second my Twin Ray who is not incarnated at this time. That sequence is complete now, and I sense the next Gateway (July 25 – 27) will be powerful.

As with any of these new experiences, I flow with it even when the body is knocked out. I slept for hours on end, managed to rise for water, and would go back to horizontal. Back in May during my three week recalibration, Yeshua shared the cave intelligence; there are passages which must be spent alone where the body will be actively igniting new meridians and new DNA will take hold within crystalline templates in our cellular structure.

In the old light, it was a three day rework prior to emerging in a new form. In the New Light, we have an ascending tribe choosing to take the body along for the experience, and a completely different energy and collective to work within. None of us is sequestered in a Mystery school in the Himalayas, we’re ascending in full view of the collective. This means on occasion we will have days of private time, or hours, when Divine recalibration will hold our attention – and our bodies – in a cave-like state for upgrades. When these moments hit (and sometimes you may not make it to a comfortable position), it is best to honor it and enjoy the experience.

There will be several of these New Light re-calibrations as we go through our process. Unlike the physical resets of the past, these are a response to templates activating within the planet designed for the best-case-scenario of our Ascension timelines. More on that soon. The cave scenario is powerful as our body consciousness changes to accommodate the demands of our Ascension.

Old Light vs New Light

There is absolutely no judgment on what was created in the Old Light. That goes for both good intentions and less-than-highest-interest intentions. Many of the metaphors, symbols, beings, stories and myths of our past were presented in a certain way because we were in density and did not understand how higher light functioned. Because we could not comprehend vast multidimensional operations, we were presented with metaphors.

The Essenes offered Archangels, Melchizedek offered Brotherhoods of Light, the Masters offered Magi and miracles. Channels were presented with material in ways we could understand; beings that had certain responsibilities, karmic and chakra structures, colors and rays, geometries of ancient texts, hidden cities operating on higher knowledge, akashic tales of past lives. Some of it is still applicable, some of it is not. It depends on your level of consciousness as to what serves your awakening, and what inhibits your understanding of the New Light.

Now that we are perceiving the truth of these metaphors, we can apply our new perspective to everything in a state of Divine Neutrality. Do you feel the difference this is making as we move through these revelation gateways? Those who freely, quickly assimilate the knowledge without judgment of the Self or the external are raising the vibration for the collective. We are dissolving a lot of turmoil in the old new-age collective by greeting these New Light revelations with neutrality. Neutrality is non-judgment; Divine Neutrality is the absence of any attachment to payback, finger-pointing, told-you-so, or they-will-get-theirs intentions.

Honestly, it does not matter how folks were presenting material for understanding. It does not make anything I have mentioned above wrong; much of it is still assisting us in our expansion, and much of it is still true to our experience here. We collectively create so many wonderful things; it is our divine right to un-create, renew, recalibrate our truths to align with the New Light. Understand that making thing right or wrong is old light, old energy of duality. As we recalibrate ourselves to the New Light, the past dissolves. Divine forgiveness holds onto nothing. Poof, gone. Brand new for the Now moment.

What matters now is letting go of the old stories that do not match our re-calibrated consciousness, so we may move into higher and higher New Light, creating what applies to the here-and-now. It is not deceptive to believe in something which looked true in the old light – however it is deceptive to know better and continue to do it anyway. I AM sure you feel our point here; revelations work on a personal level as well as collective. The sooner we surrender attachment to old beliefs, the sooner we get on with larger collective shifts. This is why we do not have a sudden veil-lifting-for-all point on this timeline. It gives everyone the opportunity to change, to surrender, to explore what they need to explore, to reveal or be revealed.

A Word on Free Will

As we move into fully understanding Free Will principles and Responsible Creation, we continually keep the spiritual ego in check until it learns to behave, just as the egoic level had to learn. Many continue the old light game of attack – the unsolicited comment, advice, guidance given to another without their consent. Some are unaware of how that violates free will. Some with undeveloped intuition can blatantly mistake the mind for higher guidance. Those are beginner phases of awakening, but in the Ascending tribe we must take a look at Free Will principles since we desire the accelerated journey and do not want to play in duality or the karmic realms any longer.

Our skills are greatly enhanced as we embody the Creator State of consciousness. We see a wide-open palette of creation to choose from; our limitlessness is revealed beyond the veils and we are inspired to go New, New, New. We want experiences in this New Light and desire re-creation of our lives, service, everything to align with it. We must also understand how influential our new creations will be when they are in alignment with the New Light.

This can make one cautious about creation, since so much in in flux as our perception attunes to the New Light. My highest guidance on creating right now is to relish the experience of creating, really enjoy a lengthy exploration of all that your creation can encompass as you manifest. You will feel the freedom in that experience, and it is can be a relief after so much busy-ness in the last decade to get us to this point.

sandra-walter-300x242Beware of being a Lightworkaholic; there is a great shift in planetary and personal energy systems right now. You might notice that old ceremonies feel old. Rituals demand upgrades; we are compelled to mix it up, shift our days and activities so we don’t recreate yesterday.

This is a passage of personal revelations that change everything from the heart out. Honor it, breathe it in, calm the worthiness issues, the judgment of Self, step away from the needy – or your need to be needed – for a while. This passage works on a deeply personal level; since you have been and will always be infinitely YOU, give yourself the private time you deserve

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