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Did the Illuminati Bring Down Both Malaysian Planes?

Channelled By Anonymous On 7-24-14

APTOPIX Ukraine PlaneI had a reading with a well-known channel recently (not Linda Dillon) and one of the matters we discussed was the fate of the two Malaysian airliners. (1)

The channel does not want to become a target himself and so does not want to be identified or to have his source identified.

That of course traditionally decreases the impact of the material, but, if you can live with that, then here is what was said in that reading about the two Malaysian airliners that have been brought down.

One of the points the channel made was that the Illuminati are doing everything they can to stop the Reval – bring down airliners, start a war, blame it on Russia, etc. Many innocent people are dying.

We knew there would be a period of chaos and we’re in it at the present moment. What’s required of us is to remain calm, do everything we can to raise the frequencies, because the Illuminati, as long as they continue to lash out, cannot enter the higher frequencies, and continue to do our work as lightworkers.

Perhaps keep in mind that Malaysia was the country that held the international trial of George Bush as a war criminal in relation to the false-flag operation of 9/11. They found the President guilty. Is the choice of Malaysian Airlines payback time?

The purpose of the attacks is to make Russia appear to be seeking war, goad the United States into responding, and move the world towards the chaos of world conflict to stop the Reval and all that it will usher in.

At some points in the conversation I was speaking to the channel; at other points with the source. I distinguish between the two here.

Source: The members of the dark want to stop this [Reval]. They do not want the Reval because it eventually will lead to there being no money.
What it “will lead to” is that the Reval will release the fear of not surviving on the part of many. That fear is part of what the dark feeds on, how it knows where we are, and what “scent” it follows to attack us.

The coming of the Reval will be a step in the Ascension process and the Ascension process will see us in the Fifth Dimension, at which point we’ll be able to create what we need and won’t need money.

Therefore eventually there will be no money and the Reval is a step in getting there. The Illuminati know this.

Source: Eventually [the Reval] will lead to there being no leadership as they have known it. They will lose their power so therefore they are doing everything, they are pulling out everything they can think of to block this.
Now because of their state of consciousness, they are only limited to doing these things within their frequency range of the Third through Fourth Dimension.
Remember that the Fourth Dimension is not all love and light. It consists of the Summerlands (higher, middle and lower), the Stony Plane and the Dark Plane. (2)

The Dark Plane or Winterland is what we conceive of as “Hell,” on which reside all the world’s dictators, murderers, rapists, terrorists, Illuminati (who probably account for most of the terrorists), etc. (3)

The Company of Heaven is working to release those residents through love. They encourage us to assist them by putting all those who murder and harm (including murdering and harming themselves) in light-box containment.

But apparently that makes keeping the Fifth-Dimensional portal open, which goes through the Fourth Dimension, an arduous task. These are some of the behind-the-scenes factors related to the Reval and Ascension that we know practically nothing about. (I’ll be writing about more of the behind-the-scenes factors.)

The source went on to say:

“There is an attack now regarding the [Reval] monies. They really want to stop it. And so you will have to send them a very great deal of love and forgiveness.”
Archangel Michael gave us the case of ISIS, which he said was not a CIA creation but a grassroots Iraqi ex-military organization that used violent means to establish an Islamic state. If they got hold of Reval monies they would use them to buy dangerous weapons. (4)

This source talks more about the Illuminati and how they are killing innocent civilians and blaming it on Russia, in order to try to start a world war. Starting a war is what they regularly do to regain lost power.

Starting a world war will never happen. The galactics will not allow it. (5) The galactics have neutralized all nuclear weapons and will only allow the Illuminati to go so far and they allow that to have us set our faces against war, weapons, conflict, hatred, etc.

It’s love and forgiveness that will raise the frequencies on Earth and allow those of the Illuminati who can (such as the younger scions of the families) to break away from the older perspective or see the Light, which they cannot see as long as they remain in darkness. Said the channel:

Channel: If we hate and fear them, we only feed their strength and prolong the situation of the war they make against society.
What we must say is “Forgive them, Lord, for they know not what they do.” We have to love and forgive them. It’s very difficult.
The Illuminati themselves at the highest levels ordered the destruction of both Malaysian Airlines planes, according to channel and source, not the Russians, and not even the Illuminati wing of the CIA, which exists at a lower level.

Channel: We are in a war zone. You can look around and see all the innocent people that die every day.
[The Illuminati] are stepping it up. I mean big time. Two major airliners? They are scared and are stepping it up blatantly, every day. There were many people on those airplanes.
Steve: Was it the Illuminati wing of the CIA that did this?
C: It was no country. It was the Illuminati themselves. And they have their representatives in different countries. Just like the [source], the Illuminati have their representatives.
And as the beings of light are gathering in unity, say the [source], so the beings of darkness are gathering in unity as well.
As long as any lightworker has one shred of darkness, they have a place to live.
S: Is that the same as saying one iota of fear?
C: Yes, they are the same.
That makes raising the frequency of our consciousness, which is what the Tsunami of Love is doing, important:

Source: It’s about the frequency of consciousness. That is the protection against the dark ones getting just as much [as lightworkers] and having the same thing happen. The players change but the light and dark still exist. This is a leg-up out of polarity.
Steve: So really we should be concentrating on our frequency. That’s how important it is.
Source: Whatever anyone believes about anything, our grounded ones [ground crew] are best served by concentrating on their frequency.

Because as they expand their frequency, they contribute that to the Earth. And then the Earth expands the frequency. And as the Earth expands her frequency, those of a very dense frequency will not be able to tolerate this Earth. They will get diseased. They will die. They will not be able to live. It will be too high of a light for them to tolerate.
They [the off-planet controllers of the dark] will have to pull their members up and take them off to a darker planet.
So the destruction of the Malaysian airliners was done by the desperate Illuminati who hope to blame it on the Russians and extend the chaos into world war. They want to block the Reval, which they see as a nail in their coffin and they’re doing anything, blatantly, to do that.

So we lightworkers walk a delicate line. We cannot erupt in anger and hatred towards the Illuminati because that only feeds them and makes them strong. We have to respond with genuine love and forgiveness. That will raise the vibration of the planet beyond their ability to survive on it, unless they too turn to and accept the Light. They have the choice to accept Ascension or leave. Ascension itself is unstoppable.

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