Saturday, July 5, 2014

Blue Dragon Journal: Head Or Heart?


By Elizabeth Ayres Escher, 7-2-14

The world is lighting up with creative intelligence, and the people are responding each in their own unique way.

Some are swimming joyfully in a sea of bliss, while others are struggling with the undertow of doubt, fear and self-judgment. Are you still clinging to the old ways of doing things like a life preserver that is losing air? Or are you swimming with the otters and dolphins, moving with the ebb and flow of the tides of change?

The cosmic rays bombarding the planet, as well as the powerful planetary movements across the Zodiac are influencing an era of tremendous change upon our world and within each of us. You can resist and persist in attempting to utilize the old ways of being, or you can let go and be.

Moving into learning or adapting to ‘being’, when all your life you’ve been expected to perform and do, can be quite a challenge for many of us, even the system-busters. Let’s face it; we’ve all been conditioned in one way or another, and if we resisted when young, were punished, branded rebellious, and even possibly drugged into obedience.

Now, we have to re-adapt to being flexible and able to respond in the moment to what the energies are conveying to us. This means we have to learn how to be in our higher heart space all the time, so our sensory ‘heart’-mind can pick up on the energy flows around us and adjust accordingly.

Experiences that once took lifetimes to complete are now being compacted into hours and minutes. Lifetimes are being lived in one year. And ‘time’ is accelerating, or at least it appears to be doing so… which really isn’t the case. Sooner or later, time will become meaningless, and we will not need clocks or measurements to define our day; we will simply respond in the moment to whatever the energy is communicating to us.

Basically this development means relinquishing all planning for the ‘future’ and living fully in the ‘now’. Yes, there is still a necessity to plan a bit, for instance if you have to go shopping, but that kind of activity can flow more, too. And plans can be adjusted if you sense that the present energies do not support the planned activities.

Compassion can be overwhelming to someone who has never felt worthy of being loved in their entire life. I have met people who have lived really difficult lives. They are treated worse than some animals and have few advocates. We all know people like that, even though they may not live in our neighborhood or town. Then, again, some of us can see ‘those people’ when we look in the mirror at home.

Compassion is breaking down the barriers between people. We are starting to sense that we are interconnected. That breaking realization can be scary, especially to those who have rejected everything and everyone who didn’t ‘fit’ into a certain paradigm and suddenly are faced with their own perceived misguided thinking. Ouch! Self-judgment, shame, bitterness, resentment, fear, confusion… all of these suppressed emotions will come leaking to the surface once the barriers of resistance are breeched.

People think love and compassion are soft and fluffy emotions. Oh, they’re so misguided! Love and compassion are powerful forces that wear down and break down, dissolve, and disappear any resistance one might raise to changing and opening one’s heart.

So love and compassion are working on each of us now, by illuminating what must be released and let go of. We all have a choice to surrender and comply, or to resist and attempt to cling to the old paradigm.

Sorry… the old paradigm is a swiftly sinking ship. Ever watch the movie Titanic? The process starts slowly, then quickens and the end comes swiftly and irreversibly. So it is with the old way of doing things… the systems that cannot adapt to the new more fluid energies of the higher frequency levels will simply disappear.

Fortunately, although most humans tend to be resistant to change, when push comes to shove, they can usually adapt. You can see this kind of behavior when a community undergoes a severe challenge. People drop their barriers and fears, and learn to work together.

First, however, we need to work on ourselves, to learn and allow ourselves to adjust to a whole new way of interacting and responding to the world. We are learning, moment by moment, hour by hour, day by day, step by step, a whole new way of ‘being’ in the moment.

Your old way of linear-’think’ will no longer work, or you will find yourself struggling to ‘make’ it work. I’ve been watching this phenomenon play out where I work. Seems like no one knows what to do, or is trying to force others into their way of thinking, which just creates resentment and rebellion.
Using your expanded higher heart sensory-’brain’ will work in this new energy. It takes practice and allowing yourself time to adjust, to let go and to rest.

Our egoic brain is no longer in control. So if you’re feeling a bit muddle-headed, tired, frustrated, confused, you certainly are not alone. Just realize that it’s not personal; there is no need to judge yourself as being a failure, or attempting to live up to any old measurements. We’re just going through a rather chaotic transitional period where everything that used to be up is down and vice versa.

Allow yourself time to rest in nature. Stare at the blue sky or trees. Work in the garden. If you live in the city, spend time at the beach or in a park. Walk the dog. Play with children. Smell the roses and allow yourself to adjust to a new way of being ‘soft’ and ‘flowing’.

Water is soft as it flows over rock, but it also has the capacity to create deep canyons over the centuries. Now love is wearing away all the barriers around our hearts that we have put up in order to survive in a frankly tough environment. Allow love to sweep away your fears and light your heart flame. Allow love to seek out the darkest secrets and bring them to the surface to be released and transmuted by the Violet Flame, or through the gift of grace emanating from the heart of the Divine Feminine.

We are moving into an era of love, grace, harmony and abundance, but first the corners and cupboards need to be cleared out and cleaned. No shadows will be allowed to remain; no dust, no secrets, no fear, or self-judgment.

The heart is now the ruler of the body, but in a way not imagined by the old paradigm. With a delicately tuned sensory perception, you will know what to do and when to do it… and when not to do anything. And this awareness will emanate from your high-heart center, not your logical mind.
You will know without having to read tons of books or follow directions. You will discover your own path, and pave the way for others to follow in your footsteps. And as we go through these periods of pause, allow yourself to receive the refreshment of the spirit from those small wonders that surround us daily, if we but take a moment to look.

For me, I just spent a bit of my quiet evening listening to the delighted chatter of a goldfinch nibbling away on the sunflowers, and watching the light hot breeze stir the upper branches of a nearby tree. Peace is within and reflected without, if you take a moment to come to a still place.

For the readers who look forward to the messages here, they may be coming or not. Depends on the flow of energies within and what I feel like doing next. I will be gone part of next week, so you folks who live in the States, enjoy your 4th of July holiday and family get-togethers. I’m going hiking with a friend, or rather rambling on a ridge top, to see the summer flowers there and gaze off towards the Wallowas and Seven Devils Range in Idaho. And maybe see some of you in the etheric retreats at night as we sleep.
Eliza Ayres
© All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher

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