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Love The Recalcitrants Free

By Steve Beckow On 7-29-14

Reval 22I’d like to return to the comments of a source I’m calling the Galactic Group on the Reval, the Illuminati, etc. because I found their viewpoint helpful, rarely heard, etc.
I’m maintaining the anonymity of the group because the channel, who’s well known (not Linda Dillon), does not want to become an Illuminati target.

The Reval is a part of Ascension, the Galactic Group says: “It will be a part of it. It will be the jumpstart, so to speak.”
The group observed that many light workers are living on the edge of poverty. And “living on the edge of survival is a welcome mat to the darkness.”

At the present time, “there is such great fear of survival on the planet – with good reason. And so the hope is that [this] fear of survival can be released. Money is something that can allow people to release that darkness once and for all.”

The dark cannot see the light. They cannot penetrate into the higher frequencies. When we enter the higher frequencies, as is occurring right now with the Tsunami of Love, and they do not, the group says, “those monies can be released to those that will use it for Gaia and use it for love and light but those who are resonating to the darkness, to power over others will not be able to perceive that moment of the Now.”

It’s “not that [the Reval is] not happening [now]. There is a frequency of reality in which it’s happening,” they say.

The Illuminati believe they will benefit from their purchase of currency. The group tells us:
“The Illuminati is well aware of these monies and they have the plan of stopping it but they also have the plan of buying huge amounts so they get the most of it but that is at a very low frequency because that is the frequency of control and darkness.”

The Reval “has to be achieved at a frequency that is beyond the grasp of the dark ones who will use it with mal-intent.”

When I as a lightworker release my karmic issues around money, the group says, “then I move my consciousness out of that Third-Dimensional trap in which money was the goal of life.”

“And as that occurs within that state of consciousness there becomes a layer of frequency in which that money can be disseminated.

“In other words just as New Earth is a frequency not a place, the dissemination of this money is a frequency, not a time.

“And it gets closer because more beings are coming to that frequency.”

We’ll need to assist the recalcitrant ones to break through their shell of greed, power-hunger, etc., the group explains:

“For this higher light is coming in and it is basking them and some of them may be able to feel it, especially if the ones of light can put into their meditations every day the forgiveness of the darkness – ‘I unconditionally forgive you’ – then … you can assist them to break through that shell.

We tend to think of dimensions as always higher but this is not necessarily so. The difference between the Third and Fourth Dimensions is that in the Third we have physical bodies and in the Fourth we don’t.

Well, in the Fourth Dimension as viewed from the astral plane. Not as viewed from us ascending through the Fourth to the Fifth. We keep our physical bodies.

But the lower Fourth or lower astral also contains the subplane that we think of as “Hell.” The Group explains:

“There is great darkness in the Fourth Dimension still. It is better than it was, much better. Because actually most of Earth is in the Fourth Dimension now. There is a great deal that is the Fourth Dimension that has light. But there is still that lower astral plane.

“Within that lower astral is where all the beings that have fallen into darkness are still in, quote, as you call it, Hell. These beings in Hell need to be loved free.”

Given that we’ve chosen to ascend as a planet with as many people coming along with us as choose Ascension and have assimilated the needed light, we need to help free the denizens of places like the Dark Planes on the Fourth Dimension.

We’ll have to forgive the Illuminati if we’re to assist in releasing them from bondage to evil, us from bondage to them, and all of us into an Ascension of the largest number possible. The group says:

“Jesus said ‘Forgive them, Lord. For they know not what they do.’ All our ascending ones need to forgive the forces of darkness. They suffer daily. They are not happy. All of them went through horrible things when they were children to indoctrinate them into the horrible environment in which they have spent a horrible life.

“It is easy to look and say they are evil. But they were not born evil. They became evil. And in order to ascend to the frequencies that the joy of this new foundation occurs, all of the light, the beings of light, must unite into the oneness of forgiving the darkness, unconditionally loving the darkness. It is a very huge initiation and it is very difficult.”

We often look for a detailed examination behind the scenes that explains what is happening right now. I think the Galactic Group has just given it to us. Tomorrrow we’ll look at their advice to lightworkers who wish to participate in seeing that the Reval money gets out to a wider and wider circle.

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