Monday, July 7, 2014

Heavenletter #4973: Life Like Science Fiction

Channeled by Gloria Wendroff On 7-7-14 

Gloria WendroffGod said: 
Let Me tell you a story about life on Earth. It is a story without a beginning and without an end. It is a forever story. It is your story.
It seems to have a beginning with your birth on Earth, yet your birth on Earth is only an interlude in your story, the beginning of a chapter, as it were. It is as if you went to a closet and changed your clothing and, thus, your appearance. Herein begins this tour of yours on Earth.

This is an adventure you are on. You took a little time off to see what life on Earth is like, what it feels like, what it is if it were really true. It is like you are sent to a sneak preview entitled: This Is What Life Might Seem Like. The subtitle is: This is an excerpt from finite life even as you are in Heaven.

Of course, in a story, there has to be drama. You were born. You cried. You played. You laughed and broke your toys and acted out. You took it all very seriously and bemoaned your fate. You felt fragile. Something just wasn’t right. The first time you cried at your birth was not enough. You cried again and again. You thought tears were the meaning of life, yet, really, your story, your one story in a hundred billion trillion skillion stories, past, present, or future, as if these really existed, is a story of a stranger in a strange land, seemingly like science fiction. Fiction is right. This is a story of make-believe, and you really know how to enter into a story and tremble or yell and scream and lie down and weep real tears. Stories do make you cry, your story and others’ stories. Even as they are fiction, you believe in them. You cry well.

We could say that the tears are real while the story is not. The story is not real. At the same time, you do believe in the story, do you not? Who has told you that simulated life on Earth is not real life? I have, of course.

We could say that the story of your life on Earth is a story within a story. There are two tracks going on at the same time. You are two characters as well. You play the character that is bewildered while you are aware and solidly in Heaven even as you wobble on Earth. You are an actor, and you are good at it. You do deserve an Academy Award. Instead you accept a Heartache Award, and you bow profusely.

So entrenched are you in your part, you simply are unable to get off the stage. No matter how you protest, there you are on stage protesting.

Of course, there are the times that you glimpse the beauty, beloveds, that is real. Beauty is real. Love is real. Even on Earth, there are sightings of Heaven, yet you do not feel compensated for the hours you put in and the grief you put up with on Earth. Grief is not real. You have been fooled. Perhaps you lash out, so well-fooled have you been, all the while feeling that you are smart and have caught on to what life is about.

I tell you frankly that life is about love, and life is about beauty, and life is about Oneness. This is what life is all about. Life is not about all the periphery you have glommed onto. Not at all. Throw off the tassels and fringes. Come into the Palace of My Heart, and We shall sail the Seas of the High Heavens that will take you to New Heights.

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