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Primary Movements Into Light

Channelled By Peter Phalam On 7- 9-14

The following is referenced from an akashic file within my higher self. Although it is dated 1256AD when I initially became an ascended being, most of the events leading to this ascension remain the same. A number of Grail Family members, Essenes and Rosicrucians all convened at the Celestine Monastery in Tor Andora. We had all gone through numerous sequences in our physical bodies and lives for a couple of years prior to this experience. Most of us were asked to create a future contract in the 20th and 21st centuries so that our off-world experiences could aid in raising consciousness.

The initial steps of moving into light occur well before the resonance of ascension is understood in our consciousness. The reason that a few years are involved in the actual process is the physical body goes through the traits of ascension before the soul entirely enters the process. There is first a requirement of a certain level of physic adeptness. This is so guides angels, archangels, ascended masters and a number of other concerned light beings can attach to the process. Much of your consciousness as you understand it now will not be entirely your own through various segments of this process.

Ascension is a surrender process where both the physical vehicle and the soul go through a major transformation. In the akashic file there were in Tor Andora many statements shared about the metamorphosis of the physical body. Imagine, if you will, your guides having to tell you your bladder is nearly filled and you should empty it. There are varying states of conscious awareness created by out-of-body phenomena that identify ascension movements. It is akin to watching a pot of pasta going to a boiling point. First, watching the pot seems to take an eternity. When it begins to boil, we see the transformation of water into a gaseous state.

In all of our sharing moments, one highlight constantly came up. There is a point where clairvoyance is natural; however, the points in time in which it occurs are rather untamed at first. If your vision naturally transitions into dimensional pictorials and then back to the physical reality in a heart beat you get the vertigo type sense. The understanding of where you are and directions to where you are going are not always a given. There are periods of downloads from a number of light beings that must be observed subconsciously. This is great if you are fishing but riding a horse, not so much. In 1256AD, the horse was the primary form of transportation as well as the donkey and oxen for carrier vehicles.

Another topic that often came up involved the fluctuations in diet pivoting from carnivorous to foraging and wild crafting. Wine drinking was always prevalent but where one bottle would handle the day, one glass often became the limit. Day dreaming or temporary meditation states became more frequent for most as the consciousness went into various states of surrender to subconscious command. Many of these souls came out of monasteries early in the Renaissance period and tended vineyards and often meditated. The Rosicrucians would habitually hide out in monasteries but the rest of us were farmers and fishermen.

The southern coastal areas of France were ideal for cattle, fishing, vineyards and the mountain areas of Andora gave us respite in the summers. We would drive the cattle into the foothill pastures during the warmest parts of the year and do a great deal of our bow hunting at altitude. Imagine doing this when conscious awareness is fluctuating. We all knew what was happening but that was no help in dealing with it. Jesus or Sananda would frequently enter body during these periods and advise us of ways to handle the transition.

Perhaps the most substantial shift occurred during a series of internal mental counseling sessions. This is a direct clairaudient connection to the higher self who is relating a multitude of messages from dimensional light beings. It is a singular channeling session that could last days. The subconscious templates of our light bodies would become saturated with information we would have to learn to process. We would absorb some of the data exchange but often the bulk of the data was beyond our memory capacity. I would not understand why these sessions took place until much later in the process.

Sananda had informed us of the meeting at Tor during the spring equinox celebration 1256AD. The actual meeting was not scheduled until the vernal equinox and the ascension took place on the Winter Solstice that year. This was a good thing as it took us months to migrate to Andora from coastal France. We would ride a bit then walk the horses. We often wanted to nap and our preserves were berries, seeds and nuts at this point. Once we got away from the coast, wild fig trees abounded so nutrition was never in question. The challenge was living in what was becoming a more surrealistic world every day. We would have groups of nature spirits clinging to the mane of the horse and the tail. We would have gnomes and nymphs chuckle in forest settings as we rode in circles.

It is far easier to ascend in mass where souls can look after one another. This is a major reason why community farms are the destiny of most starseeds in the next decade. It was very important to be among similarly vibrating light bodies to attempt ascension for we united in circles of twelve. Then an Elohim Vessel was lowered into our circle from the 7th dimension. This crystalline configuration of star tetrahedrons and octahedrons radiated a powerful energy field. I remember nothing after this point as my higher self does not want to spoil the event for the budding ascension groups.

Placing all of this knowledge into a 21st century setting is quite a task as I try to relate current physical activities and spiritual awareness to this process. I know many of you have jobs and incomes; good luck with that. I know many of you travel by car to maintain your lifestyle; good luck with that. I know many of you maintain relationships with many people both at your spiritual level and those not quite yet with it. You will gravitate towards awakened individuals and treat those coddling belief systems like you will treat EMFs in fixed dwellings.

Inevitably, intentional community settings are the simplest, most stress-free environments for the ascension activity. The essence of live foods that are consumed no later than 24 hours from harvest are key to ascension as the light body feeds off of the etheric vibration of what you eat. If all you have to do is participate in garden activities, cottage industries, jarring, canning, and farmer’s markets, you will be fine. Losing certain physical sensations that you have relied upon for decades is the last dilemma in ascension. You will not feel warm or cold and will be ultra sensitive to daylight. You will gain half of your nutrition from prahna and breatharian meditations. You will go through substantial weight loss and your activity levels will occur in short bursts.

Then the group will begin acting in concert and scheduling group meditations which merely involve deep breathing exercises. At this time the aforementioned seemingly endless solitary counseling sessions begin. Then one day when the moon is full and not a breath of wind is in the air, you will experience the Elohim Vessel lowering. Invocations and sacred mantras evolve from your subconscious planes and all the counseling aspects integrate into your understanding of levitating from where you sit. This will occur several more times until you are no longer capable of grounding your soul on Earth and you turn into light. Namaste Peter

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