Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Hanged Man Intervention

Channelled By Peter Phalam On 7-22-14

The Intergalactic Federation is holding a galactic seminar on Arcturus where Creator Gods and members from a wide variety of hierarchies working with Earth have convened. The following deals with mandates coming out of this conference in terms of light worker dedication to the consciousness-raising process. This is important information as it involves a prolonged captive psychic sequence in the lives of many lightworkers. All those who have imbedded third-dimensional careers demanding third-dimensional concentration will have to be aware of this new development.

Beginning October 5th and during the entire retrograde period of Mercury which lasts until October 26th, there will be a defined period of divine intervention. During the 21 days of this retrograde period, all light body activity in the fifth dimension will be evaluated for vibrational equivalence.

The majority of lightworker activity in the fifth dimension is limited to Earth grid work and vortex maintenance. However, 30% of the light worker force have far more extensive duties which they are not always fully aware of. From full range bi-locators to short range bi-locators to holographic magicians to Archangel and Ascended Master networking, there exists a wide variety of lightworker activity affecting the vibrational equivalency.

The captive psychic period is best understood through the Hanged Man theory where all that is above is below. There is equal vibration in your soul throughout the day from third- dimensional existence with astral and fifth-dimensional energy streaming. The evaluation merely identifies who can withstand what in terms of continuous downloads. The reason all this is happening is the entire hierarchy structure is dissatisfied with the progress of consciousness on this planet.

Since the invention of cell phones and smart phones, the evolvement of conscious awareness has been in decline. The addition of numerous cell towers has increased the EMF environment tremendously.

This 21-day retrograde period of Mercury will include a saturation of all subconscious fields with blog formats to be created during the remaining fall period.

The individual agenda for each blog format will be discussed through your higher self which will use your sleep states to create prophetic images. The seminar found there to be willful malingering from misinformed starseed pods all over this continent. Those teachers depicting ascension states failed to comment on many requirements. In addition to blog formats the individual dietary discipline and exercise regimen will be analyzed.

The Earth badly needs a course correction and the only way it can be effectively placed in action is for millions of starseeds to channel the information in their subconscious field. They will be directed to network sites for new bloggers and they will be prepared for responses from many individuals.

The major starseed networks include, Just Channeling, Facebook and many other established websites. Your Facebook page is a vital source of networking. It is important to include as many new friends as possible. This captive psychic period will also include insight into all the contract positions that remain latent and not yet realized through the higher self and past lives.

Without this effort this Earth will continue to become more violent with higher levels of cognitive dissonance and existentialist activity. When close to three million light beings are affected in this captive psychic period the exponential effect is ten times the conscious saturation.

To deal with this intense period we have to understand that hundreds of thousands of starseeds will have to learn how to convert their manifesting situation into a part time third- dimensional effort and part-time divine spiritual effort.

You will become consultants within your physical career phase and then enter into 15 or 20 hours a week as a healer, life coach or any number of available metaphysical disciplines. Many of you will produce e-books through this process as well as entering counseling networks as a result of your blogs. Some may feel as though this is being force fed to them as this captive psychic period is truly captive in many senses.

I have only been in two true captive psychic positions and one was for 21 days when I wrote ‘Celestial Reunion’ in Hawaii. This was a pure period which required two years of editing because very little punctuation occurred. The second period was 11 days last winter in Tucson, Arizona when I brought through Pathways to Source, my current workshop series.

As a teacher I like to inform as to what these periods are like. The period from October 5th to October 26th will be a complete download period with many out-of body-sequences. The mind will at times receive specific information to establish the content of the subconscious infusion.

This period is an intrusion only in the context that the next line or paragraph is always circulating in your thought forms. Where you had control of all the thought form directions in your normal life, you are now going into a 50% surrender rate. The entire download can be extended outside this period.

The goal of this period is to saturate the subconscious fields with material. How long it takes you to matriculate the essence of the download is insignificant unless your guides contact your higher self and sense you are being lazy. You may also be having trouble processing content especially if you are purely intuitive from the angelic realm. But the angelic input is extremely important so find a known psychic channel to help you with the process.

I have found that as long as I gave my spirit equal time with my earthly ambition I had no problem with the pace of delivery and creation. The only problem I see with most starseeds during this process is that all of the sabotaging tendencies they have held in the past will approach this period. Rest assured, however, the Archangels and Ascended Masters administering this surge will deal with your liabilities in short order. Any emotional and mental garbage that you are still holding will evaporate.

This is an all-business, no-nonsense period that the success of this civilization depends upon. You have all learned your lessons well and sought sources of healing. Now it is time to go out and saturate the Earth with the truth. We are going to end prejudices towards sexual orientation, ethnic bias, religious wars and the sequestering of the divine feminine. We will bring full environmental consciousness to bear and seek a professional citizen ethic amongst the vast levels of cognitive dissonance. Finally, we seek peace once and for all so that the healing of this Earth may take place. Namaste Peter

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